Long Shot Of The Interior, Looking Toward What Will Be The Bedroom.

A Boy Toy for a Grandma that will bring her Sheer Delight.

A Boy Toy  for a Grandma

A Toy Boy for a Grandma who will still develop his personality as he grows. So far so good.

So now He has his doors
and yes it surely is a boy.
Congratulations world
for you have a brand new toy.

A Boy Toy for a 72 year old
Who will cherish this young thing,
though his bones are aged for centuries
his Heart still wants to Sing.

This is a young boy as we speak
but soon he’ll fill with pride,
then quickly to a young man soon preparing for his ride
across the Texas highways to his sweet expecting bride.

Then with the skins both in and out,
His Porch Hat firmly placed,
His offerings of comfort
that will last through out her days,

He’ll finally reach maturity
in time to greet her eyes
as she sees him for the first time
I suspect that we’ll hear cries.

Then off to sleep together,
To eat when they awake,
share coffee in the mornings
and a new life they will make.


This will be the back side and the other side gets the porch.

This will be the closed in porch side with a separate door midway.

This end will have a porch with screens to let you open up and let the wind blow through

Interior shots of the one end.

long shot of the interior, looking toward what will be the bedroom.

Looking out the front to the big double doors.