Here Is One Of The Favorites I Have Created.  All Wood, Metal, And Glass Is Salvaged, The Art Work Of This House Is Amazing Inside As Well As On The Outside.

A Great Response in the debate on alternative sustainable building challenge

In all fairness and with the intention of furthering the discussion on healthy and affordable small housing in the future, here is the first response though there is a shortage of pictures that did not transfer.  His site should help and i will link to that.
Here is the next excerpt from our discussion.
From Maki:
 updates for 7/21/17
Well then, my erstwhile and momentary adversary, although we come from seemingly diametrically opposite sides of life and experience, we occupy far more common ground than anyone would at first think. You are an artist, I am not, your artistry is what gives life and meaning to the homes you build, far in excess to their square footage, and that no one could take away from or criticize. I on the other hand, have busied myself in the less glamorous and more mundane aspects of pragmatism, practicality and economy.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian
We also seem to share a great passion for the environment and fostering healthier living conditions for all, specially for the common folk; and although you may never find me at a Pete Seeger concert, I fully empathize and I am dedicated to bettering living conditions to one and all, more specifically to the working and socio- economically oppressed classes. That said, I believe that I have found a means to deliver a list of benefits to mitigate the current housing crises, and to introduce a simple, yet effective method to reduce the home construction industry’s heavy reliance on forest products and concrete, and to lessen labor costs and cut completion times by a third or more.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian
It took me some years, but, having been involved in construction sites all over the planet, from the Cote d’azur, the Caribbean, to Northern Canada, South America and the US, it slowly dawned on me how long established and outdated methods and practices have become so entrenched, that they have calcified themselves into a process that inevitably yields ever more diminishing returns. I have not reinvented the wheel, I simply made a better one, out of better materials. Yes, I may put the wheelwright out of business, but even he would live in a better structure, with far greater and lasting value.Create an Appointment
Maki Dominguez Stambolian

The other thing is that our systems, although high performance, are relatively easy to manufacture, as we use nearly 80% US crcq A-3600 G90 coated recycled steel which is in nearly endless supply, and the manufacturing process is incredibly simple. The use of MgO boards is one of our better options, otherwise we use GP Densglass Gold 7 Silver, or Huber engineered ZIP panels, all full 1/2” thickness. The learning curve for our systems is nearly non existent. Anyone skilled enough to hold a level, be sufficiently literate to read simple instructions and strong enough to lift 50 lbs. or more can become an install expert in less than an hour.Create an Appointment

Maki Dominguez Stambolian

I believe that our systems, given your artistic touch could produce the most talked about structures. Our website is awful, we’re working on that, I am not a web page developer, but give us a look, I certainly hope we can cooperate in being righteously disruptive.
Nordic Steel Building Systems – Single-family Home Construction industry, Concrete Free Foundations, Rot & Termite Proof Green Building Wall Systems
Improving build efficiency in the single-family home construction Industry. Reduce costs, improve quality and durability using the best framing system on the market.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian
And by all means, you may use any part of this exchange in your blog.
Once more, I apologize for my initial comments, however, you have convinced me that you both know what you’re doing and talking about. I am impressed with your passionate and clear understanding of the many problems that afflict new home ownership, and the fails and frauds committed by the status quo of too large a portion of the home building industry. Let’s not argue. let’s talk.
Sounds like some very good stuff to think on and consider.
Tiny Texas Houses

 I agree, and I hope we get to expose the truths and talk the talk in the process of making a public forum of a subject too long behind the curtains in an industry as strong as any and in control of building codes, policy, and the future of our housing development without any concern for sustainable toxin free methodologies. I open the door to your profession coming into the fold of awakening builders in a new world of housing most have yet to know is possible, and built by the people that need the work and hope the most. Lets make this a great public debate, not argument, for I have no anger on this matter, though frustrated many times over the years, it is a passion for exposing the truth so that others can decide for themselves based on the facts, not advertising.

Seen by Maki Dominguez Stambolian at 12:38pm
Then we are in agreement. It is precisely because I’ve been involved in the profession for over 30 years, specifically in high rise, high end, and supremely overrated construction, that I have dedicated myself to finding solutions to real existing problems. Problems with outdated methodologies, materials, and the worst of all, the intransigence of those in the industry to take the the initiative to make much needed changes. In most cases, clearly not yours, individuals with the decision making power in 99% of all residential builders, have no idea how to begin mitigating their practices, even the simplest ones, let alone the litany of issues that need to be addressed. Smart homes begin with smart methods and materials.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian

 We specialize in concrete free foundations, and prefabricated, optimal engineering, steel and MgO sheathed wall panel construction. We’ve developed our own patent pending systems that cuts down on nearly 50% or more of lumber usage, framing labor and landfill waste generated. Our wall and roof panels are insect proof, mold and water resistant like no other and supremely fire resistant, as well as having an optional heat barrier shield incorporated into the wall panels for hotter climes. With 2 lb. closed cell spray foam insulation, we can obtain a verifiable R26, and were are LEED gold certifiable. Here is a small model home, a 640 Sq. Ft. 2 bedroom. 1 1/2 bath home that was completed for less than U$65 a Sq. Ft.

Maki Dominguez Stambolian

We used, over 30% reclaimed cedar and salvaged components.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian
Outside of the roof trusses, these are the components we ourselves manufacture, and the only new materials used.
Maki Dominguez StambolianWe can build any of these for well under $100 a Sq. Ft. finished, in some cases, with the advantage of scarce, recycled elements, for $65.
Is this about availability?YesNo
These homes will outperform, outlast and provide better value retention and cost efficiency than 99.99% of what is commercially available.
Maki Dominguez Stambolian
I would be much more interested in collaborating with you than combating.

Tiny Texas Houses
I agree, the illusion s of combat, when the debate is being aired, it is one of similar views of a profession rampant with issues. This is a good assemblage of ideas and proofs of what can be done in forms that address most of the key issues in new construction, though the level of salvage could certainly rise higher, it is a great example in that no one else in the new built business even targets that sort of goal, let alone achieves it. This needs to be aired where the public gets more out of it as I alone do not benefit as much as they and you will in furthering your path to reducing the need to build more houses if these last longer, to eliminate the health concerns that plague the industry now, and to minimize waste in the process of building. Kudos for that. I am obviously also an artist though, and the path of teaching I take is one of sowing seeds of alternative thought that is achievable by the common man. This is a matter of getting the materials, which for MgO board for example, is not even available nearby or in a common store. The other elements you are integrating and are proprietary may take years to get to the end user at prices they can afford until the production facilities are spread out around our vast production and to do so, support will have to be en masse, not novelty quantities. Training for building your way, like mine is foreign to the industry for now, but mine is based on our elders skill sets and many of them are still alive to teach the youngers how to work with the salvageable materials locally rather than wait or attempt to ship in the products you are using for the moment. I applaud you for the progress and would like to get your side of this on the blog to show the progress you have made in this realm of our field yet to be truly defined as alternative building for now. Sustainability, accessibility, respect for what has been created by our ancestors that can be used without cost to the world or environ are all considerations still left out of your equation that are important and thus valued differently, but that is simply an issue of being on a different path with the same honorable intention of doing good for those who wish to help make the world a better place for those who will follow us. If it is okay, I will try to copy and paste this on for a follow up blog.


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