Now At This Fine Older Age, I Have Learned What I Wished I Had Known So Long Ago.  Truly There Is Much To Share For The More Of Us In Great Condition, The Better The World Will Be.

882nd worst school out of 933 in Texas. Luling District Schools (LSD) worth paying for? TTH Court battle ahead!

If I were to represent a rating scale of the school districts in Texas, that mud on the bottom of my boot would be where Luling School District is at on the scale… 882 of 933 schools. They dropped down below 53 other schools for 2016 which means they cannot match that drop again, for there are not that many schools left below them to compare too. I am determined to find out why anyone would want to pay for such a dismal performance and would appreciate any other people who can guide me to using this Poster Child for failed rural schools to benefit the students who will be coming through the system in the future.

Tiny Texas Houses and BWK Holdings are taking the issue to court and hope to find out what is wrong and how we can fix it before paying to reach the bottom of the ratings by next year, which is where we are headed at our present rate.  I refuse to pay tens of thousands of dollars more to continue to watch them fail at teaching the children they have taken the money for, yet expect me to keep paying them in spite of their dismal ratings.  Follow along if you like, as I try to take this poster child for failed rural school districts and use it to teach all of us some lessons on how this can happen, continue to be so bad, and then have the government expect us to pay for it anyway.  Time to stand up for Truth and the right for people to expect reasonable results from public education they are paying for instead of getting the shaft and no one being blamed but the poor kids who cannot leap out into the world with a solid foundation in education to work with and compete in our modern world.

I guess I make a good graph, with my hat the top of the scale and my boot heels the bottom. I am pointing to where Luling School District rates amongst Texas Schools. Down where the mud is, so are they.

I have challenged the right of the county next to me that has the Luling School District (LSD) in charge of the education of the children in our area.  While the challenge may be great to teach children these days, success stories abound even in the worst areas of the cities, and around rural areas of Texas too.  Not in the LSD schools which can not meet the 4 criteria used for assessing performance, and barely attain 3 of the 4 testing categories which places them in a unique grouping, the lowest 10 percentile in the state.  In Texas, LSD rates   882 out of 933 is where the district is positioned, but most significantly, they just dropped below 53 other schools for 2016 after dropping several years before as well.

As a veteran who believes in standing up for the freedoms and downtrodden our country stood for when I was young. The time has come to stand up for the right to get our money’s worth out of the tax dollars spent on education. After ten years of watching, paying for, and suffering from the failure of the local schools that tax heavily with some of the worst results in the industrialized world.

What on earth allows a school district to keep from performing such that the public is forced to continue paying for failure beyond anyone’s imagination when the taxes to pay for it were approved.  In the land of LSD, parents must pay to send their children to Shiner, Texas… an hour drive each way each day, to get them a decent education which means paying twice for the education out of desperation for a quality education.

So what do we do, refuse to pay and then challenge the LSD, demanding quality, not a watered-down version that would be criminal or worse in the real world where tax dollars flow in regardless of the results and no one gets punished for the shortcomings except the public paying the taxes.  I Protest!  As a taxpayer I only get one vote and most people do not understand how bad the situation is so there is no movement to stop paying… but that can change quickly in this age of viral sharing of information, battles to be fought, and thus United, we the people can cause change to happen, positive change instead of the continued dive into the hole which seems to be targeting the bottom before reversing direction.  While LSD is likely a poster child for what has gone wrong with the public school system, it has been somewhat isolated from public scrutiny.  I hope to change that with a day in court before a jury of my peers, and of course, the many followers I have accumulated over the decades, particularly on the internet since it was initiated in the 1990’s.

What good is the celebrity that comes with creating things from salvage, solutions from the wreckage of the past, whether houses, bodies, buildings, or institutions that have failed, I believe in salvaging them too, though this LSD may need to be flushed and start from scratch, which rumor has it, the State of Texas is contemplating as well.  Personally, when you are so near the bottom, why wait to hit it before turning things around.  Standing up in protest so that others around the world have a Poster Child to point at, what is better than LSD that people have already accepted as being a hallucination that does not exist once gone, which is very much like the drug from the 60’s by the same acronym.  Hmmm… nice coincidence for creating mimes.

