So Many Of Us Live Behind A Mask, And Most Are Not Even Aware Of Who Is Behind It.  Human, Alien, Or Spiritual Beings, We All Share This Planet And It Is Time For Us To Have A Party For All The Positive Beings Living On And Sharing Mother Earth, Not Just For Humans.  Under The Costumes That Will Let All Be Anonymous, We Will Have A Meet And Greet For The Humans And Other Beings That Share Our Planet For Two Days And One Night.  Expect The Unexpected For This One Folks.  The Time Has Come For The Party Of WUB... A World Union Of Beings In Peace And Prosperity For The Millennium We Will Build Together This Time.

A “World Union of Beings” WUB Party Daytime Family, Night time Adults Only

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at the events we will be having starting in June. Music events, film festivals, market days for all things salvaged, and much more cool events at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

For sake of clarifying what this means one has to learn about what the positive perspective for our future must include.  Sustainable construction of the new generation of housing that will replace the homes being destroyed across our country as the storms move through.  More coming as the Ice Age sets in and the weather long predicted to change, as cyclical patterns predict, and thus, we prepare for change in hopes that we will thus be inspired to create the millennium of Peace and Prosperity after the Global storms are over.  These are political, weather, and social storms rolling across our planet as volcanos blow and earthquakes shiver the timbers, buildings, and nerves of the populace of our planet.  It is time to come together as the stewards of the planet and the species that live here.  It is time to unite as a peoples, as beings on the planet who share the responsibility for its future as we are to experience it.

Will this party happen?  I hope to see the support, the people who will come out and help, and the other Beings who may have the courage to step out for a night or day with us to help move this transition forward at this very critical time.  Seem like a fantasy, a dream, a wacky view of the world and what is really going on outside the box, the average person’s view of the world?  Sure it does to many, but for a select group, this is not outside the realm of reality.

I am making this proposal top see if we have the support to pull it off by this October.  Will you be willing to help?  To participate in a party that calls upon all the Beings of the Planet to attend and represent their clans so that we can open the discourse between humans and others at a grassroots level instead of just through our government.  They do not speak for me…. this I know for sure.  For some, this will be the weirdest invitation they have ever gotten, for others, the chance to finally come out a bit further into this world outside the box most people live in.  Is it real… now is your chance to come and find out, and for us to see just who will come to this World Union of Beings Party!  October 20-21 for the party that invites the Beings of the Cosmos who share or visit our planet to attend.  Come as you are… for all will be accepted who are positive entities, intent on creating a peaceful planet for the next phase of our evolution as a species and global society.

While they do seem pretty tiny, they are bigger than a check book and more valuable if the internet goes down. Heh. They are bigger than a berth on your average space ship or even on the moon.

Giants, fairies, dwarfs, aliens, and all Beings with positive energy, intention, and the desire to help turn this planet into a paradise again.  Join us for a celebration like no other yet on the planet.  Limited attendance possible so tell your unusual friends and other Beings who might want to attend.  This is the chance to bring in the flying saucers for a light show, to dazzle humans with alien tricks, and to make a night to remember for the whole world… this will mark the first WUB Party, but certainly not the last.

Food production, housing, energy consumption, technology, and much more is going through catastrophic transformations that are about to wreak havoc on the societies we all live in.  It is going to be up to all the Beings of this planet, not just the humans whom most people think are the sole populace other than animals we think have no say in the future.  Truly others share this planet with us, advanced far beyond the average human’s awareness, as most do not believe they even exist.  Do they?  Well we are going to have a party and invite all the intelligent and positive minded Beings on the planet.  To bring the Starseeds, the Lightworkers, the Beings that are not Human yet are part of the fabric of our world and live outside of our normal awareness in parallel dimensions, worlds beyond ours that have representatives on Earth, the Moon, and where ever our guests may come from, if they come in Peace.

So much to see, to do, to be…. why limit it to what you see on TV?

