While They Do Seem Pretty Tiny, They Are Bigger Than A Check Book And More Valuable If The Internet Goes Down. Heh.  They Are Bigger Than A Berth On Your Average Space Ship Or Even On The Moon.

For the Investors large and Small, not solicitors all… Opportunity for the right people…

Dear (Those who contact us to offer money so often is seems, yet offer only debt traps or unreasonable costs for the money)
Thank you for the inspiration that led to this day’s blog on my Puresalvageliving.com site.  Perhaps it will lead to the next round of funding which I can no longer completely supply by myself in cash for us to move more quickly now that the time is ripe.  I am offering an investment package rich with assets and a nearly unbelievable business plan that is a combination of several income streams, each proven in their own right.  I know little of your companies or preferred investment but I can not reason the 20x returns of Venture Capitalists as they see nothing but profit and booting out the creator soon after they take over and trade their reputation in for profits, not the social change the business entity might contribute as it grows and reinvests most of its rewards.  I would not respond to these unsolicited offers for money because you have solicited me, most likely randomly and without even looking at what successes, history, or global recognition my companies or name has, (quite a few pages if you search google), thus care not what my vision is and thus exclude yourself from being considered as a solution.  Still, if you are not simply one of the many new loan brokers showering helicopter money on the world in return for the soul of their businesses, I might like to talk with you more, share in the profits that these ventures yield, but most importantly, share the in the creation of hundreds of future Pure Salvage Outposts around the country to establish the network, transport, warehousing, and sales facilities that also function as the schools, manufacturing facilities, and community that are part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ideology.
Once kickstarted, this is a self funding industry that will be able to support its exponential growth based on its grass roots support and integration.  No other Lifeware being proposed in the United States can begin to match the potential of this plan as it unites the technology in smart phones, in a game like fashion even, to explore all the sites that hold hidden salvage treasure, get the agreements and human energy to extract, transport, warehouse, and build new housing out of it without needing more technology, manpower, or facilities to warehouse our booty from salvage in.  Best of all, the components are all in place… with the inventory scattered around the country where the employment is needed most.  By creating millions of small businesses supporting each other, this multi-level marketing structure is legitimately able to support 15 years of unmatched growth without adding new fuel, resources in effect, to build a new generation of sustainable toxin free housing.
Who will lead the charge into this new industry and finance a bit more as I have for the last few decades so as to give it the final bump I need now to assemble the last of the parts I need to complete this model that no one has thought to create before?  An on grid/off grid town intentionally built with sustainable methods that can be easily replicated.  This ideology manifested as a model destination and education venue will enable millions to see how it can be done in communities that will harvest the treasures that are now hidden in obsolete structures to create an abundance all can flourish from and build a new town identity out of that will benefit all those who participate, not just a few rich corporate heads.

5 years ago it looked much more plain around here.

This house was the subject of a music video called “Song of Salvage” and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

The publishing and event venue with the B&B operations and markets where my millions in salvage inventory can be cashed in too are all avenues that promise huge profits with small cost margins for we will own parking, concessions, a piece of the gates, B&B, camping and much more that are large cash cows.  My objective is short term financing without selling of a large part of the shares or interest but allowing that leverage to launch us into self funding there after and being able to then expand at a nearly unlimited pace fueled by profits that must be spent or paid out in taxes.  I am not fond of paying taxes thus have done well at not showing my profits for the last few decades unless needed.  For that reason I wish to open up the door to some help, but wisely rather than in desperation so please do let me know if any of this is of interest to you.  The goal is to create venues like this as models where by the profits go to creating the land permitting such cluster communities and enabling small businesses to get started with micro loans composed of materials, educations, and some initial funding as well as assistance through co-ops that will provide transport, warehousing, build out spaces, and tools to insure the success of the start ups and resource banks this ideology creates in the form of revitalizing industry with many branches.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize and I am willing to take a big risk to help you figure out how to get involved too.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world and now the new website that is the most advanced site on salvage in the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the globe. Please join me for the next decade as the knowledge is shared and millions are empowered to break free from the Matrix. I don’t think it will be long before we see the 100th Monkey Effect in sustainable Organic Housing and it becomes a wave of change our culture embraces in the future.