You are thus prepared for the response I have sent the attorneys hired to deal with my Public Documents Request to see what the schools are using for their gage of success or a plan, and the records showing how much money they have been given for the task besides the hundred grand they have me in the game for during the ten years of watching their circus in progress.  While the money is best spent on education, the schools apparently need an attorney to take the money so as to be sure I do not get documents they do not want me to have, or simply do not wish to comply.  Regardless, after getting the letter asking for clarification I have prepared the scope of what I am doing in the form of a request so as to give them a fair shot at defending my failure to pay the taxes being worse than their failure to give equity, essentially an education that will be considered of some value and not a fraud due to it’s being rated as one of the lowest quality schools in the industrialized world, and in fact lowered than many third world nations.  How is that possible in central Texas?  I hope to find out, help create a cure for the impurity in the LSD so we can share a grand manifestation, instead of a hallucination, and thus create one of the premier schools in Texas as our goal.  From where we are, we can not go much lower so success is assured that we will get much better by aiming high rather than at the drain in the bottom of the pit.

Here is the response and as you will see, I am not an attorney.  I am an individual who knows before I begin, that even with a jury of my peers, the system of the courts is set up for attorneys to make tons of money playing the game that often cannot be won.  I suspect I am in such a game and see no reason to hire attorneys to lose a court case for me.  I am sure I can at least do that much in my effort to bring attention to this cause, and if I lose, pay the price in money that I have worked long and hard to save, money that as a veteran at 62 years old, do not wish to waste on such foolishness as LSD creates under the auspices of being educators.  They are simply acting as a place to trap children under threat of law if they do not show, the threat of lawsuits and taking of my property if I refuse to pay for their scheme, and thus I can not help but stand up and fight for what is right.  This is not how democracy is supposed to work, with the rich getting to have good schools and the poor paying for the failure with their lives limited forever over the poor education they were given as children.  That is theft of more than tax dollars for the damage lasts for lifetimes.  Those who commit such a crime do not deserve to be rewarded year after year but replaced and banned from pretending to do the right thing again… which never happens, apparently administrators just move on to other schools and roll the dice again.

If you are, or know one of the few attorneys out there who want to make a difference for the better and share a few words of advice, I am ears open as I can not afford the big guns to match what they are using on my to deflect my getting this message out to bring light to a darkening situation that does not have to exist.  Email if anyone would like to help fight the system in order to establish a precedent in the courts that will perhaps bring changes to other school districts across Texas that need such salvaging and rebuilding as we the citizens must step up to demand or face failure without consequences allowing the plunge in quality education to continue.  Local change is possible, so let us start at home!

November 14, 2017

Joey Moore

Walsh Gallegos &

Luling Independent School District

10375 Richmond Avenue, #1357,

Houston, Texas 77042

ref.  Public Information Request. : Cause No. 16-1971-CV and Cause 17-1348-CV

Dear Mr. Moore:

While reviewing your requests for clarification I can understand your desire for more clarity and will be glad to give that as well as reduce your burden as the public records turn out to offer massive evidence of the failure of the school to produce decent passing grades, to elevate their testing results or rate of graduation in the Luling School District.  Apparently, the statistics place Luling School District (LSD) in the lowest 10% of the schools in our great state.  Were the statewide scores spectacular, that would perhaps be tolerable but it is very far from that, one of the lowest in the USA, which means Luling Schools rate as some of the lowest in the industrialized world. 

My request is for equity as I have not been given what I paid for, like the other taxpayers.  This document request is an attempt to understand what you are using to determine successful accomplishment of the task of teaching the children in this school district.  This school is in a county other than the one I live in, and thank God, I have not had a child suffer through imprisonment daily under the auspices of teaching them what they need to know when they are freed into the adult work world.   In my decade of running a business dependent upon local labour forces in Luling that I had hoped would provide good workers.  I saw nothing of that sort produced by the school system, for the ignorance of their graduates was more than any employer could overcome by the age they enter the workforce crippled.  They are thus functionally crippled and the cost to do the remedial teaching they need is to great to justify hiring them.

Such evidence is readily available publicly through the testing platforms which I found at the Texas Education website that references the federal test scores and analysis.  There are other websites which provide more evidence of the poor performance/failure of the district as well as ex-students who are not satisfied with what they were offered and given, along with disgruntled parents in the area.  It is sad that the only answer most found to the poor schooling that they have locally is that they must pay a second time for tuition to send their children to Shiner, an hour drive each way each day rather than have them serve wasted time in Luling District Schools.  This is a sad statement and the lifelong results are proven in testing basic scholastic skills let alone the lost life skills once taught in shop classes or home economics.  What the kids go on to do based on the education they got from the Luling School District is dismal, but they have no tools implanted in their heads to work with by no fault of their own unless you can prove otherwise.   