I truly believe that a portion of our humanity is ready to accept and peacefully co-exist with the other beings in the Universe but we do need to have a starting point where we can get together without discriminating, prejudging each other based on our looks, our body size, our sex, or our planet of origin.  We need to create a common ground, the meeting place where all who come do so with the intention of sharing their energy of soul, their spiritual energy with the intention to expand the Love and Unity between those of us who share the planet.  We can come together and those who do not wish to believe such Beings exist can continue not to believe, but those who do, the Beings that are operating at the higher levels of consciousness and awakened, aware, and preparing for the new world ahead.  Those that wish to keep the blinders on could actually come to the party and not even know that Aliens were also here communicating through telepathy, words, songs, touch, and through the creations that our imagination, our connection to Spiritual energy allows us to manifest.

To this end, the theme of the costumery is the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, thus as much of the costumes created from pieces of our past would be great, mixed with the most incredible and audacious technology and Cosmic Fashion that the minds on Earth can come up with.  The body is beautiful so in the evening, after Dark it will become an Adult Only Party so that the kids can go home and the adults be able to play without worry of stepping on them or influencing the children of others with Cosmic Mores and Decoration, with the Beings of the Universe being able to let their hair down, relax, party peacefully, not in drunken and disorderly fashion.  We expect that the intoxicants that Free Spirits and Beings choose to use it their choice as long as it does not impede on the rights or health of others.  Smoking cigarettes, pot, vapor pens, or doing any form of drug is up to the person doing it,  but not necessarily in a space where others have to breath the fumes in too is not right so the courteous thing to do is go into a space where others share your preference.  So there will be designated areas for various pleasures and distractions, and after dark, no children under age around who might indulge or be guided to do things that only adults should do, like smoke, drink alcohol or do other sorts of mind altering forms of entertainment as children need not do.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, You could be camping in Surewould Forest, or staying in an organic cottage in Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a destination point where Beings can learn about many things for the organic minded living. We are seeking who are creating the paths to sustainable to healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day and sharing how to get along with others from around the galaxy as we develop the future of the planet together now.

That said, October 20-21 will be the WUB Party where I will introduce the Book of Wibblry and WUB.  It is a book I began 37 years ago and came to Texas to finish.  It has taken a long time to learn all the things I had to know to finish it, to detail the path I have taken to learn what I have, and thus create Salvage, Texas from, in a way no one else could do.  This party will initiate the final stages of a plan created before I came to live in this form and on this planet.  It is the purpose of my Being and thus I can no longer refrain from making it the core of my life’s work.  All of this lifetime has been sculpted to be able to offer this party to the Beings that the Book of Wibblry and WUB is all about, and to create the Utopian model of what we could do if we set our minds to saving the quality of life on our planet, and preserving the rights to live Free to seek happiness without destroying the happiness of others.  I have accumulated the land, all of the materials to build the entire town of Salvage, Texas out of on the 43 acres it will take to show that we can have a market with elders and Wise Beings who can help others find a sustainable and positive path to live 

Thank you for considering this lifestyle of living simpler, of creating a new path that we can be proud of and we hand it off to the generations that will follow us.

I traveled through decades of amazing experiences to reach this point.  It is indeed the story of that is the foundation for the Book of Wibblry and Wub, a story of how a child born to suffer in many ways, who tried to commit suicide more than once and failed, but in doing so learned the meaning and purpose of his life.  Unbelievable as it was, I survived and lived through many trials to gain the strength and perseverance it would take to fulfill my purpose in this lifetime.  The path took me across many countries and states, a million miles of travel to end up in a tiny patch of Texas land that I have found can become a paradise.  It has taken the time, love, and vision to lead to this day that I can finally invite the many Beings of this planet to a space that I can insure will be Neutral Ground.  A place where we can all meet, communicate in our own ways, whether it be through Wibbling, Wibblizing, Wubbling, or Webbling, (See for definitions) I intend to open the lines of communication between all of the Positive Minded Beings who live on this planet and do so with the intention of Launching the Earth Chapter of the InterCosmic WUB Society from Salvage, Texas.  It will become the capital of intergalactic entertainment and unity.   We will be able to demonstrate the wonders of the universe here, from Zero point energy to healing with Qigong, from organic living, to inter dimensional travel, we are ready to open our minds to all the things that are going on in the bigger universe, outside the box of Mass Media.  We truly have the chance to let our imagination wander into the extremes where the Truth lies waiting and the solutions to all things await.  