This is much more verbose than a business proposal would be, but it is instead the product of inspiration from last nights meeting and a new email letter, by co-incidence if such exists.  Thus I send this out to the world without reservation knowing you may not even have the endurance to read it to the end.  If you do, Kudos, you are in the minority, have great abstract visualization skills, strong conceptual capacity, and a rather high intelligence on several different scales, not to mention the attention span it will take to absorb, visualize, and thus realize the scope of what I have spent 30 years working to manifest.  Given those gifts you may already have, and a conscience, I would expect to hear from you one day and hope you would be an honest individual with a desire to do more with money than just make more, for that is the easy part, having made millions in my life.  It is what we do with it and the impact from it that matters most, thus I do not seek partners who have less than the best of their heart linked to their investment strategy.   What are you doing with yours?  I believe we can do great things for the planet, society, and the environment all at the same time and having proven it on a small scale, I am ready to show this is scalable up to a national, yes even international scale, so as to alter the course of consumerism by adding a responsibility component to the mix that the masses can profit as well as benefit from as we respect our past resources that are the treasures we need most NOW!
Perhaps one could consider this a short Thesis on
Justifying Investment and Financial support for The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to Prosper.

After visiting a Meet-up for inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors, I was amazed by the expected returns as the cost for investor money.  That 20x investment seemed insane for the short term they were expecting and appeared to target high tech more than the sorts of Lifeware and business models that my Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is proving are possible.  The Tiny Texas Houses I created and sold over the last decade for funding the research and development has successfully proven my strategy.  It helped to then video and create the proof of methods for building sustainable toxin free houses that are portable if desired, energy efficient, and likely to last for a century or more if taken care of with minimal maintenance required.  This is done without imports, and with 95% Pure Salvage from American Soil with American labor.

It is possible to manifest a new wave of thinking in the housing movement as 72,000,000 Baby boomers downsize, not out of desire necessarily, but need.  They can no longer live in the lifestyle that consumerism has gotten us acclimated to, for the debt service and savings no longer support such financially immature behavior.  We are facing massive shifts in living standards due to the loss of incomes from retirement funds and savings as well as the loss of jobs in the latter part of careers when the masses of workers reaching 55 are less desirable employees.  Our next generation is over saddled with debt coming out of schooling that is not providing the promised job security or income that is required to pay off the cost of schooling.  Less than 1 in 5 ever work in their major from college and most are well into their 30’s if they do pay off their student loans.  At 1.3 billion and growing, that block of debt has a 40% default rate and growing, with the taxpayers to pick up the bill and pay the private lenders, ergo the rich, for the hype fed to the kids that kept them from getting life skill based careers that are so needed now.
Carpenters that can build houses from salvage, who can create tables, beds, and manifest work from what others consider will always have work if he can find the tools.  You don’t need to know much to wire a house for electric, particularly DC rather than AC which means being able to use batteries, solar, wind, and be off the grid if you so choose.  Its not so bad if you have places to share good water for gardens nearby.  Carpenters can net more than doctors after 5 years in this industry for they do not have the college debt, insurance, and cost of being in the business that doctors, dentists, and other professionals with 6 years of college before starting to pay it back.  We can offer this to millions of kids without hope, but also to millions of adults already in the trap this has created over the last few decades.  Once we get some government tax exemption or credits for houses and industries created out of salvage that would have gone to landfills otherwise anyway, we will have all the funding, support, and demand for what this industry can produce that no other source of help from the government will be needed.  In fact, all we need in regulations removed from code to allow for salvaged lumber to be used and we can open doors that were closed in the 1960’s by powerful industry lobbyists who wiped out the used of salvaged lumber in favor of new… profits that is, by creating building codes that required new lumber for structural use in construction.  Thus died a history of salvage mining and building that went deep into the heart of our nation, and many people lost their livelihoods that certainly cost them house, family, and career so that the big lumber companies could eliminate that pesky competition salvage kept regenerating from its past sales of materials.

As we form the first few villages with Rainbows overhead, these houses are the treasures that are at the Rainbows end.

This transition in lifestyles will happen naturally as can be done with a small community or cluster of Organic Cottages composed of many master suites and only a few common buildings like baths or kitchens, studios, exercise areas, gardens and prayer or meditation.  No one is anchored to being responsible for all things from chickens and eggs to washing the dishes once they are cooked.  Anyone can leave to go visit grandkids, share the ideology by doing seminars and bootcamps, make a good living giving service you can be proud of to the people who will benefit most by the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.  This is about empowering others, starting other Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO’s) as co-ops that enable the elders to help teach the kids now coming through school to have the skills we will need to convert the trillion dollars in salvage left by our ancestors to the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle we will need for the next two decades or more if we are to survive the coming weather anomalies, food shortages, and electric grid issues we may very well see in the near future.