Admittedly the failure of the schools does fuel the success of the corporate jails in the Caldwell County as the schools provide docile ignorant young prisoners who can be incarcerated cheaply and controlled for great profits for the officials who own such stock.  Sadly, better education, opportunities to ensure work, and some life skills prior to exit from high schools as was once the case, such jail populations would be substantially eradicated, from the stockholder’s point of view.

This gives me a spiritually driven reason to at least see the truth displayed in court for the public and others to understand and thus perhaps take action to remedy by changing out the leaders who make such a system’s sustainability possible.  It is my deep felt requirement as an elder veteran who believes in my duty to country and freedom to resist being taken advantage of by those in our government who seem to forget they are supposed to be working for the benefit of the people of our country, not to break them down, make them weaker, or take their money under the auspices of teaching our children and then blowing money on salaries for people who are clearly incompetent, negligent, or intentionally keeping the school from getting better year to year.  I base this assertion on LSD test scores and results for a decade of little but downward change.  I go into this exercise with the hope that good changes will come from the light being shined on the darkness, thus the reason for taking this to court with a jury of peers to give Judgement of your right and the Consequences to our children, the society locally, that is directly attributable to a school system that failed for decades apparently, and is still dropping lower after being given more tax dollars for years to get it fixed without any penalties for failure. 

By all standards used in business or fair play, failure to fulfil the agreement by not supplying a quality product in a timely fashion is grounds for non-payment, even a refund from the entity that misrepresented what it would do with the money.  Further, the failure year after year, and continuing down the pit of ratings should not be rewarded with the payment of taxes or any other benefit, but instead treble penalties, firings of the people who failed, and a fresh start if needed, including the board.  The administrator/perpetrator should instead be prosecuted for fraud, fired for incompetence, or negligence.  No one should be getting paid to perpetuate a broken system that is not showing noticeable and measurable progress, changing for the better year after year.  This is fraud, deceptive trade practices, false representation of actually teaching basic skills to children.  Demanding more money without producing results, is to suggest that continuing to pay taxes will get the results we voted for when agreeing to pay the taxes, but those funds have clearly been spent with failing results.  If you do not have evidence to that effect to offer, then most of your search will be in vain to prove why you should have my tax money to continue failing without a plan or good people to carry it out.

My goal is to get the subject into the public forum for discussion as to how we deal with a system that uses the propaganda of future success to swindle people out of taxes that do nothing of the sort they promised.  Such failure must have some explanation and that is what I seek from the School Board, the Superintendent, or someone in the organization that can answer for the repeated failure.   Instead, they send letters from lawyers to effectively threaten a common person like me from fighting due to the prohibitive cost.  I will be forced to defend myself so as to pay the taxes to Guadalupe County and to the Luling School District once the battle is over.  This is a huge price to pay just to speak out for the many parents, taxpayers and citizens of this state who have to suffer through such taxation without results that would pass any standard.  There must be some consequences for failure equal to my potential punishment for my failure to pay the taxes you demand, equity or punishment, much the same as one might be punished criminally for attempted extortion with the threat of being beaten, financially pummeled for refusing to go along with this institutional theft.  What is the punishment for failure to fulfil the obligations that the Luling School District does so poorly?  How do we stop rewarding them for dismal failure year after year and apparently no good plan to fix the broken system?  Can’t I just give you ten cents on the dollar, like their 10% performance level and you let it go until next year, or the year after like the LSD has done.

Even this present leader for the school district is not producing results that will show any payoff for the money I have given to your school system since I bought this real estate in 2006.  Therefore I was asking for the full 11 years worth of documentation to show how well you have done but it does appear that you are instead trying to duck showing the record, the issues of retaining certification with the state of Texas to be able to pass themselves off as educators. 

I have reviewed your request for clarity and abbreviating the list so:

the public records for the years in which I am protesting paying more taxes (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) to support the broken system will be enough for the trial ahead.

