Thank you for your interest in the Tiny Texas House contribution to the sustainable housing movement and Tiny House living. I would hope that the value of moving toward a 0 Carbon Footprint living standard would one-day merit a serious article in major media. This is one example of solutions that exist right before our eyes. The media has yet to pass the information on to the general public in a format they can be enticed to digest and take seriously. I realize that most media has corporate advertising and is often full of corporate sponsor driven content. I will never have or spend that kind of money on advertising such that we will get a show about this subject. Still, I hope eternally that someone will recognize the scope of the potential affect that a Pure Salvage Living Movement could have toward creating viable housing alternatives for our aging society.

My objective is to move the dialogue in that direction since it puts the conscious effort to make a difference at an individual level. It does not depend on the government to figure out a solution for the common man. Some have argued that the idea of Salvage Mining and Pure Salvage Building will not develop and mature because it does not benefit the big corporations foremost. I disagree. They cannot compete in this realm well, and would rather see these resources in the dump so that they can sell the newly manufactured imports the corporations have all shifted to in this century. This concept represents competition on a level they cannot work in well nor do they see it as highly profitable at this point. Once it is proven to be highly profitable, they will get in the game and start changing the rules. For now, it is open season on salvaging all we can get our hands on and turning it into profits for the entrepreneurs who want an environmentally responsible business.

Even if it only maintains a novelty status in the construction world and a mere million houses are built, both bigger and tiny, out of salvaged material, then the environmental value is worth the effort to perpetuate it as far as we can. If the baby boomers grab hold of the idea and abandon to some degree the consumerism that made this country poor, then they could turn that number into the tens of millions by their making the decision to downsize responsibly and adopt a Pure Salvage Living philosophy. This massive movement would have more positive effect our world than anyone could imagine or would dare suggest. Perhaps it would even help repair our global reputation for having used up so much resources and left such incredible pollution in our wake.