What Can We Do To Help Create A Great Future For Those Ahead?  Times Are Coming When This Will Be Important To More People And I Hope This Will Inspire Others To Pick Up The Torch And Not Expect Me To Do It All Alone,  I Could Not And Hope Others Will Realize That One Day.  It Will Take Us All Working Together But The Impetus Will Need To Be Big It Seems.  So It Will Be Soon.

After a series of hard lessons, I am changing course Land, building, and businesses “For Sale”

Thank you all for the encouragement and advice. It has been extremely helpful in resolving to move forward with the charges and likewise, to know my time to get out of this business world has come. I can not filter out the people well as needed to grow my Renaissance or village. I have proven again and again, throughout my life, marriages, and business. I do not wish to be an employer and I have seriously failed repeatedly with offering the chance to learn by coming here as interns, with food, housing, and opportunity to create which has proven too costly to continue as well.  Certainly, it can only be my fault and shortcomings which I do not duck responsibility for, my mirror clean I see. But the point is that as Einstein said, “We can’t keep making the same mistakes and expect this to get better”.

My holding 43 acres for 12 years with the hope of creating a model example of what we could do with sustainable building using Salvage has proven to be beyond my financial means to continue, thus manifest and I have expended all of the assets I could to continue waiting for the team that comes to play once the field of Dreams is built.  Theater fantasy so it is time to sell out and let someone else crank up elsewhere as there is little interest in coming here to take over the monstrous beast I created, for it would take hard work, long hours, and requires a passion that few seem to share.  So I have some great land for sale at one end of what would be Salvage, Texas were it not divided off.  We will see, but for now, from 1-15 acres is available to interested and hopefully compatible parties.  It is commercially oriented for the most part but there are some great spots for houses too be lived in too.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.

The vast 100,000 sf of warehouses will be a trick to empty but I will be making some offerings as I go along. We will see what parting it all out leads to if nothing better comes of what has been amassed. Japan, like other countries around the world, gather wood and lumber of such vintage quality where Americans seem to think it has little value and I have seen 400 doors in one container on a ship go to Japan to be used to create shelving and department store interiors. Ingenuity in design on the cheap. Good deals coming but by appointment only as I am not going to hire a bunch of people to sell tiny bits at a time.

I have buildings in Gonzales that could be used to set up people in who could be building houses that could be moved to where they need them, some in sections so as to do it through hard spaces to pass along the way.

Choice of front door hardware from this display of vintage sets that range from cast iron to jewelry grade brass.

This could be a bank of windows in a house already in their piece of wall.

I will provide a couple of columns.

I am thankful for the audience and the many examples I have manifested thus fare, those in progress and much more, but I do not see me continuing on this path much longer and there is virtually no realistic interest by anyone of taking on the role I have played for the last decades to counterbalance the toxic box syndrome selling itself as Tiny Houses on Wheels now. I am not a fan of misrepresenting products, failing to warn future users of known hazards, and failure to use due diligence in design for which I have been ostracized from the mainstream media and national shows on Tiny Housing for they know I will speak the Truth about the issues they ignore for sake of advertisers.

Imagine standing underneath a flying house as it travels the last leg of its journey from someone’s imagination to someone’s home.
You could do these sorts of amazing things one day too.

The Ellinger House traveled higher and more times than any other Tiny Texas House.

Some 70+ houses have traveled on the Clegg Services trucks from Victoria, Texas. They have delivered all without fail and some were pretty exciting trips. My best to them and all who pull the Tiny Houses like we created down the road one day.

The Diamond House was a beauty with a Murphy Bed inside too.

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. She is not much bigger than one of the “Loopholer” houses we will create in the seminar perhaps.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

Ayurveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peacefully in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

“Shakti House” 9 1/2′ x 20′
Delivered to Austin in the Early Days of Tiny Texas Houses. It paid for itself in the first year of being used as a B&B.

The Arched Zebu was also first named the House of the Rising Sun. It now sits out in Midland Texas with her sister Vicki Zebu.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2017. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.

So it goes, I do not wish to be a reality show star associated with Hollywood anyway, let alone travel there.
So be it. The next steps are going to be hard as I once more rush up to the “Chasm at the Fringe” full knowing what the dangers of failing will be. Such is the life I have lived as I leap from the peaks I reach to dive into the waters of my dreams below the waterfalls or reach the far side where I will live on to do what I have set out to do since childhood.

From back in the day when this was still a dream un-manifested, and now it is coming into full life and view. Gratitude indeed, Thank you Thank you for following us along the path we have taken.

A dozen years since starting Tiny Texas Houses we are known world wide. The changes have been many from when I started years ago, when I was a young man. I had dreams that I could do more than I could do things few others dared or wanted to do. I once Imagined outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did that many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize or fade away, and I am willing to take a big risk to help you figure out how to get involved too.
Its been a bit over 12 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world and now the new website that is the most advanced site on salvage in the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the globe. Please join me for the next decade as the knowledge is shared and millions are empowered to break free from the Matrix. I don’t think it will be long before we see the 100th Monkey Effect in sustainable Organic Housing and it becomes a wave of change our culture embraces in the future.
While I may not be able to fulfil my goal of showing how to build an entire town from salvage, the site will take what we have learned and hopefully share it so others will have the stepping stones it will take to go forward on this path.

I may write my way into obscurity, but it will be a peaceful place that I can savour the journey from and perhaps share with any who will wonder at how what I leave behind did come to be. Will it be worth reading about how a kid who fails to commit suicide, survives what few others do, and lives on to do what no one else would, and disappears into the mists when he is done?
We will see who comes if any to pick up the baton and carry on the relay toward a world of sustainable housing, salvage as a primary ingredient in the recipe of housing for the generations to come.  While it could take a few entities, or people to grow it, I am hoping it will be possible and that we will see Pure Salvage Outposts spread around the country, perhaps the world, as co-ops that will create Maker’s Spaces big enough to create House Art people can live in for the rest of their lives.  For now, it will be up to fate to lay the next stewards in my path so this Renaissance can carry on.

While I will be offering owner financing for some of the businesses, the large lots of materials to start other outposts up, and other opportunities, it will take those special people to make this all manifest in a new way I have yet to understand.  Please get in touch if you are interested in being part of the future of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and the morphing of the Tiny Texas Houses ethos of creating toxin-free organic housing with 95% Pure Salvage.

Thank you, Thank you for sharing and being part of this story.