A Double Set Of French Doors To The End Of Comfort Cabin Let You See Into The Living Room And Kitchen There Behind.

Already Remodeled the Kitchen in the Comfort Cabin

Here is the before pictures, though not so bad, not great. Below you will see what we did instead.

Comfort Cabin gets a redo already on the kitchen.
Just did not like the look enough under the shelves and so….
once more we took it apart and built it again with a new perspective.
This is more fitting of the linear elements
but adds just a touch of the curvilinear aspects
to soften it without too much frilly distraction.
Guys just can’t be too curvy or people start talking.
The railing will emulate the high shelves and
hopefully add more space to vision
that you see when you walk in
the French Doors at the end.

Just a simple change in shelving and the look is all anew, we just didn’t like the lines and so we changed it all for you.

A better view with the loft above, the railing will be special to accent the part with shelves.

A double set of french doors to the end of Comfort Cabin let you see into the living room and kitchen there behind.