Dear Emily, The Sweet 6th-grade Girl Below, Handed Out Wishes To Come True For The People Who Took The Gifts She Offered Them With A Smile, Hope, And A Charm That Adults Can Rarely Find In Our Own Faces. She Is A Jewel And The Age Groups I Work Hardest To Give Hope To. Thank You Thank You For The Helpful Young Lady, Others Will Know You For The Moment You Gifted Them For The Rest Of Their Life.

Amazing things you can learn by asking questions no one knows answers too… but should!

Yeehaw!  We have been to the Tiny House Jamboree… and what we did see… but answers to hard questions were hard to find, in fact nearly non-existent oddly enough.  Where do the experts go and tell of the many things we know if the panels where the public visits do not have such shows?
Perhaps to Salvage, Texas in the fall and winter shows if the “Ice Age Farmer” cometh, perhaps our “Diamond” too, “Adapt” if we can get him, thus some answers here for you.  The Time has come to question what you’re told by those who sell, for the truth is getting harder to spot from all the market swill.
Please join me in this new attempt to Awaken one and all to the chance for us to join and change the way Wii work together, hear the call?  Salvage, Texas is intended to be that neutral ground where Wii can gather, educate, formulate solutions, and heal our wounds together insteaded of being divided by the enemy that wants to see US fall.
We went to visit the Tiny House Jamboree and saw so many great people as well as interesting spins on building toxic boxes on trailers for recreational vehicles some people could choose to live in. My reason for going was to ask questions to find answers to the nagging issues I see which don’t account for the oxygen consumption (500 gallons per minute per person) and how much their air exchanger moved, thus to feed one or three people enough fresh air to stay healthy inside the box full of gases that come from vinyl, plastics, glued wood, paint, glues on carpets, cabinets, and other such things that have no where to go but into your lungs while in a tiny house with only about 6,500 gallons of air if the doors and windows are shut to cool or heat it inside.
I spoke with many manufacturers who could not tell me the tongue weight of the trailer finished out in order to know what a truck might hope to pull, or stop for that matter if the brakes went out on the trailer. The small wires going from the truck to the trailer on some examples were unprotected where they are likely to snag or get dragged on the ground and the weight of the trailers is to great for the trucks to stop without the brakes on the trailer working if on any sort of hill or extreme situation.
These issues seem to be of no great concern to those who have not nearly died from loaded trailers with broken brakes pushing my truck past several cars before stopping on the shoulder after having nearly rear-ended all of them at 60 mph. Brakes, trailers that weigh more than the trucks pulling them, people who do not know how to drive a truck and trailer pulling them, not to mention in wet, steep, or winding mountain roads.

I looked at all the trailers and I wondered why spend so much to move a house but once and a while, especially because so few would have a truck as big as it would take to do it right, or safe, not to mention the cost and logistics, the driving skills, and the people’s lives at risk if the person at the wheel fails, or the brakes, or …

I asked the builders to point to or mark the center of gravity on the houses, in other words, the point at which the house is weighted with the center above the ground which will determine how easy it tips over in curves, high winds, jackknifing situations due to wet, snow, or brake failure. It also comes into play if one tire should go flat and the load thus carried on the second of the two tired trailers dropping low from the extra weight, heating up extra fast due to the contact and stress, and letting the trailer tilt to that side as the rubber softens and prepares for the remaining overloaded tire to explode. My concern is that the high center of gravity means the trailer is tipping over soon after the first tire blows due to road hazard or age, and either chooses the lanes with traffic coming to land in or flips the truck with it as it goes into the ditch when someone tries to pull over to fix the blown tire not understanding that the other tire walls are pressing on the ground and may blow or the trailer roll over when you drop off the road or shoulder. How many people know this before they buy a house to drag down the road? Before you buy a behemoth house, decide which type of big 1 ton dually to go with it for hauling it anywhere, find incredible insurance, auto, and trailer, plus have a nest egg to feed the fuel, etc it takes to move some long distances more than a couple times a year.

Who tells the parents, tells the kids. How much do they really want to know, for the dream is not to be spoiled by reality now is it?

Where not to go? Into the city or places that you can not back out of when you find out they are too low or tight to turn a corner on, but a driving school should take care of such deficiencies. No driving school? Great… could you let me know before you drive near me? hehe!

It is true, we are offering a different path, a venue with sustainable organic healthy cottages in mind. This Pure Salvage Living Ethos is being manifested in a town Wii call Salvage, Texas. Please consider joining us in the Fall/Winter gathering of tribes.

So where could I go to ask questions about such things as this at a panel discussion on the toxicity of tiny spaces for people with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, infants, cancer patients, the elderly with weak immune systems, and such other special needs people as I did not see being serviced at this show? Perhaps I thought wrong, that the idea was for people to be able to live simpler healthier lives with their families rather than: a family that gets sick together sticks together to the grave mentality which totally ignored the many dangers not discussed in the process of selling the public Tiny Boxes on Wheels.

Standing in a loft from a barn older than me, by a lot I can honestly say, but not to big for me to take down and take away. Want to join me and learn how to make a million dollars off from Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, or Salvage Hunting to find the jewels hidden in the trees.

I learned much from my journey, though not from the answers, but once more, from the lack of answers to the main questions required to complete a due diligence checklist for sake of the health of the workers and buyers. Why does not one exist for those who are especially concerned about such things because it affects their health directly? I do not have the answers for I did not find them there, but I recommend when you go and ask the questions that I did if you can not get an answer then it’s not the time to pick.
August 2018
Dear Emily, the sweet 6th-grade girl below, handed out wishes to come true for the people who took the gifts she offered them with a smile, hope, and a charm that adults can rarely find in our own faces. She is a jewel and the age groups I work hardest to give hope to. Thank you thank you for the helpful young lady, others will know you for the moment you gifted them for the rest of their life.

If this ship that I did build,
upon a mountain, I did fill,
and in the sky, for all to see,
I pray this path is right for Thee.
Assist us and the world opens
up for many who need homes.
Join me in the simple giving
of the chance for them to grow.