A Testament to the Mysterious workings of Alchemy

This is one of the first 6 houses I built back in 2007.

Terry D’Layne Davenport I am so happy for you brad, that you get to do this and happy for me that I get to watch your creative love and passion become an testament to the mysterious workings of alchemy … It’s always a joy to see what’s next !!! :):):)
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The Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun”.  This is what I create 7 years later.

Love your perspective put to words on that Terry D’Layne Davenport..”Testament to the mysterious workings of alchemy” is a great way of viewing it that had not yet formed into such an expression for me yet,    Thank you for that word smithing work.
I like that it defines the magic of what I do so well.  The ingredients are literally no less dissimilar at times and origin, with parts from around the globe with every background imaginable, manifesting in a new living form.  Its new shape and function is often so far from any single parts original purpose that it is transmuted into an unidentifiable new form, One with the bigger Whole to the point that it is transformed, morphed into a shape that it will likely not return from as it was, if ever any part should separate and loose its identity again.

The Tantra Temple upper floors walkway is made from one giant piece of Cypress.

Until then, these assembled parts and pieces form a living organism that will Love, care for, and preserve the story of the life of those who live here for a century to come. While many may not think of it this way, the organic cells that make up this house are still alive, in stasis with all their parts and pieces held in suspension without liquid to drive the motors that the DNA, RNA, and amino acid chains form.  My creations have names, identities that are entirely unique in more ways than and subdivision tacky box will ever hope to be.  They will be loved, cherished, coveted, and even have people be jealous and envious of those who are blessed with stewarding them for a few decades or a lifetime of an owner passing through.

These will in the end, hold more memories in the minds of so many and fulfill so many desires that come from being able to go into them for refuge, Love, companionship, family, food, sleep, dreaming, fantasizing, growing up, and ultimately growing old in.  I contend that they are indeed not just matter reformed into a new entity as good as Gold or better, they are alive and living with us, recording our experiences that are intense or full of Love, and passing it along to the Universal consciousness that makes all of this illusion, this manifestation that makes us think there is really solid matter deep inside the atoms we learned about in school.  It’s not, just energy bound together by the infinite creative imagination that is the One, for we too are simply manifestations of Ourselves gifted with the wonderful experience we call life on Earth.  Let’s leave it ready for the next visitors before we leave instead of leaving it trashed.

End view of the thickness of the beaded board flooring.

Remember that an organ transplanted to another human carries with it memories, for the mind and spirit are still connected to it, just like that of the trees. The resonance of what they feel, even now, is part of what makes up the true resonance of the Mother Earth we share.

Please join me in treating these incredible giant living being with the respect they deserve after living for hundreds of years as giant trees and then protecting so many for so long and now offering themselves up again to continue their sacrifice for another couple centuries if cared for properly.

This is the path to the New Age of Awareness, the Time when we finally give back credit to the Spirit which in fact is what drives us to Wake UP Now, before it is to late to provide a bright future for our children’s children.

My Tiny Texas Houses are indeed Alchemy for they are not at all what they appear and the energy, even in their images, is enough to help unlock the dreams and visions that you to will see once you recognize the purpose of my Seedlings.

Kitchen in the Vicki Zebu

My House Art is intended to be the seedlings of desire, but for a simpler life and less rather than the marketing of more and adding things to distract you from the most important parts of life.

The Alchemy is in the transforming of Trash into Solutions for the Salvation of our Souls as we wake up to the lunacy of working like a drone, that is the magic in my forms. It is a key to visions, to dreams you may have had, that unlocks the will to go for them because you know you can.

It is the means to unplug from the Matrix and set off on a new course that does not take the Mighty Dollar to succeed and have a home if you learn to work and barter for your life without a loan. Who would think that a dilapidated old house or barn could provide such freedom and opportunity, such a future for a whole society and thus, the world, if only we choose to act instead of dream, move instead of watch.

The alchemy of such trash turned into images, then tied to these rhymed words, is that they stick like glue in some, to inoculate with Truth. They are like shots or vaccines that effect our daily life, but unlike those the system gives, these turn you toward the light.

The Monty Grand Victorian entry

I intend to offer solace, give you strength and hope inside. To fill you with great visions of what you can do with pride. the images and videos are put together right so that you can simply watch them and learn how to do it through the night.

The Tiny Texas Houses made from Salvage through and through, are meant to settle into you where they nurture only Truth. Once there the opportunities that follow will unfold, the chance to build your Tiny House for free if you so chose. So listen, watch, and dream aloud.

Tell all you know your plan. Commit to making changes while your sure you really can. Don’t take a No for answers to the things you want to know and you’ll find that is the best way yet to let your vision grow.

Thank you again for the nicely selected series of words. It was inspirational indeed.