A Window full of Sunshine


A  Window Full of Sunshine

This is the Arched Zebu’s kitchen window.

Look out into the morning,

See the Sun come in to view,

feel the day burst from the night time

Know that God is watching you.

Look into the morning sunshine

and absorb its Love and Light,

as it pours through kitchen window

after dreams have filled your night.

Let the beams empower all you want

to manifest today.

A Tiny Texas House for you

for this I also pray.

May others take up what I start

fulfill your deep desires,

Help build a world of tiny homes

from the embers of my fire.

I’ve built mine tall and fed it hot,

to light the way to see

from that tiny little window

you can feel it, you are free.

To be who ever you desire,

the artist or the scribe,

the dancer who can finally dance

and be with her own tribe.

The gardener that grows our food

the cook that makes it taste

like the Love we need to grow and feel

it should not go to waste.

So look out from this window

as the sun lies overhead

and savor looking out not in,

that’s how this dream is spread