The rainbows lead you to Salvage, Texas if you really seek to know how to make a difference it the world without killing it some more.

Decades ago I came to Texas to finish writing a book but I did not fully understand the task ahead that went with it.  First I had to live most of it in order to understand the characters, the archetypes that altered my world as sociopaths, drug crazed, greed driven, and dishonest people who do not have any connection to their spirit and truth.  It took being tested in every way over time, to be challenged and eat out of dumpsters to survive, to wonder where the next meal would come from, to create a small empire and walk away from it, to have a son and raise him, only to watch him die before me, murdered over a stupid phone, guitar, or being an American in a foreign country where our governments wars have made us the enemy of many who have lost their families to our weaponry.  

vast treasures of 20+ foot long 1×12’s, many with no knots and still strong after over 150 years of standing erect.

One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

I spent a decade learning how to turn poverty stricken areas into desirable neighborhoods in my 30’s, having made millions after arriving with only $650 and living in a school bus, no family, friends, or job lined up in Texas.  Somehow I was guided into a career in real estate (Discovery Investments in Austin) by my favorite sociopathic liar of my life (She is in the book for sure), and there after revitalized a part of East Austin that became known as French Place and was completely gentrified when I was done.  I was so caught up in working, barely there to be a father and spend time with my son as I tried instead to create the legacy I would leave for him.  I made millions in real estate as reward for doing good things for people, won numerous awards, and then created the DiscoveryIncubator, the first Cybercafe in Texas with the belief that I would need it to finish the book and reach out to the world.  1996 was too early and that set me off on the next leg of the journey which was Discovery Architectural Antiques,  a business that would become the largest architectural antiques store in America, at which time I would leave it behind too (There went my 40’s).  The next step was even more ambitious and once more everyone told me I was crazy to try to do it (thus the divorce too) and the next phase of my life, 10 years long… Tiny Texas Houses… which became globally recognized for our ability to create beautiful houses from 95% Pure Salvage.  This was easy as by then I had over 100,000 sf of salvaged materials and architectural antiques to pull from and thus comes the next phase of my life for that quickly burned up my 50’s with hundred hour weeks but also brought the end to Brad Kittel… Adam Brad Kittel drowned nearly 7 years ago as I write this, and with his passing, I opened up the manuscript I came to Texas to finish, a book I had started at the age Adam died.  

When my dearest and only son Adam Brad Kittel drowned in Paris, France, I was re-Awakened to my purpose. It was not just to build the Tiny Texas Houses but to find a way to give back Hope to those who saw none.

Salvage, Texas is the next step in this lifetime challenge, the creation of a model as a destination and meeting place for the positive like minded Beings that want to make a difference in the world by making a better place to live in for the future that what we have created thus far.  Reducing the pollution, learning to live a simpler and happier life not dependent on antidepressants to survive each day less than happy.  The next phase of my progression on the book is to manifest the town that Darby set off to create, a meeting place built from the best treasures of our past that have been gifted to us by Mother Earth through the hard work of our ancestors.  They cut the trees, created the glass, hardware, and other hand crafted parts that I build houses from, that I will now build a town out of and offer it in trust to stewards who help create it, the Beings of our Planet who share the commitment to WUB, a World Union of Being intent on preserving all life and the quality of the planet we share, of perpetuating a peaceful coexistence that does not allow for exclusive religions that must kill all others or dominate the planet, nor governments bent on ruling all peoples for this planet it not for anyone to own alone.  It is a living being like us, composed of us and others much as our physical body holds bacteria, viruses, parasites, and in concert our body which the Spirit inhabits while on this planet, in this dimensional phase of parallel worlds that are far beyond the comprehension of most mortals.  Please open your mind to the possibilities and come to the party where you may be able to actually talk to Beings from other planets, or from the many bases on this planet.  We are indeed in an age of wonder and amazing new information that lets us know, we have been bullshitted for a long time.  It is not what it appears out there in  the world and it is time for those who chose to be aware, awakened, and interact with the higher levels of our planets societies.  My invitation is for not just the humans, but for all the species of the planet that are peacefully oriented and dedicated to bringing positive change into our future development.

