Welcome To My Paradise Called Salvage, Texas.  Seminars Are Coming Soon To Show You How To Create A Paradise Of Your Own.  It Is A Place You Will Not Find Yet On The Map, For It Is Just Manifesting From My Mind Into This World We Call Reality.  You Can Come, Stay For A Night, And Even Walk About Freely To Fully Grasp The Scope Of This Model I Am Creating For Those Who Wish To Find A Simpler Organic Path To Live By.  Please Join Me, Support Our Goals, And Become A Part Of The Paradigm Shift It Will Take To Alter The Course Of Our Society, Or At Least A Portion Of It That Is Not Out To Fit In As A Sheeple In The Crowd, But Out To Find A Peace And Happiness That Can Be Savored By The Day, Shared With Those We Love, And Live To Our Highest Potential.

A vision comes to fruition thru Perseverance & Faith! Summer Seminars Too!

Yes, we are planning due to some demand, for summer seminars and we want feedback to be sure we design events you will be willing to come to for a few days, weekends, or even a month at a time to learn. You could even get licensed so as to build the orders we could take but now turn away for many reasons including shipping cross country as we have done in the past.  This is for those who want to take over and be the next generation as I hand off the reigns to the apprentices that will come and learn, then go off to teach others how to build with salvage and imagination instead of big box trash building materials that outgas, break as intended in a decade, and offer no imagination to the creation of your hOMe.

Go for what you believe in, have a passion in your gut for a dream that haunts you through life if you let it go unanswered.  As we age and the years add up, for most there comes a time when we are ready to move on from the things we had to do while we were obligated and young, raising children or nurturing careers, but now we want to live the life we dreamed of when we were young.  Write, sing, play music, plant gardens, manifest solutions to problems you have studied through your life lessons and can share your path with others to speed their progress instead of decline through the traps of mass media and big PHARMA, or Big Brother.  Break free and you can see what you are able to accomplish in a short amount of time becoming healthier, happier, and busy doing things you love all the time.

I am laying out some spaces for people to lease, to plant houses on, camp out at whenever they like, and the chance to participate in creating.

Here is a new possible plan that we would like some feedback on in order for KC, the young man who will lead many to the message and solutions as the man in charge of teaching and seminars.  He will be the one to make a plan, time it for your best chance of being part of it this summer of 2018, and what we should focus on to get the best attendance by offering what you want us to most, first, so as to see if we will keep these classes going, growing, and houses flowing out into the world through.  There are so many who will be able to go off and build once they have learned our way for the demand is not only growing, few have taken up the call to create quality Organic Cottages and Tiny Houses instead of Toxic Boxes on Wheels.

67 square foot on the bottom floor, but also has an upper floor with double bed and desk.

We will also be offering building materials packages for all participants well below retail costs, opportunities to build houses for others if you want to build thing by contract and sell as much as demand will take through our market and website too.  Best of all, you could get some income if you are certified by proving you can learn how to do it “Our Right Way” which incorporates 95% Pure Salvaged Materials, no imports, and designed to last for a century or more, just like the houses we got the materials and treasures from that we are using to create more houses within these seminars.

One of 75 examples of how different Organic Cottages can look, this one being only 80 sf downstairs. One of many examples of dreams manifested which let you know, more are on the way.

You will get the chance to stay in houses that were built by Tiny Texas Houses in the early days as well as possibly some built later.  As houses get built in seminars, you might even stay in one built by you and others if you come for the month-long courses that will cover the different styles of houses you could build.  We have people who want houses built around the country such that we are glad to refer business and support with materials fronted to qualified and licensed builders who will go forth and build, teach, and open other Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO’s) where the Co-ops will give space to store parts, sell, buy, build with a Library of tools, teachers, and even crews that could frame the house in a space you could spend months finishing on weekends and time off from work, then move to your homestead on shared trailers.  We want to offer clients a list of builders who are honest, have a great work ethos, are not criminals and a risk to have on the property out in the middle of now where or tearing down your buildings so we are creating them membership, network, and Pure Salvage Outposts where people of like mind can gather and build houses, community, and a future that will benefit all who participate as well as the rest of the world.  Live the solutions through Salvage.

