The Objective Is To Get To The Point That We Can Teach This Skill Of Creating Housing From Imagination, Salvage, And Human Energy Is A Path For Many To Follow And Create A Good Life And Income Out Of The Catastrophe That Has Engulfed Texas's East Coast.  I Am Trying To Create A Path To Lead Those Who Want To Take It.

I am trying to figure out how we can help the most… Your thoughts?

Its time to offer a special invitation to join our community online, for some in person to be taught how to take this Salvage Mining and Building careers out into the world at this critical time.  I want to ask that you share what we have to offer, as well as share this concept with others you know who have been programmed to use mostly new materials to build, decorate, and manifest the houses they are hired to work on. The sad part is that most have no idea of the toxins in the materials, how much air people breath, the consequences of the Hormone mimic compounds on children under 8 years old with no blood brain barriers to prevent absorption and damage. We do not want another Katrina Trailer toxic disaster when people are at their weakest and we have alternatives to start working on now.  We are in a time when these things are important yet being ignored as the money is behind the education and support of the professionals who are trained, hired, and depended upon by the public that has no idea what is going on.  We now face a materials needs crisis that imports should not be the solution to.

I have cleared the woods to create camping spaces that could be created out of the troves of architectural antiques and materials.

We Texans have the chance to become more self sufficient and quite throwing away assets that can be reused faster than they can be replaced, and in the process, create millions of jobs, careers, and opportunity that could never have manifested any other way.  If we take this opportunity to help teach kids life skills they can use to survive once this is over as well, we can educate a generation with the elders who have the knowledge and skill sets we will need to rebuild.  NO number of immigrant laborers will solve this problem, for we have no money in the masses who have been set out on the streets with no homes.  We must come together and create tiny housing to start then grow the community before creating mansions again.  I am sorry but this is a transition for many that they will not like, but must go through for there is no other path ahead for many, but hope, passion for a new path they have a chance to thrive with, and help others at the same time.

I want to offer the spaces for some very special people to come learn how to build, from tree houses to homes under the ground, from camp spaces that stay dry inside walls and screened from mosquitos, and through this teach the teachers who will go and show others how to take the devastation and create an new home or place to survive until the world stabilizes again.

For that reason we are trying to formulate a way to have the manpower, tools, and means to teach as many as possible, by building here and teaching how to do it, then shipping the houses or things we can build into the devastated territory that must be brought back on line, but more importantly, for the new communities that will develop on the high side of the flood line as they will never be willing to risk going through that experience again, and my not even get the chance to in this lifetime.

I have buildings in Gonzales that could be used to set up people in who could be building houses that could be moved to where they need them, some in sections so as to do it through hard spaces to pass along the way.

Unless those in the industry move toward at salvaging a huge portion of the salvaged materials that are a resource we can not find or create again the recovery will be even harder.  It will take not just save us the the human energy as well as heat energy to create hardware, glass, doors, windows, and so much more, it will manifest materials faster to build with and open the door for people to get out and do things that can make a difference fast.  This is material that is now slated to go into the dump at incredible rates as we plow the country deeper into debt with disposable houses, and built in obsolescence the Yodel of the day for the USA.  Presently 50% of the landfill is building materials.  We need them now.  Give a tax break for building with Salvage and we will have an industry supporting the rebuilding of Houston and surrounding communities that can not be created any other way.  How can I ever get this message to President Trump to open his eyes, awaken him to the power of Salvage Mining, building, and the many careers that could come from educating the people who are now freed up to learn, fast.

Please, if you have a way to get the message in front of him, I have spent a life time preparing by doing the research and development of methods we can use to rebuild mind, body, spirit, and home with salvage that is now going to be abundant.  Let us not throw it all away after this catastrophe as we have before but instead use it to give hope and work to the millions who need it now.  It is a path to communing together to unite under common cause, to salvage and rebuild, community is the result.  Please help make this possible for while we can teach it, have the studios to make the videos, publish to the world waiting to learn how, and setting teachers off to do what I have proven can be done, build with 95% Pure Salvage Materials and create homes for millions using all American labor and materials.

The methodologies of building in America  have to change now and no better a time then when a crisis of this proportion hits the great state of Texas, my home for 30 years.  I offer the materials, the facility, the videos already created on Youtube, and the means to teach many if we can get the support to make it happen.  43 acres to show how we can continue to grow the food, create the housing, and energy sources that will make it possible to rebuild what would be a county in other parts of the world.

The Retreat and Gypsy Too are sharing the Bay for the moment alone, uncrowded, and looking good.

