A Landmark On IH10 For The Red Mascot Has Donned The Hilltop Like A Hat For More Than A Decade.  Time To Move It To The Back So More People Can Sleep In It.
This Is The Facility That I Propose To Provide For The 1st Pure Salvage Living Co-op,

All of our older memberships have expired Qualify to Win Big if they Renew

That’s IT! The door to the first gifting of a dream come true is closed to a very small group of contenders who’s written word could change the future of their lives.

All of our older members who memberships have expired actually have the 30 days prior membership before this contest started so they will, small as their numbers might be, the only chance for more competition in this winner take all contest for a prize package like none ever given away for mere words before in the whole world.

So far it looks like there will be less than 100 people getting a shot at the first package of materials that will include doors, windows, flooring, tin roof, shower shingles, beaded wood, and even turned posts for the front porch. 300-500 well crafted and chosen words will turn into more than $6,000 worth of materials in the first month of this 12 month long gifting for members of the Puresalvageliving.com website.

Yes it is true, we are finally having another essay contest even though I said it may never happen again after the essay contest where we gave the entire house away, already built, the last time.

We are now beginning the process of reconstructing the site to include much more than before as well as a listing service for houses to salvage, certifications for various levels of Salvage Mining and Salvage Building so as to be able to refer business and help set up Pure Salvage Outposts around the country in the form of Co-ops. We will supply the parts and pieces to build the first houses, have materials to sell to others who want to build with salvage, have seminars in your local towns that way, and ultimately open the door for many other families to get into the Salvage Mining and Building industry that is growing as we read these words.

Some of the beaded wood could come from the El Campo Expedition that you can watch the video on Youtube in order to see how 8 people with no experience are taught to take down a giant Texas Farmhouse. It is called the Song of Salvage and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.

It is true, and you can be on the ground floor, literally, and take the many houses, barns, and buildings worth billions of dollars that people are willing to give you if you will save the parts and pieces. They see what good it will do compared to putting in the dump or burning it, thus are they willing to help you help save the valued resources their parents and grandparents created out of blood sweat and tears. Honor your heritage and ancestors will smile for we will take what they created hundreds of years ago and pass them along to the generations to follow who will marvel at the craftsmanship, the time it took to create by hand in a day we did not have electricity. Please know we came from ingenious people who made it through adversity with their minds, hearts, heads, and hands. No Google, internet, electricity, cars, or vacations from work starting from 12 years old until their body broke down.

Her is a great shot of the Adorable Ceiling built in SalvageFaire, using giant pocket doors from mansions up north in Illinois.

Truly, this next 12 months of giving away packages of materials to members is intended to spur the dreams, imagination, and action of the millions who now dream of downsizing to an organic house and living out their days in a simpler lifestyle that lets them do the things they always wanted to do instead of work to pay the bills.

Most people do not know this is possible and the proof will be found as 12 members in the next year get to dream, win, and create the vision dancing in their heads that includes downsizing or creating a new organic house out of nearly all salvaged materials and human energy. It could be a dream manifested that will care for your loved ones long after you are gone, and several more to house them near you until that time comes.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the world. Please join me on the next decade as the community forms and the knowledge is transferred until we get the 100th Monkey Effect and it becomes part of our culture in the future.

Join me in this year long experiment to see how many will join us and see what can be done from the beautiful parts and pieces of the past.
Included are some picture of the many things we have to pick from and offer up as materials packages to be given away over the next year.

Soon your membership will get you into concerts, film festivals, and a market all designed to grow the sustainable living movement using Organic Cottages as a theme for the entire town of Salvage, Texas. Here you will be able to come and learn all things Organic, Salvage, and potentially Free for little more than human energy, barter, or share.