A Vision for 2013 in the Tiny Texas Territories

Time speeds past me like a bullet train these days and I must admit that I have gotten closer but not delivered on many of the goals I had set for myself in the last five years of planning for the next year.  This New Year begins with many people answering the call I have put out for help by coming to live here and help develop the villages I have assembled all the parts to build now.  With the help of many others, I expect to be catching up on a few things, with results that may materialize soon, and if the results are as positive as I foresee they can be, then many others will join us in recreating this Pure Salvage Outpost.  I truly believe that the communion of human energies can manifest something bigger than I can ever do myself.  Still for those that wonder why things take so long and where we are with the plan, here is a detailed update to read.  I hope you will be reassured to know that I am so sincere in wanting to create something you will all be able to be part of and benefit forever afterwards.  For now though, we are behind and I am solely to blame.

Tantra Temple not yet finished

This is my house, a giant 10′ x 23′ piece of Exotic Functional Art called “Tiny Texas Tantra Temple”

When I leave the office door, the entire staff leaves in me, including the secretary (just got a great new addition, my first in 6 years, but she is off for 3 weeks after three months here).  I also take the  designer, shop foreman, office manager, sales staff, inventory management, financial officer, IT dept, personnel dept, engineering dept, architectural and drafting staff (help for first time in 3yrs just arrived), janitorial staff (recent help has arrived), cook, and many more hats that I have no time to mention. I know it is not possible to do all things because I have tried and there is a limit because I seem to need at least 36-40 hours of sleep a week.

It is time to get help but it must come in the form of human energy that is willing to have faith, invest time, and put in the energy to create the return they seek that will make them happy.  I have done all I can do with the money and energy I have invested over the years in what has allowed me to create Tiny Texas Houses.   Above you see samples of the newest generation of my creations from 99% Pure Salvage and I think I am about to hit my stride.  Others will do better, but for now, I think we are ready to tackle much more by getting the masses involved.  Only then will this concept materialize as an ideology with the potential to unleash trillions of dollars in commodities that can never be replaced if we continue throw them in the dump.

I also invested in the real estate I offer up to create the Tiny Texas Territories and SalvageFaire.  This, combined with all of the materials it will take to manifest my vision in order to prove to everyone that it is possible to build beautiful toxin free houses such as these you see in this blog. The New Millennium has arrived at our doorstep and it is time to see if the people will come.   I have recently put out the call in a sincere attempt to attract the people it will take to fulfill and manifest this 30 year vision I have devoted most of my life preparing for without really believing such a day would come until this last year.  The timing and world events dictate many things, but I want to be sure that the salvaged treasures I have gathered will go to good use, and if possible, remain in trust for those who will build the villages and care for them as stewards from generation to generation for the rest of the time they will last.  I hope to leave this as a legacy for my son’s generation to thrive on and find the passion to manifest an incredible future that few can yet begin to imagine.  Miracles are possible once they have that hope and the life skills to manifest the amazing destiny that is possible when humans understand the power that can be tapped from within.  While it is to late to save Adam, my son, I want to restore the hope in so many others so that they can take action instead of their own lives because they don’t know that the answers are right in front of us if we awake, unite, and take action.

What else can one hope for than to found a great generation of stewards to care for the treasures we create and leave behind for others to cherish and pass on for centuries after we are gone?  We have the opportunity to not just leave a record of the best parts of our past, but to use them to build a future that no one thought was even possible anymore.  Never believe in the impossible!

Imagine being one of the people to make this all happen here in Texas first.

Imagine being one of the people to make this all happen here in Texas first.

I have reached the point where it is time to put forth the calling for help and it appears that the right people are turning their heads this way, seeing a future they already sought is possible, and are willing to come help make it happen rather than just watch and wait to reap the benefits if we succeed. I believe more of us have to do the work and have faith that the global consciousness is calling millions to awake.  I am both glad and sorry to say that this will not succeed without the faith and energy of the masses, action taken after their lives of searching and realizing that the other distractions do not bring happiness. I offer the chance to give back the knowledge, wisdom, and skill sets to the generations that will follow, to help guide our people of this planet toward a path of saving and respecting what we have before we throw it all away and realize there is no more.


