February Updates on Houses and Miracles.

Here is an incredible view of what is going on at TTH this year already.  Some of my best work ever is still on the ground here as it materializes before leaving once more to incredible places of wonder, sadly far away.  But then that is where the parts come from, in this case some Buffalo Ny, some from St. Louis, but the bulk of the beautiful beaded wood and loft floor came from the El Campo Expedition.

Yes you are seeing the wood from those great music and educational videos on YouTube being reused to built these three houses.  Nice transformation if you watched the takedown of a house by 3 women over 49, 3 kids under 25, a couple short visits from others and me.  We took it down in 9 days, they were there for 7 of it and I think what we make out of it should prove to everyone in the world that it

A work of art in progress

The Buffalo NY windows and the St,. Louis door met at the store and decided to embrace and form a home. The results were astounding and the post between them became their common bond forever more.

is possible to make a beautiful house out of trash.  If not, no one will be able to prove it much more than I am doing here.

Here are a few updates to what is going on under the roof at our home base in Luling Texas next to the soon to be SalvageFaire and Tiny Texas Territories.  Perhaps you will get to see some of these creations if you come to the tours on Saturday and Sunday.  Otherwise, only the owners will see them after we separate the prototypes/displays from home base and put them down in the Marketplace.

We will be making it possible to come and stay in the houses on site, the early prototypes for now, and then more later.  This should start in March so you might want to check in early to make reservations to stay in the Blue Gambrel as that will be the first one to come on line.

Just the beginning and these are not your normal toppers over these arches.

The Arched Zebu is adorned with windows from Iowa and NY, Texas, St. Louis, and even Kansas. This is going to be a true tribute to the arch in its American form of half round tops, but we are going to put a nice spin on it all.


My most Exotic creations so far.

This is going to be a world class Gypsy Wagon Genre but the largest of its kind, by Tiny Texas Houses of course. We had to pick a Genre to be a Giant in, so this was my favorite of the teeny tiny houses to pick from.

My Tantra Temple is coming along but not as fast for the moment.  Money, money, time and space.  Right now it is the money.So we keep on working to see what we can see come up the alley next.  Hopefully a boon I have not foreseen to fund us for a while longer.

Check out the little detail over the big one.


Front and center



The Monty Grand Victorian is nearly done.  It has a number of new features and the colors are fabulous.  It is a 12’x28′ with a full back porch that is insulated and has glass inserts for the screen holes for the heat of summer and cold of winter.  The porch walls, floor, and ceiling are insulated so as to make it full living quarters when you want.

Inside the Vicky Zebu will be lots of space and color.

My new way of painting lends itself to being more of a patina/

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