That would be enough for now, as it clearly shows that nearly all standards used to rate a school have barely been passed, and the 1st category used has been failed repeatedly.  Less than 10% of the schools in Texas have as low a score set and thus do I claim this is a failed system that continues to decline without evidence that positive results are coming which would offset the years of decline quickly.  While we take this to court, to a jury of peers who share these school systems and pay the taxes for the sad results, show the problem goes unresolved because the payments to the school go on regardless of their success.  No consequences to administrators, School Board Members, or teachers for failure to perform, but for the taxpayer who does not pay, you send out the Lawyer army and courts to harass them into paying regardless of the results.  Equity?

I do not expect to win this case in the court of law that is set up to keep the lawyers in business defending such criminal behaviour by a School District that would be criminal in the business world.  The obfuscation used by the attorneys is intended to deny addressing the issue, the school is failing to provide what we are paying for as taxpayers, will likely succeed in keeping the jury from hearing the information lest I hire high dollar attorneys to fight this battle.  So to this end, I seek the chance to present the facts to the jury and in the court of Public Opinion so as to bring about a pressure that will ignite the other parents, taxpayers, and students to thus bring about change or face a larger population that is upset about perpetual failure. 

As I see it, we can focus on the name of the boy who died in the game of football, (have information already) actually from practising and overheating.  My son’s friends had permanent injuries that would haunt them for life as did he, though his friend in Luling was already dead, from playing football.  Truly, the low test scores are there to show the primary task of teaching the children to survive in society once they graduate from high school is not really being met.  This is a big deal just in case they can not go to college.  Reading is good, Math is great, and how about home economics, shop class, or some skill before having babies… but Football, really???  My objective would be to see children taught how to swim instead such that all the kids in the school could benefit, possibly save lives, not just focus on jocks being taught aggressive behaviour.

My objective, if I were to recommend changes to your school district, is to teach life skills, how to survive once out of High School, and if not, explain why more money should be spent on a system that only gets worse each year.  I might even be open to help if we can do it.  I have trained plenty of your ex-students before, but they also need to be taught some ethics and respect for work.  I was basically doing that out here at Tiny Texas Houses, teaching kids how to build a house out of salvaged materials, all American building materials obtained sustainably, building houses without toxins or imports, but that would be too much for the school to do it seems.  Why?

I believe I could do it better on the taxes I am paying your district each year.  This is the argument that must be addressed.  Do you want to pay me to show your school how to do a better job at teaching kids a skill they can live with, a career they could take off with fresh out of high school?  Pay me the taxes you expect me to pay you and I can?  Credit my taxes you want and I will help, even teach a group of kids for one year, give you that guidance, supply the materials, then produce an Organic Cottage sustainably, which is a product of  30 years of research and development and recognized as the leader in this industry of Salvage Mining and Salvage Building. 

Thus I am going to limit the request for documents from the school district that will simply prove my side of the argument, rather than give you the prodding to bring more to the table in advance of the trial to convince me I am wrong and back off.  So far it appears you are simply proving that you do not have a defence for failing, except that you still choose to tax and collect with heavy penalty, without proof of success for the task which you take the money for, namely education.  This is wrong. 

If you are not ready to accept the public records and the other scales for grading your school system then we may have a problem in court validating the evidence, but I felt that asking you for the documents to support the defence of your failure was the best path to take… giving you the chance to show your success.  As it is clear that only a sad picture of failure can be drawn from the statistics that are coming-out of Luling School District, Texas Scoring systems, Federal scoring systems, and the parent’s opinion which forces those who can afford a good education to send their kids to another town.  How can this continue is a mystery that I am wanting to find an answer to, not just dodge paying for the failure of year after year?  The taxpayers in this district deserve better in my opinion and I hope to show that with a jury’s verdict that will overthrow the criminal acts perpetrated by the court system’s ability to intimidate the average taxpayer and force them to pay regardless of the results… up till now at least.   

For that reason, I am asking for any studies that suggest or prove that there are valid reasons for the failures of the school system administrators, board members, and perhaps the quality of teachers that perpetuates this disgusting situation. Why would you spend so much time, energy, and money defending a bad system?  Continuing playing sports that do nothing for the education of the kids, injuring them instead, and failing to improve at the lowest grade levels in education where the foundations are formed that the students will build upon as they progress through the grades.

