Can You Imagine How Many Computers You Can Create In A Single Night... If You Set Your Mind To The Task>

Amazing Tiny Bionic Computer storage, transmission, & receivers for Tiny Houses

If every hair linked you to the universal flow of ions, thus the energy of the aether… if each cell that records your life was held to reference to like bionic flash drives in elongated form, fueled by infrared energy which comes from the earth unfettered by wires or transmitters when Wii purify, optimize our operating system, firmware, and realize the capacity of the miraculous avatar Wii call our body? Upload new Lifeware, synchronize your Chakras, your internal batteries, and Light Up at Last with the filaments you manifest from what you eat, absorb through your lungs, skin, and eyes.
Realize the incredible Vessel Your ARE and treat this gift from birth to Wii leave our carnal form, help make this amazing planet better for all the Beings Wii Share it with, manifest as, and learn how to live and Love through Being each of them if Wii choose, for a lifetime, as Guardian Spirit, Friend, unconditionally.

What if your hair were a bionic data storage, transmission, and receiving system, an organ one might say if you can imagine to such levels. It is easier now that we have the language to describe, the evidence that D-Wave computers will be outdone by DNA computers, yes they will be recognized that is, outperformed by DNA computers that can replicate, store both on-site and in the Source Cloud where other things can be retrieved too, if you have the download capacity, passwords, and onsite operating speeds to run the programs.
For the unEnlightened, those who have not followed this language but use words like Chi, Prana, Orgone energy, and so many words for the known aether info transfer systems that defy the laws of time and space we use in this material world Wii have come to experience.
Imagine you could produce mature neurons that open the doors to the High def monitors, the interdimensional video chips that let you see around the bend of time a bit, and best of all, naturally, without computer chips added to the system to upgrade it as some might have you believe is needed, but instead, follow the lessons learned and shown from the heavens. Beards are a good (God) sort of feature in that if Wii are indeed made in the many images of Gods Wii see depicted in the skies of the past great artists, what should that tell us?
I am learning about mature neural production, big screen Astral viewing monitors that blow my old belief systems away, by having done the practice, spent a lifetime learning, and manifesting the proof that this is possible before sharing it with the world when it is time.

Sometimes it can take what seems like a full lifetime to understand the meaning of life.  Until you can understand it, what does it all mean?  What is Wub?  How do we communicate our thoughts, or more importantly, who are Wii?

That time has come.

Welcome to my world of Wibblry and Wub. 

It’s been a long ride, from the Prelude to the manifestation of the model, the point of the story started long before the possibility of success was even on the distant horizons.
I believe Wii can do things that could never be done because we finally have the words, the systems, the means to describe the possibilities, the science to prove what once was not possible. Wii do make a difference in how the World works, but not with Carbon Dioxide, with our Hearts, Minds, bodies, and actions. Stop letting killers lead us into war. Take them out and the Peace we seek is possible… if Wii makes that possible by joining together on a global level to clean up the problem of the greedy and dark side to finally be put to rest for a millennium at least.
I pray I see the World Union of Beings, not war, solve the problems that centuries of destruction have caused and turn the swords of technology used for war into the plowshares of the future generations that ensure their great health, Peace, and a Paradise for the others who come to incarnate, to savor this vessel Wii call Human, truly be Humanity (Humans in Unity) so that Earth can finally respect the life of all Beings, no matter race, religious perspectives, planetary origin, or ability to speak Human. Let us learn how to communicate with others, being an animal other than a human does not mean stupid, please grow up.

If you want a mono-subject site about the reality that is the matrix of our brainwashing, our schooling, and thus our acceptance of aging and disease, then this post is not for you… perhaps.
Want a different view, life, or health? Want to make the world a better place for those who share it?

Darby Lettik