The best book on Tiny Homes for shelter in the world, and our Red Mascot is on the cover. My first born organic cottage in the 80 house series unmatched throughout the world.

So much can happen if we grow this with the millions of people seeking new ways to thrive in an age when the old ways are turning out to not be so great anymore, the American Dream of TV land now crashed and burning as the houses crumble after only 15 years these days.  We can do better and this is about how, when, and what you want in life.  Do you want to be empowered and perhaps be one of the many millionaires created out of the salvage industry?  Join me and others as we share the benefits, access to opportunity, and the skills it will take to launch into a new world of success you may never have known before, but certainly can have now if you can be part of this ground floor opportunity.

Dear Followers of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance,

We’re energized by your interest in our passion projects here at Tiny Texas Houses/Pure Salvage Living as many more people are awakening to the treasures at your fingertips that you can use to thrive with as your begin “Building your Future Out of the Past”.  This opportunity is presenting itself as a way of life that can free people from debt slavery and encourage holistic living by being surrounded by non-toxic building materials assembled with conscious craftsmanship to create a hOMe.  Do you have family, friends, or a community you want to help by giving them the new opportunity, by empowering them to create hOMes, careers, and local business that rewards those locally, not shipping the money out of town to China?

At the moment, membership to https://puresalvageliving.com/ is free during a short-term drive to increase the exposure of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to more people in the world as a new Awakening to the merits of living in Organic Cottages that can last for a lifetime. Joining gives you access to hours of videos delineating our processes including salvage mining and salvage building so that you could not only build your own house one day, be part of a co-op that stretches across the country.  This course is designed to empower millions to do this, and thus create a sustainable generation of housing that respects the ancestors who’ve embodied energy, spent fossil fuels, and ingenuity has left us treasures with centuries of life left in them for us to benefit from by using them again.

We will be running some retreat styled workshops this summer where you can learn the methods of working with salvaged materials in order to bring your own dreams into reality. As we are still in development, we’re interested in your input on the following issues and some commitments to come be part of learning how, sharing knowledge with others, and taking the knowledge and skill you will get here to places you want to build Organic Cottages and help fill the demand, the need for housing, jobs in this industry, and teachers who can open this door for others.  Join us to learn what you may want or need and help us by giving us some feedback on when, what, and how far you want to go with it, from just building your own to creating houses for many others near you we will never be able to service from Salvage, Texas.

Please give us some feedback if you want to come be part of learning, getting licensed to build in other parts of the country, buy into a territory and get inventory on credit to build houses and pay us back as you fulfill orders, including the ones we could send you.  In the meantime, please respond to these questions to help us:

  1. What are some areas of salvage building that are of most interest to you at the moment (roofing, framing, window installation etc.)?
  2. What are some smaller projects (dollhouse, chicken coop, shoe rack) that you would be interested in?
  3. We’re planning on running 2-day, 5-day, and 10-day workshops. Which of these option(s) are viable time commitments for you at the moment?
  4. How much can you afford for a week seminar?  For a month here to get fully certified by building a whole house our way here, can you commit, afford to or get local support/scholarship with a commitment to build a house when you return?
  5. We are seeking teachers for other states and places, who can build or teach others to build in places where we do not want to waste money shipping big boxes of air cross country.  Are you able to sponsor a bright shining star of Youthful body and great Spirit to crank up a local Pure Salvage Living Chapter where we can send doors and windows that will turn into Organic cottages and create a future for the kids and elders who will benefit from the introduction of this ethos into your town full of historic houses and buildings that could be salvaged, built with, and even shipped away to bring home new income to support the town as it reduces its energy, utilities, and housing footprints while everyone prospers from the new paradigm that benefits everyone in the community that supports it, or not.

Please consider joining us as we take this new industry of Organic Sustainable Cottage Building to the millions who are ready to migrate to warm climates, live in much smaller houses, and enjoy doing all the things they have yet to do in life, but still have the desires.  Let your candle shine through Pure Salvage Living and create your home from the treasures of the past that will last long into the future you dream of and can have if this adventure calls your name.

Please email if you have interest or questions as we set out to make this possible for as many as we can this summer and set up the courses for fall and winter based on the responses too.


Born in 2006, this is the first of the Classic Series, many of which are still being used as part of the BnB with investors owning the houses now.