Thus explained and forewarned as to what I want to prove with your own records, I am requesting less documentation from the schools and will depend upon the public records and interpret from there, which the jury will surely understand as the best we have to determine your success unless you offer up some other evidence which I do believe I should have the right to examine if it will prove your case.    All that I have will be available to you as well, but the timing, not so good for a court date given the hold up your records requests performance timelines imply will be needed to comply.  I will request a postponement in order to have what we need to present in court fully examined in advance.

The cost of documentation is another factor which I do not wish to drive up to the abbreviated results for the school’s test scores each year is good enough. Likewise, just the notices by the state as to the district status, certification to teach being in jeopardy, requirements that the school district improves or face a penalty of any sort.  I am asking for a list of other lawsuits against the school district for whatever reasons, past and present during the term of the taxes which I choose to question… 2007-2017.  These are the years I have already paid for and the years which I have not paid for, the payment of which is being protested based on the poor results for the many years I did pay the taxes and suffered the results as an employer who could not use the product of your schools to build a viable business.  I attribute this, after hundreds of workers over a ten year period, due to the poor quality of education, work ethos, and basic skills training plaguing the graduates from that high school.  At a bare minimum, the penalties, or fees paid in advance to defend your system must be eliminated from my burden of taxes because you are being paid to defend the system that is broken, and that is what the attorneys being paid here are actually doing, not making the system better.

Thus having suffered damages from the consequences of the poor school system, I protest and request answers publicly for the failure that you have charged us millions to perpetuate.  In the Public Opinion which I have gathered during more than a decade here in Luling, there is no hope for your success in sight.  Sad situation for the poor people of the town to be forced to live with as they can not afford this fight I take on now, or they are afraid of the consequences.   

As a public citizen and taxpayer without an attorney, it is nearly impossible to win against your system.  Still, I choose to try and may still have to get some council but regardless, the complexity of the task, the assault by multiple law firms, and the blatant failure of the system require that:

I will request a postponement of the trial to at least January where I can get the requested papers from the school, or the attorneys who must go to the schools too, thus stuck with the same timeline for documents to present in court to be ready. 

Thank you for your letter requesting clarification and rest assured I will clarify, reduce the size and scope of the request with the understanding that the public records will suffice in court and that you will not have anything better to defend yourself with in front of the jury.

so to answer as you asked:

I want the documents for the tax periods beginning in 2007 – 2017 as to the performance on the testing platforms required by the state of Texas (any and all if you have some I am not aware of).  I am protesting all the years in question but the objective in court is simply to dismiss the taxes and penalties owed for the period which the School district is seeking or delaying the payment of them until such time as the results merit being paid for in the future, or being applied as payment for a teaching program at my location for skills in building houses which are not offered in the schools here anymore.

I want the school’s placement/scoring per se in comparison to the other schools for its scores, its failure to meet the 4 criteria and instead only meeting three of the four categories.   In other words, if there are 4,700 schools and Luling is one of 14 that failed to meet that simple testing platform standards in 4 categories unlike the rest of the schools, then it would be in the bottom 5 percentile of the total number of schools tested.  I am rather sure this has been created but if not, I will generate the statistic and offer it up in court for the years in question, most specifically the recent years in protest where the district scores have continued to fall, including graduation rates, performance rates, and thus failing worse each year that I am refusing to pay the taxes on, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 all being declining score years.  What defence there is for such an institution charged with a simple task I do not know but look forward to hearing in court.  Whether it be the causes which you have been asked to document if there are some, such as the water, gases from wells that leak, or what is causing this population to be so stupid you can not teach them anything.  Some reason must be found or the cure cannot be found.  This is the purpose of my suit.

How much money is funded by the school district each year in order to perform their duty to the people of the town?  That is a request for federal funding, state funding, bonds sold to do work on the schools, or other sources of the squandered money that is being put into the system that is failing so bad.  I want a list of the funds given to the schools in this district to educate the kids, improve the property, sports events, and otherwise.  This can be for the period of 2013-2107 so as to reduce the paperwork and can be in an abbreviated form so as to show a year, source, amount, purpose and thus a total of the money used each year to get these pitiful results.

No need to address the football coaches performance, grades from their classes or otherwise as the sport, especially given the death of a student and others across the nation each year that prove it is dangerous and offers little to the education of the kids in school.  We will simply point to that as one of the blatant wastes of money and you can explain how little or important it is compared to teaching the kids in the school.

