Once Upon A Time I Had A Little Dream About A House Upon A Hill Like None I'd Ever Seen.  I Set About To Start That House When It Became So Clear That The Chance To Step This Up A Notch Was Coming Very Near.  So In The Last Two Weeks I Thought Up This One Thing To Do, And Then I Set About It With No One To Help, It's True.

11 days of working for a dream I can now hold…& I Dream Bold!

How many houses contributed to make this cottage glow?

With many windows, beams, and boards, the glass alone comes from eight homes.

Hark, what does that laser beam come from when no one is aloft?  The orbs fly by, and others spy to see what I have done.  The Spirit I put into this is sure to draw such lights, but to generate them on its own is truly a delight.

Off into the land of imagination, Peter Pan, and the places you can fly to when you act upon a plan.  The salvaged windows, flooring boards, beams, and lumber not from stores.

So far no nails to join this wood, no level, square, or other goods that some believe you need to build, not much more than basic skills.  A circular saw, an impact driver, screws, and bolts to hold together, and the tape to measure some, but mostly eyed and by the thumb.

Its true I could use other things to build this house, including wings, when it’s so high that most would fear they might fall off or get killed here.  The Truth is so far only once was my life nearly fully squashed, but with the Angels by my side, I am quite happy I survived.

It grew so fast that few have seen it rise above the trees, but now when driving on I10, you can not help but see.  It sits so high it looks as if it will be in the clouds, or landing in the treetops with the birds to hang around.  Alas I have a landing spot where it sits throughout the day, but on a moonless night,it has been known to fly away.

Skimming through the
Treetops for a landing from the Stars.

I love the colors of the newest ponds, Miracle Mountain awaited my presence, my performance during the last two weeks of working on and off from day to day.  11 days of work produced this before I go away.  It was a vision that I had to manifest and stay as I venture off to see if I can bring this to the world. 

Tis my cute organic cottage in a very unusual place that represents the level that we now will take this pace.  Around the world Wii now will fly, like Peter Pan you’ll see, this Ship of Hope, my Miracle Floats upon the trees and seas.

Tomorrow I go off to see

what fortunes will come forth to me?

Sometimes it takes a moment to realize that the world is really upside down and your view is skewed. When you realize and want to capsize with the intention you must Awake to see the Light, Wii are here to give you a hand to learn to use your imagination again.

What will I find that we need most, not just people but some hosts?  Some who wish to help ignite and take this concept to new heights.  This new creation represents the highest level attained yet for any Tiny hOme yet built, in the trees or up on stilts.  Indeed this Salvage Art House is to see by all who drive by and for free.  But if you want to sleep within, meditate or conceive kids, then that might cost a couple bucks, but truly worth it for good luck.  The Wub that flows from up on top of Miracle Mountain never stops.  Combined with wind, the air so near, you will think your flying, and can steer.

What Wii do each day can affect the world in many ways if we have the best intentions, and we work as well as play.


Never stop dreaming and if you would like, come to join me in my dream to create the alternative paradigm for how Wii will downsize in the coming years and form the new communities that I believe are clear.

With Wibbry and Wub,