Adding Oil to Vespers Seats lets the Light shine through

Adding Oil to Vespers Seats lets the Light shine through 

Sal is spreading the 50% Walnut oil / 50% mineral spirits and it helps preserve the wood but more importantly bring out the color hidden below.

Vesper Casa sucks up the Walnut Oil in Mesquite benches that literally seem to come to life when deep rich colors burst out as the brush passes over and leaves the nourishing coating behind.
Sal is spreading the 50% Walnut oil / 50% mineral spirits thus soaking it into the pores of the wood and swelling them slightly but more importantly preserving the wood with the oil it needs to reflect the sunlight back in just the right tones to give your eyes this candy coated image full of stimulating tones.
The irony of this is always that the wood did not really change, like the Matrix, or our lives, the Oil that enriches best is the one that lets the Light In past the surface where it can touch the essence or the Heart of the woods cells, or person.
Once cleansed and Oiled right, the Light reaches deeper and we see more of what is really hiding underneath the imperfections and dirt caked on from the working process of building a good life.
This images shows how simplifying your life can often be as easy as that action that clears all the crap out of the way to leave a clean surface you can then sand a bit to get the best grain to show through better when the “Oil Hits the Wood”.

Steps and walls all oiled now, the colors come to life. Enriched by the touch of a gentle hand Vesper glows with the Love she has been shown.

That is when you feel the Light, see the Light, and get to Savor the Beauty and Love that emanates from the growth rings of this incredible tree, this StairTree I created with imagination and my energy of Soul.

It, like us, is grown from the dirt, the water, and the air that was all recycled many millions of times before it became a tree, or you, or me.

My imagination wanders when I go up to my room

We are all but salvaged pieces held together by our soul, our Love for the gifted vessel we reside in for this wonderful experience we call Life upon this Earth. When we are through with the body and our Spirit moves on, once more the parts and pieces will be recycled in many ways, and thus salvation comes through salvage in so many different ways.

Let us respect and preserve the pieces of the past that our children will need to rebuild the world we have nearly decimated with our short generation of “having it all now and paying for it later”. It is the next 7 generations that will pay for the deeds of today and the baby boomer generation will be remembered as the most gluttonous, greedy, competitive, and destructive of any to ever occupy the planet.

Another view from upstairs in the Temple I adore, the Temple is my hOme of course, where I’ll live for ever more.

I pray we have the time to mend the consciousness of our species as we transition through the destined planetary cleansing we are witnessing this year. As it happens before bewildered eyes, please remember: to pick up the pieces of the past and use them to build the new future in a size that the next 7 generations can afford to preserve and build it so well that they will be able to pass it on to their children rather than throw it away and continue trashing this planet that gifts us life with its amazing energy and essence.


Vespers end shot