High Above The Flooding Waters Floats A Ship Unlike All Others, In The Sky It Drifts With Anchor Holding It To Salvage Strong.

Amazing to see the rains at last, the sprouts abundant, flowers a bloom.

Welcome to my braided days, not bearded free but built to stay.

Look at all the rain that fills the ponds and creeks I dug.  Dams that are incredible hold water here for play.  Come and visit in our houses, walk through woods and paths.  See the birds, the wildlife, the flowers, and just play.  Come escape the city, plant food to return and eat, to help make this food jungle that is not just pretty but sweet.  Grapes and berries, cactus too, Cat Tails growing, much to do.

Across Walden Pond sits the Salvage Ark and the Gingered Swan.  The view from above is amazing considering even the hill is a product of imagination and human energy.

This will be Long Pond filled up soon to more than you can imagine, in a day no less.

High above the flooding waters floats a ship, unlike all others, in the sky it drifts with anchor holding it to Salvage strong.

Onward Wii go without borders. Around the world in just a day. The internet is like our Spirit, unlimited by time, some say.

At first the rainbows seemed to far away to ever reach. The ends would keep on moving though the Bow was overhead. So up I went into the sky, I could not help, I know not why… and there I found the taste I sought,
my Rainbows finally have been caught!

Slow but sure, after rains, and much to do, we go onward into the fog to create tomorrow.

I wonder as I peer above, I wonder what I see… are they clouds with rain a coming or are they just white puffs a glow.

Join me in letting your hair down and exploring the outer reaches of your imagination manifested with Salvage, Texas as a path where you can learn how to create your world as you want it to be, nearly for free, with imagination and human energy.


See ya soon I hope…



September Rains 2018