Does $25,000 Seem Like Too Much For A Doll Like This?  Does It Appeal To You?  A Chance To Stay In It, Own It, Profit From It, Savor It When You Visit.  You Could Be A Part Of The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.  On A Nicer Day Just A Couple Weeks Ago, We Want To Share What Is Possible With A Bit Of Trash, Imagination, And Human Energy Directed To Help Make The World A Better Place For The Generations Who Will Follow.  Please Consider Joining Us For Inspiration And Proof That What You Dream Of Doing Is Possible And Share That With Those You Love Who Can Help Make Dream Possible.

$10,000 1st prize for 1-2 minute video: Contest invitation to Friends, Followers, Videographers

Yes it is true, a contest being put on by Godaddy whom I have been using for web sites for the last 20 years. Indeed they have a great contest with a short fuse and a big prize for the winners. I have three or four businesses that could fit for this and be a unique option to show as a business that few others will have. The competition may be tough, but the effort could get you some career limelight that few others could find a business to work with and thus find. I think we have some great options:

Imagine that you could help us, and we can possibly help you win this great prize in a short amount of time in the future. Great dream. Want to partake?

Yes, this is just one of 7 houses you could stay in to find out what your organization could teach people how to build. It is a big downsize but with a common bath house, community kitchens, and other elements, new forms of village living could be created in the outskirts of cities that could become self sufficient using salvage materials, a market to sell the wares created out of them, as well as the houses they could build and sell. It is a way of teaching a path to Salvation through salvage. It works. Come visit, even invest in a Tiny House in Salvage, Texas and have it here to give you income, depreciation so that the government pays for it, be ready for the SHTF moment with a back up outside of the city, or just build houses somewhere once you learn how.

Vicky Too sits in the trees, shades, with a sunrise view, free range chickens nearby, and a private space to write, reunite, meditate, or rest.

The kid, at 63 sf below with a big loft 6’4″ tall is great next to the Blue Moon at a big 12′ x 20′.

Her is the overview of the houses on tour at Tiny Texas Houses. Now that they are available for Air B&B as well as HipCamp (soon to start) so that others can come and learn, participate, and take away dreams that can be manifested in the places that mean the most to each of us.

The Organic Sustainable Cottage B&B which is just finishing up with the Shower Seminar in the first week of February.

The Salvagefaire Market for all things old, crafted, salvaged, antique, and bartered, organic, or free.

The Salvagefaire Music / Film Festival venue with space for car rallies and festivals for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, without the hassle and bureaucracy of the cities.

Hipcamp linked camping to go with the B&B spaces where visitors to the events can stay instead of driving back to the city.

The Music and Video studio behind the stage for music events that can be recorded live and released as people leave the concert as well as add auditions and extras in the recording studio ahead of the events.

Tiny Texas Houses will be holding seminars in conjunction with Pure Salvage Living to teach the masses how to build sustainable houses from salvage. The weekend events and weekday seminars will include all the ways for people to rebuild windows, doors, and use floors, parts, and pieces to build their dream home one day.

A concessions and small restaurant is also nearly done and could use a good person to run it as we crank up the next phase of a vision of Salvage, Texas manifesting soon.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!

Only 80sf of Teeny Tiny Texas House, the Gingered Swan sleeps two and has space to dance and sit for a little snack or dinner. It also has a roof deck to watch the sunset. 95% Pure Salvage with Space Magic design methods that create a virtual escape from the modern world. This house sits across from three ponds, Miracle Mountain, and has plenty of frogs, crickets, and wildlife to create a symphony of sounds through the night.

In case you want to know where you are at…. here is a pamphlet that tells you more if you can see it.

While there are more possibilities… one of which is to sell a couple million dollars in Doors, Windows, and many other parts from the vast warehouses that hold far more inventory than we can use to build out 100 more houses and the market combined. Please join us in this new adventure if you want to craft a 1-2 minute video about how the dream could manifest, what has so far, and how it could help make the world a better place…. in 1-2 minutes… now that is a formidable challenge indeed. Make a video on that and I will create such a special that it will get attention> like all the windows, doors, floors, walls, roof / siding metal and ceilings to build a sustainable house for FREE as a promotion to go into the video. Just a few of the sites to see there at the warehouses.

To make it easier for the ones who qualify, have the passion, ambition, energy, and desire, … I will let you stay in an organic cottage.

The view from the top of Miracle Mountain is a sweet one, but tonight the colors match the pink granite on the top.

This is the second highest elevation pond of 9 on the property now. Over a mile and a half of shoreline where as three years ago there was no standing water on the property, now millions upon millions of gallons feed the wildlife and will make it possible to grow food now, year around.

Here is the Gingered Swan.

Evening falls upon the day, the Forget Me Not Chapel a shadow in the deep red sky.

The first Tiny Texas House ever created is the Red Mascot. It is a 10′ x 16′ classic batten board style house with a porch view that stretches for miles and miles all around. Sunrise and sunset from the same spot, at the end of the rainbow.

Vicky One is the second house we built and it was 10′ x 17′. It too was an early pre space magic design.

This is big enough for a group to play some Scrabble or cards for the evening and will sleep three or four people.

We can talk, take a few short clips, given it is only a minute or more long, fill in with some great scenery you get to share, from ponds, chickens, walking paths, and wildlife, as well as tours of the warehouses for that video, the recording studio which we want some talent using soon, and the other aspects that I would love to see others come take over one day and steward forward to the next generations. Please consider joining me and possibly making a chunk of change for your part in the ever expanding Quantum Story I call the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.
Contact me through for more information or a chance to participate and come visit Salvage, Texas and perhaps find fame through a 2 minute video.