Through Each Of Us Flows Divine Energy That We Can Change The World With If We Choose To Use It For The Benefit Of Others And Our Mother Earth.  Join Me In Making Miracles Happen For All Of Us, Every Day.

Be the Light you want to share with the world, the Light of Love with the passion to succeed.

I have tasted the victory of my Faith, through my willingness to swing my sword for Truth, to slay injustice in its tracks on behalf of those who would suffer from its criminal design and intent. It is up to the warriors who can defend the rights of the weak and old, of the children, or anyone who Loves enough to die to save others even if they can not fight to defend them with weapons.
Warriors can use many weapons to protect the innocent, some from the system that threatens the masses, others from the Light that comes with the Truth, with the Love for the Peace we strive for, not the war that it takes to overcome tyrants.
While my Sword of Anger cut many a limb and nearly a forest of relationships down to take me to a place where it no longer served me anymore. That sort of Victory brings no Peace of Mind or Memory. A Warrior does not seek to add to such memories as warfare manifests, but the Peace that should come after which might be found without drawing a Sword of Anger. It has only a sharp edge and will cut anyone you touch with it, drawing blood even if you do not intend, it can cut to the bone without a thought to do so, but in a state that does. My armor protected my chest and heart, my Shield of Self Righteousness resisted the blades of ax and sword alike, allowing to judge all before me as I slew them one and all in what I thought was battle, but was just life.
My Sword of Love, more sharp and true, without the armor for my heart which now feels, with only the shield that Truth in my Faith can offer, I shall move forward into the abyss of the Matrix and smite the very core of it out. I seek to cut from it the part that wreaks fear and weakens its foes with intimidation. I shall sever the threats such demons take to prevent People from having hopes and passions, their dreams for a better life for their children and themselves once the suffering is over. All Beings, not just rich humans, have a right to happiness that includes the right to allow spirit a peaceful ride in the body we reside in, whatever the form of life we take, with respect as if what we perceive is indeed the mirror of our Self, One split up into many versions of life.
Thank you, thank you, Thank you for letting me learn to use the words like scalpels, and the Sword of Love like a paddle that does not draw blood, but if needed to protect those I love, can cut through any enemy that crosses my blade for it now carries my Light into this world through the ways I can finally communicate and fully ignite the Energy of Spirit I call Wub.
Sharpen your sword, prepare for using it well in advance of the need, and you may never have to draw it from its sheath for those who see you will know you are not to be challenged without the ability to win. Let your Faith be your Source of Strength, your Love for others the Fuel, and you are unstoppable!
Who’d think it could be this good at 62 and the Sword still held firmly in my hand, I fight for Mother Earth and the Children of her lands.
2018 May


The serpents are a many that lie in the grass at the waters edge, but the fear of them will keep you from getting the water that you need to survive. Instead of fear, prepare to catch them, move them out of your way, and drink without danger. It is only your confidence in your ability to succeed that will allow you to survive if you happen to encounter them along the path you take.

Life is what you make it.  Go for the best time of your life, every day.


Through each of us flows divine energy that we can change the world with if we choose to use it for the benefit of others and our Mother Earth. Join me in making miracles happen for all of us, every day.

Please join me on a journey into the paradise Wii can create together with the treasures of the past.