Here Is The Table In Its Lowered Position With The Bath To The Right And The Kitchen Sink Visible Behind The Textured Glass Fills The Door.

An Organic Cottage with style, White Swan gets her fold down dining table.

Yes it is true, this tiny little two story cottage is finally getting a place for its owners to eat at soon. Details, details, they never seem to end. Here is a new creation from a large Cedar slab assembled, sanded, oiled, and decorated with hardware from the 1800’s.
The shutter latch hold the door up by catching onto a sash lift it brass from the late 1800’s. The railing spindle is a great leg and when the other details are added it will soon be complete.

You can also see where we added a closet for the stackable washer and dryer in the corner behind the front door where it won’t be noticed inside.

See more soon as the final pictures will show the oil and other details still to be added to the interior before she goes on the trailer to ship away.