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

So much is possible if we just take off the blinders and open our minds to the possible future we can manifest that would be positive for all who participate. I have seen miracles happen in healing, in life, and believe that we can manifest changes that will be amazing if we can unite in our purpose and believe in our ability to survive and thrive through all things.  It is our Truth if we choose it, and our survival depends upon it for United we Stand, and Divided we Fall to the forces that are not positive, not seeking to Free us but to imprison us in the chains of servitude, controlled by the matrix which feeds on our life energy by converting it to debt, thus forcing people to work away their health, happiness, and time they could have been with family, simply to feed consumerism.  It is a failed religion, consumerism without conscious attention to the price we pay in our health, family, and society, for mass media has no controls on the lies they can tell to convince people they will not be happy without a new product in hand each day.  Programming the masses with TV and other mediums had reached its Zenith and the pendulum is about to swing the other way.  Less technology in our lives.  More face to face contact, personal interaction, Love in human form… not avatars and false personas that people have taken on like masks at a costume ball.  Indeed, even with a mask on, as we will show, face to face is better than on a monitor through the internet.  

So far we have been holding fairly consistent to 95% actual Salvage to create the houses and town. I believe we can aim for 99% and still hit 95% as our low mark if we fail at that lofty goal. We are offering up the materials for free to build spaces in the market for like minded vendors, and artists who can help transform salvage into new forms of treasure. Furniture, houses, and much more at your fingertips if you come to play.

Here is a drawing of a proposed Tiny Texas cluster of tiny houses where the bigger house is in the middle for everyone to gather at, have a large kitchen to share, extra loft for village guests, and a laundry area. This would be like a B&B in our Tiny Texas Houses Fantasy Land.

Pure Salvage Living
(Copyright 2007) which is the site where you can learn how to build this way, to salvage your materials, and to grow your business for the family and friends to help move this Renaissance forward.

Pure Salvage Living Logo with Rubbles the Mascot helping bring the solutions to Mankind to save the planet he and his friends have done so much to maintain. Even the Earthworms are in danger from the chemicals, not just the bees. Please pay attention to stopping the Naled poisons from being sprayed on us and the bees. Atrazine, like other hormone mimic tricks on plant and people must stop soon and our path to saving the Earth return.

This is a new dawn approaching and your chance to “Come see the Beings of this World” you share, and interact in a positive peaceful manner for a couple of days and nights with costumes to disguise our origin and let us all thus be equal and accepting of what ever we may look like, and where ever we may come from… for this one Weekend of WUB, I am creating the venue and the space, the chance to finally take us to the next level, the InterCosmic WUB Society beckons its members to come for the party of the new century, the beginning of the age of Peace and Prosperity that will follow the calamities that signal the end of one period and the beginning of the next.  There is no stopping it, just being on the right side of the battles that loom ahead.  Join the positive team, the Wubbers from around the Cosmos will be here to party, share, and let others know…. WE ARE NOT ALONE!  If you wish to call the energy or force that guides us God, then understand we share a common bond of energy that creates the human consciousness, but also the galactic consciousness.  

This is the target in the Ethos of Tiny Texas Houses, but we only reach 95% Pure Salvaged Materials to create a house most of the time.