Here is a California King / double Twin Trundle bed with a sleeping bag loft above and closets on both sides. all Long Leaf Pine with Milk Paint, original to the wood in 1890′s and still beautiful, without lead, or toxins, and still having centuries of life left in them.

I have now opened up the opportunity for hundreds, truly thousands to join me in this endeavor to change the narrative about sustainable living. I seek to do it without including the corporate welfare through standards and codes designed to feed them. I have proven it is possible to eliminate 99% of the toxins from a house while building it out of 99% Pure Salvage while taking barely anything from the Earth or atmosphere to build houses that will last for 150+ years. These are houses that fold up to move them for the duration of their lives. Now I want to prove we can build villages, Tiny Territories, and SalvageFaires where we can barter and trade our skills, all goods from the past and American made, but no more imports and Earth eating toxic land fill. The madness has to stop and the sanity return.

We have alternatives for housing the masses who want them. They have been formed by our ancestors a century ago, and they are surely proud to see us respect their work and use them all again.

New People in 2012

Several great people have recently come on board for all the right reasons. Haylie, the Dotcom Cowgirl, showed up early in 2012 and has done miracles with the web site and the access to the public. I have not kept up with all of the great things that she would have me do, but  I admit I did not cover all my jobs as well as I should have this last year.  Rose, my true new blessing for the office has been here for a couple months, though taking a few weeks off here, but absolutely will help guide me to complete more tasks and free me some time to get them done. Another sensation to come on board for sure, Johnny B has done an incredible job with creating the music and videos that everyone can see on Youtube and our websites. Soon Rose will be handling most of  our office affairs Mackey, a young man in his late 30′s has come to my aid this December as an architect and is creating a Sketch up package that will allow people to modify their plans to accommodate the different window sizes and door sizes that will be found in salvage. Likewise a gift from the Rocksea has come to feed and take care of our nourishment, and grow with us spiritually as we all turn our lives toward giving back. I have others who have committed to come and need many more. I have the materials in stock to build 200+ houses and the entire SalvageFaire with 200 covered market spaces ready to go on the nearly 50 acres next to IH10. So I have been a busy beaver of one for the last 7 years. While some have come and gone, only a few of my crew have been here for the whole ride and they are incredible. Carlos is still my right arm in the fine carpentry and cabinet department, comprised of mostly him, is essential for the beauty we create here.  Rene has become integral in running some things now when he is not sick, and a Godsend on deliveries and set ups.  Deedee has been with me the longest, a trusted friend and keeper of the books whom I could not do without.  Dale, my trusty tour guide on Saturdays has been with me since we opened up and needed a guide.  I have been blessed with people who have been like arms and legs to me but there are too few of us and so much to do, to teach others to do so they can share it forward.  Next we grow this family around the world like our Facebook following.  Miracles are possible.

I do not want to be a big corporation. Instead, I want to create the largest Anti-corporation to ever exist. One that empowers all of the people connected to it without controlling them, turning them into drones or employees, but instead allowing them to all flourish and reap the rewards of this harvest of trillions of dollars in prime resources that can not be recreated. We, the people, have the true National Treasure at our fingertips and it will rebuild our society in a new form that does not need a federal government if we choose to make it so. No imports needed, no global corporations needed, no global banks, and I pray no government help or intervention. We, the people, have the right to freely choose how we live and this helps give us some choices that will not be found any other way and will be lost if we do not claim this right to do so soon. My goal is to empower family businesses across the country and recharge old communities with new power sources that are debt free, that retain the local resources, reduce utilities and outside needs, give cause for the kids to stay and a way for the old to not have to leave.  These are ways to get the “Unity back into Community”.

