Another Layer Of Thicker Trim Works Perfect On The Arches Which Are Harder To Wrap Than Square Or Rectangle Windows.

A Tantric Mix of Wooden Treasures

Another layer of thicker trim works perfect on the arches which are harder to wrap than square or rectangle windows.

The Tantra Temple readies for her journey to her home.

Tantric Trim and Treasures

With all the natural wood for trim
I could not forget the door,
so the boys sliced up some private stock,
my Mesquite and some more.

I know it does not match the style
of a door so old and fine,
with glass hand made by men of lore,
it’s a mix that is divine.

The choices that we make for homes,
Our own Creations True,
rise forth from the Love for Life we have.
I give this gift to You.


This window has seen much fancier moldings in its life, but this will fit for me and will fill my mind just fine.


Temple Tantra is nearly ready for the trip out to the back.
Her trim is thick with color and the woods not oiled yet.
So here are just a few ideas you may just want to get,
that you can try at home to spice your windows up like this.