Tiny House 3D Plans

Tiny Texas Houses is excited to announce the upcoming release of the first ever

3D modeling Tiny House Program!

We’ll be releasing a 3D modeling program that allows users to pull apart our Tiny Houses and reconstruct them from beginning to end.

Our first model release is designed after one of our favorite classic homes, The Cowboy Cabin.

Soon users will be able to not only visually understand how our houses are constructed via a 3D environment but also able to construct their own!

Our plan is create a Tiny House 3D modeling program that allows users to fully customize and construct their very own Tiny House. Stay Tuned to experience the world’s first 3D Tiny House Modeling from Tiny Texas Houses!

Thank you for your support!

Check out our video Below!


The Cowboy Cabin Model can be stripped down so users can visually understand each step of the construction process



Users will be free to move around in a 3D environment



Each step will be viewable from initial foundational elements to exterior finish wood work

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