Roofing Shingle shower walls

Here is a shower using 100 yr old interlocking roofing shingle, granite for the bottom, Teak for trim, and stained glass from a century past, beaded wood, Long Leaf Pine floors, and so much more.

This shower is a simple  example of what can be done with materials that are all salvaged, beautiful, and good for centuries more of life reflecting naked bodies.  How can we settle for fiber glass that will need to be replaced 4 to 6 times to match the life of  a shower like this?  Anyone can complete this simple transformation through salvaging materials that would have ended up being trashed or melted down.  We give new life to what would have been laid to rest as dead.  The hard work of mining the ore, and the coal to heat it up to make the galvanized steel from which these interlocking roofing tiles were formed would heat this house for life.  These once graced a roof for a century and survived hail storms, rain, and sun without failing.  I believe they deserve the easy life ahead of living out their next century or two cared for, appreciated, and scrubbed clean when they get too dirty.  A bit of Tung Oil and they are good to go for a long time again.

To humbly paraphrase Jesus if I might:  Do not rent a man a house for his family but teach him how to build a house from the gifts that are free with his own hands and friends, then his family will never need for a home again.  I believe this is a path that we need to consider offering all people of the world if we can, and not throw away this last great opportunity.  If we wait too long it will all be gone.  Then big corporations and the governments could import our future and dictate how we must live .  I prefer to envision that   we can manifest the Anti-corporation Era by empowering the individual and family businesses once and for all.  It is with that intent that I have shown, the examples that Tiny Texas has prove and offered up these many pictures, plans, and examples of what is available at our fingertips across the world to build the housing and new society with as we recognize consumerism, greed, and gluttony, are doomed if we are to survive.

One of the great people to show up and have an impact is Mackey who is  about done with the Tiny Texas House design package using Sketch Up for common access instead of Architect restricted software. We will offer seminars in the new year with the plans and ways to adapt them to any salvage you can find. It will scale architectural pieces, add mullions to the windows as needed with the click of a button, have all the other elements needed to modify designs, and a package on how to build it all with video to show my way instead of the techniques normally used to build today.

The Writer's Cottage

This is a 10′x12′ with sleeping loft, loft porch with sink and shower, bath, kitchenette, and a view. Privacy railing on the top loft porch lets one stargaze or sun worship in private anytime.

So, unless you are interested in coming out and being part of making miracles happen with human energy and no investors, bank help, or public support monetarily, I welcome your participation in other ways. Sharing in the dialogue with others to encourage them to consider 99% Pure Salvage Building and backing our Kickstarter plan for the Tiny Texas Roadhouses. This may liberate many people by itself once we show everyone how to create great houses out of very inexpensive aluminum skins and then travel to where the opportunities abound and teach others how to harvest them and share.  It gives people the power to help others help themselves again, and there is no greater gift to offer in this lifetime.  I think it was Gandi that had said  ”It does not shorten the life of a single candle to ignite 1,000 other candles with its flame.”  I want to light your fire!

I can assure you of our plans being done quickly if the Kickstarter endeavor is successful. If we really hit it out of the park with Kickstarter and can use this for other projects, then the future could hold possibilities for everyone who contributes, the results being way beyond your imagination. I realize you are likely committed to many things of your own that are rocking the world and helping make it a better place for the generations that follow too so I will indeed get as much of this info to everyone as soon as I can. I am committed to the point of sleeping less than 40 hours a week and still living in a windowless room upstairs above the TTH. Soon, I too will finally have a home again in the form of my Tantra Temple. I am sincerely making every effort to keep these things in motion.

Thank you for being patient. I understand if you need to move on and use some plans from Tumbleweed or another Tiny Home maker that is selling them instead of giving most of what you need away for free. There are now Youtube videos posted showing how to build my houses and 3,000 pictures on Facebook showing every aspect of building them in pictures, both old methods and my newest developments and inventions. I hope you will utilize them in the meantime if you have to get started before we finish a thorough package.