Here is the overview of the houses on tour at Tiny Texas Houses which are now available to invest in with up to 20% annual realized returns. Now that they are available for Air B&B as well as HipCamp, profits prove the viability of the investment. Thus I am now inviting a few others to come in and learn, participate, then freely take away houses and dreams that can be manifested in the places that mean the most to each of us.


For now we need kids trained to use their hands and minds to do the work we will want to have done in America, not be able to import the parts, the labor, or the knowledge it will take to rebuild a society that has gotten soft on physical strength, life skills needed to survive without computers and smart phones, and barely able to eat if not for grocery stores.   We can do better and that is what the purpose of the creation of a model, a destination point that people can come to in order to grow the lifestyle many want to return to, one of a simpler organic life with the family, loved ones, and our passions rather than a drone’s life of hourly wages that barely keep up with the cost of living a consumer driven fashion and peer driven life style.  The rebellion from following the hunt for the American Dream that once included the big house, car, and many things is being driven by young and old alike.  For the elders it is the realization that they can no longer hold onto all the stuff we have collected and none of our off spring want the ancestors heirlooms we so treasure… or the Beanie Baby collections for that matter either.  heh.

Here is the sky view of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. Some of it could be bought, but better still, people will join in to manifest this as one big trust. My goal is that this model will be left for the generations that follow to come visit, learn from, and share with the many they will in turn meet who wish to know more about living as organically and healthy as possible.

So how do we deal with this “Historic Deleveraging” as Ray Dalio put it so succinctly, but being at the top and making 5 million dollars a minute, he is a bit less impacted by the forceful end to this era.  The Baby Boomers have leveraged all they had depending on the illusion of retirement funds, social security, top flight medical care, and a diet that has left most of them crippled dependents of Big PHARMA who does not wish to see their customer base decline.  Truly we are facing the era of reduction, downsizing body, home, and lifestyles to find the core essence that brings tranquility, health, and peace into our individual lives if we can not change the world at large.  It is by living the way we believe will solve the problem that will create the solutions, not bitching about it and continuing to live in big houses, drive big cars, eat garbage as if food, and destroy the vessels we are occupying as Spirit.  I believe we are obligated to love and honor our vessel, our primary command first and foremost in nearly every religion on the planet.
If we can create a means by which trash can be turned back into an industry that creates careers, housing, solutions, small businesses by the millions that in turn create more jobs than any other source in our country thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that separates us from the rest of the world.  Rather that tie that down, my ideology and loopholeology allow us to harness that into the engine we need to change the social fabric and perspective of our nation at high speed.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too! (Quite a popular video on Youtube, in fact our most oddly enough).

Skinny Dip Pool

Given 5 million dollars I can create over a million jobs and more exponentially with the more support I can get to train the teachers who will spread this fire of passion across the country.  This enables those with no significant education join together as family or friends to create a revenue that will support them, the materials to build homes for all who need them, and the manpower it will take to create an army of people united for a common cause.  No one is offering any such solutions as the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance does as and ideology that will fuel its own growth apart from government assistance, global corporations, and imports.  It will depend upon Americans to participate, help educate the younger generation now that the schools have abandoned teaching carpentry, electric, plumbing, or other life skills at the basic level that kids should have to get by in life if they do not wish to go in debt for an extended education that will not help them in life but hold them back with debt.  Truly we can do better than we have in the last 60 years and I believe this is the best model to finish now that I have 35 years into bringing it this far.

Lots of columns and some posts too.

From hardware dating back to the 1830’s to roofing tile, doors, windows, tubs and more… largest warehouse sale for architectural antiques and lumber in the USA.