My first house I built out of Salvage is known around the world as the Red Mascot. It is a simple 10′ x 16′ house with a bath and kitchenette but would not be allowed in many places. The Loopholer could be nearly as big and yet be acceptable for most of the restrictions put down by HOA, cities, and towns if you are careful about how you sequence its creation. Come learn more.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

From the beginning, in 2006 when I started building a house from salvage to prove how far we could take it… I did not realize just how many factors we could take into account when the solutions this creates are brought into view.

What can we do to train so many who now need to learn how to be salvage miners, builders, and lead the blind, unskilled population into a new way of developing with smaller dwelling designed to not kill them but let them thrive?  I believe we can so much, especially with the 25-35 year olds and the elders to lead them as we move into a new world.

This is a landmark change in the tapestry of our society, a tear in the fabric of belief systems that will extent to credit, as millions are now bankrupt, and the many things that follow as 50 years of infrastructure is erased in a week. The scope of what is to come if we go back to save Houston after the next series of storms that will yet follow, then we will have to figure out what to do with 5 million people in the meantime and I am 140 miles from the sore core of it all. They have not had a chance to try to abandon the town yet, but the magnitude of the tasks ahead will defy the abilities and imagination of most of the people there who are now off their meds, without home, hope, or a path to a life remainder that they want to exist through.
Please do let me know just how far you could go, who you know, and if you can help me come up with a plan, given I have millions in inventory, (doors, windows, flooring, lumber, and much more awaiting the manifestation of Salvage Texas where we can teach others an alternative to the typical path that schools, licensing, and other paths would take. We need to teach the teachers now, so they can go teach the others who can help them reconstruct and in turn teach others as well as pull the elders in with their knowledge of how to survive in the worst of conditions and imagine, organize, and see the bigger picture calmly enough to lead.

 SalvageFaire is the building with the kitchen, the recording studios that can broadcast our message around the world like a tv or radio station, a publisher, and more.  Join us to create the solutions we can with the amazing tools we have staged and ready to use for the opportunities of a lifetime.

I believe that it is only those who have endured the worst of traumas and nightmares in their lives and survived stronger for it will be the heroes in the coming times. The Renaissance men and women who have dedicated their lives to prepare for the harder times that could come, that have come in the past so many times as the cycles of our planet change, as is the sun and other planets. This is far bigger than Mankind at the moment, though I do not say there are not elements of the weapons of man at work to aggravate the situation, they know not what they play with and the consequences are far greater than any can imagine.

Thank you for visiting, sharing, and if you are already a member, helping us manifest a vision that will light up the lives of many with opportunities as bright as the sun.

Not only houses, but chapels where the holy and blessed creations of the past were brought back into life as a new home where spirit could be honored . Along the way to where I am today, I have had many reasons to pray, and some prayers unanswered in the way I asked for, thus lessons learned that make this next transition the most important one yet. Please consider joining us as we tap the highest of energies to create the greatest of works for the benefit of all who come to learn, share, and grow the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.

Houses can be created that will prove themselves worthy of matching anything built today with new materials, do so for less embodied energy when the house is built, and use less energy over the test of time as they will need much less replacement due to the lack of built in obsolescence, like so much of what is manufactured today.

32′ long, the Beaumont House was the biggest we ever built to show what was possible with salvage.

Imagine being one of the builders to supply the orders that would take $15,000 to ship to buyers outside of Texas. Please get in touch if you have some skills and want to see about getting licensed to build for us, be supplied the doors, windows, flooring, siding, roofing and more on consignment and paying us when you are paid for the the homes by the buyers.

From back in the day when this was still a dream un-manifested, and now it is coming into full life and view. Gratitude indeed, Thank you Thank you for following us along the path we have taken.

Now it the time for all good Starseeds to Awaken and realize there is a bigger purpose for them then making money and assets they can show off. It is a time to help bring positive change that will replace the corrupted systems so many have been living by. The cell phone identity of many is erased for the time being, as is their ability to learn all from Google. The meds are cut off for those who thought they needed them just to deal with normal life. Now what? Cold Turkey changes for many including cigarettes, booze, and other joys for the next few weeks or months. Life is change and there are a few million going through more than they could have imagined to call HELL>!

Thank you for considering this lifestyle of living simpler, of creating a new path that we can be proud of and we hand it off to the generations that will follow us.

While my prayers go out to all of them, I also am trying to figure out how to call the best of them and offer them a chance to be part of the Renaissance that could follow if we approach this crisis in the right fashion for at least a small group that do want to change rather than go back to the life they were living. I want to offer as I always have, a path to salvage body, mind, and spirit in order to create a new life you can love living. It is possible but only if you leave behind the past identity and focus on the moment to become who you have always wanted to be. That is what I hope to offer as I have spent decades preparing for this sort of change to come, as it is just the beginning of a wave, a product of the coming Ice Age that will not affect me as much as the rest of the world outside the precious bubble I call Salvage, Texas.