My Mission objective is to provide as much “Lifeskills Lifeware” as possible to the people of the planet while it is viable to disseminate it through the internet virtually for free. I would like to publish some books as well as the DVD’s and we are making progress, but again, I need help to finish.  We can now prove that it is possible to live a life of universal responsibility, not just dream of it as an ideal.

Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.
Dalai Lama

Once we show it is true, others will surely follow.


Please help us take this to the next level and start a 99% Pure Salvage Roadhouse Redo Institute

This Kickstarter program for our Tiny Texas Roadhouse is an important step in creating affordable and portable toxin free housing. We have entered into this to hopefully find a financial tool that we can use to gather the smaller contributions from those who can not be here to help so that we can build the means for others to do this for everywhere else in the world, free of charge, Lifeware that gives you the skills to survive without the modern world of electicity, imports, and condoning the final taking of the last of Earths Virgin resources only to throw it all away before its time.

Thank you for considering helping and participating in the dialogue with those you know so as to grow this before the powers that be can stop it from changing the world view on trash.

It is not what you have but knowing the value of what you have and how you use it that makes the real difference in your life and the world at large.  Think before you throw something away and consider it to be trash.  Indeed, it may be the very treasure you seek by day, working your life away while the treasure slips from your fingers and the opportunity to use what you had is gone.  Then people will have no choice but to pay homage to those who have what resources still remain on a planet stripped of life and hope.  We, United as the Species responsible for this planet, must change our path or face the depletion of the resources that make our very existence possible.  If we wake up, unite, classify extreme greed as a sociopathic disease and thus remove the people from power as the

This is the stripped out interior waiting for Kickstarter to help us teach others how to do this too.

This is the stripped out interior waiting for Kickstarter to help us teach others how to do this too.

brain of the Global Citizens that Corporations are supposed to be, we might solve the problem.  It is like throwing people in jail who murder and steal, who do nothing positive for society.  While humans can be imprisoned or terminated, corporations pay fines and the leaders move on with Golden Parachutes, instead feeding without payback solely for profit at all costs, societal, environmental, and knowingly causing human suffering without conscience, remorse, or consequence.   We can do much better and I believe we will once we believe we have the chance, path, means, and passion to go with the hope most people hold without a belief that there is any action they can take that will make a difference.  This proves they can take action and make a difference on a local level.

A hideaway for a simple time to be at peace with the world and one's place in it.

A hideaway for a simple time to be at peace with the world and one’s place in it.

What you dream of, what you desire, what you work to manifest each day and night in your dreams….. that is what reality is made of in the end.  Make that a positive experience in every way by filling your future with images and ideas that lead to solutions for you, but more importantly, for those around you.  Live the life you want rather than the one created by a TV.  Desire life once more, love, passion, compassion, spirituality, and ultimately, contributing to making the world a better place, starting from within.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this far and consider these ideas. I pray they will make a difference and ignite the spark of humanity that I believe exists in each of us, and once lit with hope and passion, miracles on a scale few can imagine are possible. I believe in those miracles and promise to give all I have to make them happen. Thank you for your help in the last 7 years since I started with our Little Red Mascot, the Red Rustic Cabin on the front cover of the best book on the subject on the planet: Tiny Houses, Simple Living by Lloyd Kahn.

It has been an amazing ride so far, but we have just begun.  Please stick with us as we share and grow this ideology of Pure Salvage Living into a global World Union of Believers in the Survival of the Planet and the Species.  We have to do more than just believe, we have to be what we want the world to be, live the way we want the world to become, and thus set the example and the vibrations it will take to move us into a New Millennium we can all find Peace in together, and be proud to leave to our grandchildren one day.


Creator of Tiny Texas Houses


Visionary concept of Pure Salvage Living Renaissance