All the materials, including doors, windows, siding, lumber, roofing, flooring, and much more is in stock now and awaiting the next phases to begin.  They are multi-pronged but the assets are in place and the team to do it is coming together as well.  I now have the recording studios for music and video, podcasts, and publishing in place, the restaurant and market place to go with the entertainment venue and B&B operation already performing, we are now looking for some help. I have 43 acres, buildings, houses, landscape, ponds, and location like few could ask for or afford as well as the materials to create a municipality that can go on or off grid when we are finished. It can be done in less than five years and attract plenty of following just from the 18,000,000 people in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston which are all within 1 1/2 hour drive.  We have rivers nearby, the coastline, and parks to visit, attractions like our weather and the paradise of ponds, wildlife, and more that Salvage, Texas now has which was not here 10 years ago.  The top of Miracle Mountain is the highest point from here to the Gulf of Mexico 144 miles away and I created it from the ponds that are over 20′ deep and have a mile and a half of shoreline that did not exist 5 years ago.

7 ponds spill water across the land to keep the wild life alive, the permaculture we are initiating growing, and creates a great environment to get away to. Nearby the San Marcos river Canoe Trail ends only 1/2 mile away, a state mark with additional hike and bike trails awaits, and two of our best cities are only 45 minute drive away. Houston is more like an hour and a half, but for those from there, this is a great get away and meeting place for friends in either of these cities nearby on our north and west sides.

Only 80sf of Teeny Tiny Texas House, the Gingered Swan sleeps two and has space to dance and sit for a little snack or dinner. It also has a roof deck to watch the sunset. 95% Pure Salvage with Space Magic design methods that create a virtual escape from the modern world. This house sits across from three ponds, Miracle Mountain, and has plenty of frogs, crickets, and wildlife to create a symphony of sounds through the night.

This pond has the clearest water of the upper ponds so far. Soon the ground cover will be thick enough and root systems deep enough to limit the run off of the silt that some show now. In the background sits the Gingered Swan

A view from the top of the mound, looking out and down the driveway which we are building up for another level of Salvage Mountain. When finished, it will be the tallest man made object with structure on it from Salvage, Tx to Houston.

Now I have the plan in mind to join the best parts of 4 corporations that I own so that I can create one which has no debt, own assets of over 2 million dollars, and with the studio, restaurant, and adjoining acreage that does still have debt, but also has the Tiny Texas Houses facility that will be used for seminars, building more houses, and supporting the operations of the other corporation known as Salvage, Texas llc, we will have an amazing model that we can duplicate in other states, as well as around the vast lands of Texas.

While they do seem pretty tiny form this view, and they balance easily in a budget or on a staff, you could own a house such as the Gingered Swan which I hold there in and make a great income on it when not enjoying the sunset over Miracle Mountain upon which you see me stand.

Now I have the plan in mind to join the best parts of 4 corporations that I own so that I can create one which has no debt, own assets of over 2 million dollars, and with the studio, restaurant, and adjoining acreage that does still have debt, but also has the Tiny Texas Houses facility that will be used for seminars, building more houses, and supporting the operations of the other corporation known as Salvage, Texas llc, we will have an amazing model that we can duplicate in other states, as well as around the vast lands of Texas.
Lots of room for a few vendors inside or a place for Pure Salvage Living to display some great hardware and supplies for people to use on Great Tiny Houses.   It is intended as an entrance to the market where vendors will be able to sell and barter all things old, salvaged, created from sustainable organic means that will then be able to educate the kids who are taken to visit, as well as adults who will hopefully carry the memories and passion to the others they will meet when they go home.

Soon a Puresalvageliving.com membership will get you into concerts, film festivals, and a market all designed to grow the sustainable living movement using Organic Cottages as a theme for the entire town of Salvage, Texas. Here you will be able to come and learn all things Organic, Salvage, and potentially Free for little more than human energy, barter, or share.


To do this I am looking for an infusion of more cash flow to speed the process up now that I have a potential team and the timing is ripe.  While I have worked toward this end for more than three decades, I have never felt that we were as ready as a society in transition to handle the work that will come with this decline of the Baby Boomer generation.  We do not have the support needed to take care of those who do not care for themselves and did not have enough kids trained to take care of their parents when they get to old to do so themselves.  It has become customary to hand that job over to the government at some point and suicide is still illegal or many would opt out, thus costing the industry that thrives off them enormous amounts of money.
Truly this paradigm shift in how we deal with aged housing and heath care is going to resonate loudly through our public as the cries of the homelessness caused by this lack of foresight takes hold.

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. You could easily build this house with the Essay Contest Materials Prize.

