Maybe Even This Stained Glass If More Than 50 People Enter The Contest This Time. (So Likely Bet It Will Be Part Of It)

Transform your words into a dream fulfilled, a path to happiness, an Organic Cottage in fact….

Yes it is truly a chance to be creative, win the parts to build an incredible house, get lots of attention for your ability to create a design that will win our prize, and perhaps a chance to become part of this new industry that is the core of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Our new membership platform is by far the best way in the world to learn more about how you could:

Build a sustainable toxin free house out of Pure Salvage,

How to get into the businesses of

Salvage Mining,

Salvage Building,

Salvage Brokering,



or Trucking just to name a few fields.

There will be many more facets of this new industry that is growing at an incredible rate.  People are learning that more millionaires are made from salvage than in any other business in the USA by people starting out with nearly no capital, only passion, determination, and a willingness to do quality work.  They are choosing to have less living space in return for better quality and style.  Our society is moving away from the McMansion mentality into one of social and environmental responsibility for sake of the health of the planet and ourselves, both seeing and feeling the abuse of the vessels we live in and on.  Help us enlighten more people to the possibilities that allow us to save more embodied energy by using salvage than the house will use to heat and cool it for the next hundred years after we complete construction.  Being able to go nearly off grid, be portable, with materials available throughout the country to share, the community that builds this industry out will benefit the most, but the whole population of the world will benefit from saving materials from the landfills and giving them another century of life instead as homes for a generation that will never see such incredible resources as the ancient trees we use for lumber grown or harvested on our planet again.

Please join me in respecting the ancestors who shed their blood, sweat, and tears to create the incredible country we all share, and the treasure hidden in obsolete structures that can be used by Americans to revitalize our entire country, teach quality craftsmanship, and thus rebuild a society based on equity for all species, people, and the planet.  I believe this has the ingredients we need to manifest a shift in the paradigm of home building, community building, and saving the best of the past to mix with the amazing technologies available today, applied to create a simpler, less stressful, and healthy life with the free time to pursue happiness with family, loved ones, and passions in life.


See the parts and pieces, but also know that the house in the background is also going to be available for someone to possibly invest in as a ‘B&B Art House” in Salvage Texas where you would be able to use it a month each year and make an effective return of 10% in dividends and 10% depreciation to show how you could enjoy a 5 year return on investment as well as an asset you can live in, sleep in, and move on down to the ranch when our leaseback period is over.

Maybe even this stained glass if more than 50 people enter the contest this time. (So likely bet it will be part of it)

Great diamond paned windows will be included.

Beautiful sinks are part of the next package.

Imagine the parts and pieces you see here and you will be a step closer to possibly owning them for your project if you win the next contest.  We will have more contests as the year goes by, but the next one will be fun, and hopefully will bring a new person into the fold of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

While the link above will get you to the first 6 contests to see they are different, yes… video, musical jingles, building a doghouse from salvage, and more… you must be a member to enter so the link below will take you there if you wish to become a supporting member of a community that reaches around the world to embrace the sustainable form of Pure Salvage Living that I have proven in not only possible, but lots of fun and profitable as well.  Feel the passion, create with your energy of soul, and prosper in happiness and freedom from stresses found under the load of the American Dream.

Please consider joining us and perhaps gifting a membership to someone you love who would like to enter into the next contest for a package of incredible materials for free, and a bit of skill.  Thank you for your time and attention, your sharing and caring about what we can do to make the planet a more incredible place to hand off to the next generation so that they will have an incredible life on Earth too.


PS:  For those who were members once before but did not renew, your prior time as a member counts toward the thirty days if you sign up again before the end of this first contest or others that require membership time to enter and win, with less than 100 people in the race so far, a good bet for your grandchild the writer, or others you might want to gift for a bit of barter or love (click here for more info).