This house was the subject of a music video called “Song of Salvage” and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

vast treasures of 20+ foot long 1×12’s, many with no knots and still strong after over 150 years of standing erect.

One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

Picking it all up at the end but here there was a burn pit dug by a bulldozer.

Thank you for your interest in making a difference in the world through introducing and using salvage materials where ever you can in order to encourage more to mine it for a living and use it as we rebuild the city we will never know as the same Houston again. Many small towns around it are wiped off the map for most intents and purposes yet the devastation has not even been seen as the rivers now unload their treasure of Star water upon the masses of homes, churches, buildings, and businesses that will no longer dot the land when this is over. May the door that opens to a new life bring a brighter future to all who suffer through and survive this event and those that follow. A new millennium of Peace and Prosperity lies on the other side of this chasm if we unite and do it right.

Let us go out and create this with that sort of salvage….

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. She is not much bigger than one of the “Loopholer” houses we will create in the seminar perhaps.

The Diamond House was a beauty with a Murphy Bed inside too.

Ayeveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peaceful in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

First you have to take a house down and clean up the mess. After that you can create a house or three from the one you take down. Here is an example of one of the first Gambrels which showed how much room you can create on the interior with this extra loft area inside. Love the sunsets at Salvage, Texas.

“Shakti House” 9 1/2′ x 20′
Delivered to Austin in the Early Days of Tiny Texas Houses. It paid for itself in the first year of being used as a B&B.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

Imagine standing underneath a flying house as it travels the last leg of its journey from someone’s imagination to someone’s home.
You could do these sorts of amazing things one day too.

We are deliberating what we might be able to do without cash flow and help but if we can get the right people to step up to the plate, people who can afford to cash out their credit cards to help pay to house, feed and train them as they come to learn how, then go with materials, plans, and the means to build houses, solutions, and communities out of salvaged materials.  Please tell those you know who already have carpentry skills, teaching ability, and will be easy to ramp up and teach how to do this style of resource gathering and manifesting houses for them.  I can not take in hundreds of people on the 43 acres until we create more places to house them, feed them, and fill the market where all things can be bartered or traded by those who do not have cash.  Labor to build means having a place to stay dry in, teaching others to do it means making a difference in the world when it is needed most.

Darby invites you to show your creative energy and writing talent, your dreams that can yet be fulfilled, then see what comes of it over the next year. Visualizing your goal is the first step to manifesting it. This should help I hope.

With hands on experience we can share the knowledge and empower millions with the Pure Salvage Outposts that will help teach new life skills to both young and old.

Mel, an intern from Germany in her 20’s, Andrea, an art teacher learning functional art construction called House Art, and men who want to create showers in their homes, or a side business putting them in the homes of others. This is just part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance beneficiaries.

Is that not a happy looking tiler?

I can take 40 campers and have 8 houses and RV spaces to rent out for those who will come to learn, build, and having proven themselves, become part o the community that will insure supply chains of plans, consulting, materials, helpers in your areas, and hopefully other chapters of the Pure Salvage Outposts form co-ops to build more houses from salvage, and solidify communities that support this transition in housing that leaves the national code created by corporate riches on the sidelines for now as we develop new ways to overcome the unimaginable.  Now is the time for those who want to be part of the changes we need to step up to the plate and get involved in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that I believe is the best path through the storm.

Some of the houses you could own are shown here in their early days. You could become a member and win packages of materials to build a house like this, with this plan, materials kits and known solutions are all available to you now. You could own a piece of history with these vintage Tiny Texas Houses, including the Red Mascot which is the first Tiny House I ever built.

Once upon a time we gave a Tiny House away. Guess what, this time it will be a package of the parts you will need to build an even bigger house where ever you want yours to be one day.

Yes, it seems like just a couple years ago, but indeed it has been more. Now you could get the parts to make an even larger Organic Cottage for Free as a member of Pure Salvage Living.

Building plans, videos, books, and software to design the many things we can build from the best parts of our past.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.

Entire gable ends (3) 14′ wide.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

Please join me in praying and doing all I can to make life better for the millions who are suffering over the storms and changes that will not just go away over night.  We will update what we are going to be able to do as soon as we know but if you know people with the money to support and help us make this happen, people who can come help administer and teach, I am sending out the call for applicants to screen and hope we can pull in the sane people who will come with the desire to help change the world in positive ways.  We will be screening the initial group that can come so as to keep the group as positive and successful as possible so we can then grow the operations further with their help.  To learn more contact or visit our site.