A Magical Mythical Vesper House

A Magical Mythical Vesper House 

The Vesper Casa as she grows, she still needs porches, and more I know, but still I want to share a look, she still is cute, though not full dressed.  Her friends are named the Arched Vicky and Marks Ark.

This is the house that I will say

incorporates the best I’ve made,

to manifest a sense of space,

to make the tiny feel great.

The back door is not short on style, in fact it just might make you smile.

The inside can be dark or light,

to stall the morning sun from night.

The windows glow with colors too,

just like the walls, with Love imbued.

The kitchen and the upstairs view where the dressing room will be so cool.

The kitchen is unique indeed,

It is not much more than one needs,

but done in such a classic style,

to top this one will take a while.

the master bedroom windows are a sight to see each morn.

The living room is big enough

to have a crowd of friends come by,

but not enough for them to stay

beyond the welcome of the day.

I get to make a few dreams come true. Here is one proud Mama of the home I made for her.

So quickly it is going,

soon this home will ship away,

and my Tiny Casa Vesper

Will will Love where it will stay.


Inside the bathroom looking at the shower.

The sexy bathroom door awaits. Learn how to make a bathroom sexy.

Living with the bedroom above, but there will be a wall to separate the two, up above there will be plenty of private things to do.

Vesper Casa where the porch will be, yes a place to drink a cup of coffee in the morning breeze.