I want the starting year class rolls for the district in order to show how many kids start off in the system and how many make it out of high school.  These records are simple and amount to a record of how many kids dropped out, moved away (less likely), and who simply failed to make it through for whatever reason, did not get their money worth out of the system.

Information gathered through any government institution or private party that would give any indication as to what the problem is that keeps this school district from completing this task to an acceptable standard.  Is there any evidence of poisoning, mental disorders, community ignorance that can not be cured, or is it simply the failure of the school system?  I want all testing of any students or information that would suggest there is any cause for the failure based on physiological reasons that affect the populace of the school district differently than others in our state.

I want copies of the annual Luling School Board meetings that addressed the dismal failure of the system to get better scores, some in the single digit category for level three ratings for example.  How did they address the problem in the meetings by setting forth the standard to be met for the new superintendent to prove their worth or leave without being fired until you get a good one for the job?  What meetings can you provide a record if that address the solutions tendered so as to understand why, put blame on the people who deserve it, remove them or stop taking my money for continuing to allow for the failure year after year?  I am only requesting copies of the board meetings that are addressing the failure and the solutions for the next year for the years 20-13, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 as they are the most relevant given the administration was changed out during that time to some degree.

No need to compare the test scores from the football coaches classes as the overall scores are so bad that few teachers if any are meeting the standards one would expect for the money being paid to the district to do the job.  Scratch this request.

Skip this question/request as the proof of what happens after high school in this school is apparent and the testing has some information as to the outcome which once more, does not reflect kindly on the school district as they seem to be ignoring vocational schooling in a rural town where most of the kids going to the public school can not afford college.

This request goes back to the same as #3 which is meant to address the quantity of funding, the comparison with the results you get, which can then be used for comparison to other schools which prove you can also excel with a similar budget.  I will need a bit of time to do the cross comparisons and thus I am requesting some extension on the court date where all these documents become relevant to the jury.

I am requesting copies of any and all letters from the State of Texas or any other Texas authority that has questioned your certification to teach as a district given your history of low scores and failure to improve.  Rumor has it that the state notified the school that they were in danger of losing their certification to teach if they do not improve.   If any letters from the state of Texas, in any department, have been sent to the Luling School district about the quality of the education, the test scores being so low, the overall quality of the education barely meeting the rock bottom minimums they expect out of the schools in Texas, low as it is, I simply want the truth, thus a copy.

I want a list, and copies of complaint letters sent by parents to the school, sent by attorneys to the school, or any other entity that addressed problems with the schools quality of education, sports policy, or other complaints that warranted getting the lawyers involved, even if it is over this simple document request.  How much do the lawyers cost to cover up all of this horrible performance by issuing these letters to complicate the process rather than move it forward?  Is that in the budget as a line item? 

I request that the district to begin processing these basic requests as soon as possible and likewise an estimate of the cost based on these modifications in my request.  Please get back with me asap if you have further questions as this will certainly mean having to postpone a bit for the rest of the evidence to be presentable, as well as some other research and witnesses that need to be consulted before declaring them for the trial.

Thank you for your prompt response and commitment to help search for solutions to the problem of failing  to educate the local kids with the funds that have been acquired under one premise, namely a quality education for the common citizens of Luling, Texas.  Instead, it has apparently been wasted on other things or administrators and teachers that were therefore failures themselves for being unable to teach basics to the local population.  Is it so extreme to expect the School District to be teaching the basics expected by the entities who rate, score, and monitor the schools poor performance at each level, given the low standard Texas has and the results that are far below other industrialized countries as well as third world nations.  We are not that far out in the boonies that this could not be solved in a decade or two in my humble opinion.

For more questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email as the certified mail thing gets unnecessarily expensive, though I realize you are not spending your own money, the taxpayers who think the funds go to educating their children. 


I realize the words I write will not set well with some yet help others hear a call to Wake Up and take control of the life they are living rather than let the circumstances steel your hope or passion away. We have many solutions but most will take some work. Salvage, Texas is being created to show people what some of the other possibilities could be if we want to look for them and work to manifest the changes it will take to set things right. We must live our Truth and be willing to defend it with our life or accept being slaves to a system dedicated to limiting our potential in life. LSD does just that to the children. Help me stop the damage by sharing the story of how LSD has proven that reality and hallucinations are not the same.

Brad Kittel

BWK Holdings llc

Tiny Texas Houses llc