Regardless of the rationale used, the idea is to save all of these great resources that can be found by Salvage Mining the entire countryside. There is a great amount of money that will be made by people who can save all the boards and bricks, the windows, doors, floors, and structural members. Their success will inspire others to mine the salvage in their area as well. I believe that there is a living to be made for millions of people from a concept that could enable us to build with vast resources that are already at the average person’s fingertips. Better still, they are often available for little more than the human energy to take it down. Otherwise, buying that quality of wood and hardware is beyond the average persons financial reach. Salvaging to get it could produce a comfortable living for the one who takes it out and sells it or a house he could never afford if he uses it for his own.

Many people can appreciate the incentives that come from salvaging for a living. The more they take down, and the better condition the salvaged material is in, the more money they will make. It is better than an hourly wage. It will take some training and easy-to-make specialty tools to speed it up and increase the yield, but this is not beyond the learning scope of most people. It is an industry where working together reaps more benefits than working alone thus it lends itself to networking, bartering, and community. The fastest way for the full benefits of this concept to develop is for people to join on board and use as much salvaged building materials as possible to remodel or build new houses. More demand means more people will take up Salvage Mining to fill the demand. That has already happened as more people look to reusing old materials for remodeling and decorating. Once people switch back to appreciating quality over a cheap price, then the transition will go faster.

 We are creating jobs that are worthwhile, meaningful, and inspiring. This is work that has an incentive built into it that rewards people for their effort instead of locking them into an hourly wage. It puts real reward in the hands of the people who are seeing the value of what they are doing come to life and have something to be proud of as they are literally help save the world as we know it now. Ultimately this Pure Salvage Living Movement creates a means for those involved to house their families, to feed and provide for them as well as to be able to give the children a home of their own when they grow up.


you save the materials first,
use what you can next
never have to pay for any of them
you sell the unused surplus for income
or barter to pay for the parts you could not find
or the help you needed
to build a new house or two out of the one you     salvage.
The Goal is a 99% Pure Salvage  Human Energy Earned House.