24 x 48 red metal barn needs to be removed

I need to get an old house or structure off of my property.

It’s a 2 story 24 x 48 red metal barn needs to be removed.
There’s lots of interior wood in excellent condition. The barn was well-built. I need you to help me remove this structure. No rush, but I would like to build small 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom homes on the lots. I want to keep some of the materials from the building for my own reuse.

WHERE: Are you able to come to the Wa coast located in Ocean Park? Ocean Park is on the long beach peninsula near Astoria, Oregon. Two- thirds of the oysters sold in the US are from here.

WHEN: I’d like to have it removed in the next 4-12 months.

Email Dtbrouns@charter.net for info.