While the forests may be gone, the lumber that came from them is still waiting to be saved and reused. These troves of superior resources are readily accessible in most areas that had a big populations in the last two centuries. The structures await the taking for now, much of it virtually for free, such that we can use the Pure Salvage Building concept to fuel creating solutions to American employment shortages. We can do this by salvaging the houses, buildings, and barns it takes to build a whole new generation of houses.

Nearly 99% of the materials we use to build a Tiny Texas House were created in this country, helping make this housing concept a significant solution to import/export imbalance issues as well. Admittedly we do use new electrical parts, plumbing, nails, screws, and insulation materials that are not salvaged, but more than half of them are American made too. In some cases, there are no domestically made alternatives.

I believe in salvaging and building new Tiny Houses out of the sequestered Carbon resources that would otherwise go to landfills. The energy that went into cast iron tubs, from mining the ore, to fabricating the tub and coating it with porcelain, is energy saved. In our case we save more energy than it takes to build the house, including gathering all of the materials and the delivery with just the energy it took to create a cast iron sink in Pennsylvania and ship it to Texas in 1900-1930 by train. That means we have a negative carbon footprint before you move into your home. The most recent statistics I have show that 51% of the landfills are composed of building materials. What sense does it make to take the salvageable materials from demolitions or disasters, and throw them in the trash rather than use them to build new housing that is more in tune with the downsizing and energy efficient needs of our society today.

Our intent is to create Tiny Houses that demonstrate without doubt:

  • That we can build healthy houses
  • Out of 99% Pure Salvage
  • With a negative Carbon Footprint, well below 0
  • Energy Efficient for life
  • We can build them to last for more than a century
  • Build to naturally ventilate for cooling
  • Build to stay warm with minimal heating
  • No formaldehyde
  • Minimal plastics, (electrical, wiring, plumbing)
  • Minimal vinyl or PVC
  • No sheetrock
  • No VOC paints
  • No Latex Paint
  • No carpet
  • No toxic glues inside
  • Off Grid capable
  • Built to be permanently portable
  • 99% American harvested resources (trees, metal ores, etc)
  • 99% American made parts (hardware, sinks, doors, etc)
  • No intentional built in obsolescence
  • Minimal maintenance over a century plus projected lifetime
  • Prove that 100% Built in America is possible

We have succeeded and proven it can be done, and done well. Let us show you how!