I am hoping to have some sponsors and vendors appear over the next week as this word gets out, solely through the grapevine of the Internet, no advertising will be spent on mass media.  This is meant only for those who will see it, for there is no coincidence and all who are supposed to be here will hear about it.  It will be limited in the numbers of beings we can allow, and as said, minors during the daylight hours, adults only after dark.    This invitation is meant only to be spread through the Beings who will give it the attention and understand the purpose, possibilities, and comprehend where we can take this if we truly wish to, and I do.

So Darby is coming out into the full light of the world and taking on the many issues that will follow by taking this interaction with the other beings of our planet to a new level.  Imagine being in the same town of Salvage, Texas, under a giant tent, possibly dancing with a being from another planet, from under the sea, inside the Earth, from the moon, or other places.  This is truly possible my friends and some will choose not to believe… but it is Halloween.  I should make it clear…We do not allow for demons, the negative entities that seek to create chaos and hate, nurture greed and violence, or seek to grow the divisiveness, bigotry, and prejudice that infects our world for now.   The invitation is solely for the world’s positive entities, so understand, we will not allow bad behavior that violates the rights, space, or peacefulness of others.  You must have a ticket, have gotten past the test of good will and a loving heart, to enter the gates of this Salvage, Texas.  We are only inviting the positive spirits, the Beings dedicated to Love, WUB, Peace, and Happiness as objectives for all societies on all planets to achieve.  All others who create problems and demonstrate a disrespect for others, whether over any reason, will be sent on down the road to other parties where our ethos and sentiments are not shared.

Over the years I have tried to communicate many things about the world of Salvage living and how many could make a great change and living if they take on this approach to life. Many have and their stories of success are many.

What to wear?  Costumes that you want, during the day, limited to what a child could view without a parent getting upset, but in the evening when the kids are gone, show your stuff and be creative, bare a chest or breast, paint your body fluorescent,  if you are indeed an incredible alien looking creature, come as you are…. heh, we would love to see the outer limits of just what we can look like when we take on carnal form, when the spirit takes on a body for a lifetime in the flesh.  It is so different to be Alive, to do more than just exist, but to think, touch, love, communicate, and share the experience of life.

Come celebrate the experience of Being, not just humans, but all of our many forms that we can take on while on this or any other planet in the Universe.

I, Darby Lettick, do hereby invite the Beings of the World who would seldom come to a party of Human origin, please join us for two days and a night of gathering together and see if we can not establish the bonds, trust, and relationships it will take to launch a new phase of our existence on this planet.

Viva WUB, May you realize your energy of Soul is so powerful you can make miracles happen, change the future of our planet, and be a part of making the Millennium of Peace and Prosperity after the fall of the Empires possible.  United We Stand, under the protection of the Inter-Cosmic WUB Society, we can thrive and prove we deserve to be part of that community, a peaceful transition from the warring history of our species is possible, but it will take all of us, the masses, to force it into being our reality by taking out the people who control the negative forces that are damaging our world and attempting to keep control for their personal benefit and power.  It is time that the planet and the Beings who share it take control and put the madness to rest.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

For more information about getting involved in Creating Salvage, Texas by being a part of it, being given the materials to build out a space to represent your people, spirit, or artistic creation, a venue for the music, the films, and all that we can do to make the world a better place, and take us to the next level of being able to interact with the others who share our Galaxy and beyond.

In the darkness I see light. The stained glass created more than a hundred years ago outshines any made today, and I have dedicated the rest of my life to proving why, and convincing others to consider the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance when they build their next house, no matter what size it is. Please join me in believing we can do better than we have in the future.

Free materials to create your space with, long term commitments for events for the right people who will promote the positive ideologies through our venue and much more for those who come support us early, as sponsors, vendors, actors in the show, and mentors for the many who will want to take this sustainable path to a life we can love living.  Check in now for the best locations around the main square, tents, and other amazing possibilities for the right Beings.

Darby Lettick

Salvageguru  at your service

Your Shaman of Salvage for Life, body, mind, and Home


Salvage, Tx