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

Ayeveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peaceful in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

“Shakti House” 9 1/2′ x 20′
Delivered to Austin in the Early Days of Tiny Texas Houses. It paid for itself in the first year of being used as a B&B.

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

Imagine standing underneath a flying house as it travels the last leg of its journey from someone’s imagination to someone’s home.
You could do these sorts of amazing things one day too.

Some 70+ houses have traveled on the Clegg Services trucks from Victoria, Texas. They have delivered all without fail and some were pretty exciting trips. My best to them and all who pull the Tiny Houses like we created down the road one day.

We can begin now and mitigate the worst of the crisis if we begin the cross over training, the movement to take empty buildings abandoned by industries gone over seas and bring them back online as warehouses to store the materials that could be saved from the rich landfills and turned into housing, careers, and a future for many who would have none otherwise.  Now is the time to begin harvesting the last of the treasure for soon the opportunity will be lost, the need will become tragedy far greater than we imagine, and our future generations will look back in wonder at the lost opportunity.  Is it laziness that keeps us from picking up the free building materials with no more than human energy and using them to build the future housing from?  I do not think so, but instead it is merely ignorance of the treasures at our fingertips and the lack of a vision or passion that would follow once more people see what can be done with little more than imagination.

One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

Ingenuity it the mother of invention and then spark that fires the passion to do so is often adversity.  We face adversity and I believe we have all we need to overcome it quickly if we simply educate, demonstrate through examples most people can match and achieve, and then let them run with the passion so that this Renaissance of the mind, spirit, and body can fuel our future millennium of Peace and Prosperity I still hope we can achieve.

Picking it all up at the end but here there was a burn pit dug by a bulldozer.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

Here is a less rounded view of a portion of the warehouses.

What I simply seek is some help now to speed the next phase up rather than have it take too long to do the incredible good I foresee it can if implemented quickly, now that I have worked out the logistics, methodology, and path to making this a world changing ideology scalable so that all can benefit and profit from the industry this opens up for people across our nation.  Please consider how you might pull people who can contribute in one way or another, whether by influence or money, by connections to others on similar paths or simply support as a member.  We are at a critical point where we can reach around the world soon with books, building plans, a pipeline to supply, connect, and communicate with all those in a community that wants to make the change part of their lives by living it.

Wow, and Wow! again. This was a great gift to be left with from one of our favorite repeat guests.

This was set up originally for use as an office and home mix.

The bathroom is plenty big and has a nice shower to go with the theme of this sanctuary.

The houses and trails of Salvage, Texas will give you a chance to walk barefoot if you like, put your feet in the pond or mud in the cavern 35′ below the ground
. All of that just for joining us in the launch of the next phase of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.


Thank you for considering this path, and if possible offering some feedback as to what you suggest would make a difference in getting support for this endeavor.  I truly appreciate anything you can offer as I traverse the realm of investor support while wary of the cost of support from those who do not have a desire to manifest a vision but only one driven by insane profit margins.  While we will have the insane profits in our near horizon, I do not want that to be the sole reason for our partners coming on board to help.  I would rather do it alone and slower than sell out to those who would dismantle the Quantum Story and sell it off without regard to what it can do if it succeeds in going global based on the right ethos, not just profit.
Thank you for visiting, sharing, and if you are already a member, helping us manifest a vision that will light up the lives of many with opportunities as bright as the sun.  Hopefully, with a little bit of help that will pay back handsomely for those who get to join us, we will open new doors for tomorrow’s sun to shine through and to supply the gold that is found under the rainbows of our Pure Imagination.

The first Tiny Texas House ever created is the Red Mascot. It is a 10′ x 16′ classic batten board style house with a porch view that stretches for miles and miles all around. Sunrise and sunset from the same spot, at the end of the rainbow.

This has been a long drawn out affair for those who have followed from the start last January or so. Can you believe we are almost done? I thought I would get to sleep in her that night. It did not happen as I got out to late to want to fuss with moving my cotton mattress in the rain. Stay tuned to see what did happen the next day though.

The Little Red Mascot, my first Tiny Texas House, still sits under the spot where the rainbow goes.

The path down under where its cool and quiet all the day. No sun to get into your eyes, or rain upon your head. No cold that can still reach you and no hail upon your head, it is the depths of Earth I say, where peacefulness is king.

Thanks again.