Take A Look At The New Prize Package That We Are Offering In The Newest Contest For March.

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Yes, a great new video to watch that will show you some of the great pieces of architectural antiques that we will be offering up in the next essay and sketch contest for Members Only during the Month of April.  Yes, even better than the package offered in May, you will drool at the stained glass and wonder at the rest to come.

If you have not had a chance to view the Retreat which is the background by coming to one of our tours on Saturdays that go through the 10 Tiny Texas Organic Houses that I have kept from the 80+ that we have created so far.   If you can not enter yourself, but know someone who can, gift them a few months of membership or a year if you love them alot and they will be able to possibly win two packages of materials to build the best of the Organic House plans we have or may yet create with the plans that are available.

Take a look at the new prize package that we are offering in the newest contest for March.

Please consider joining us in the expansion of the community globally, the opening of the next phase of Salvage, Texas where we will be cranking up the studio with podcasts, videos, training seminars, music events, film festivals, and a salvage market unlike any in the country with vendors that can teach and help others benefit from the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

This is the sink for a bathroom that will stand out for sure.

If you hurry as a past member, you could still enter the March contest by the 31st, if it is not too late already.  Otherwise, check out this video on next month’s Prize Architectural Antiques package of parts that will be included in the April contest.  Hope you can join our community and support seeing even bigger packages to be given away as we grow through the year.  Who knows, if we get enough members, we will likely give away a Organic Cottage as a prize, like I did once several years ago.