Standing In A Loft From A Barn Older Than Me, By A Lot I Can Honestly Say, The Biggest Bullshit Is Never In The Barn... Its In The Real Estate Business Where The Sheep Fill The Pastures.

Anyone want to take down some wow structures? Salvage Mining Call for “Fall” Heheh

Here is a great house hidden in the trees with great bones, though very dirty, full of amazing wood and opportunity, a few snakes under perhaps, a vulture living in the kitchen closet for sure, and so much more.  Want to come along on a great adventure into the world of Salvage Mining?  Here are the first steps being taken as we explore the reasons to take or reject the buildings in the following pictures spread over three blogs.  A house from 1900 era with no re-muddling, all original parts.  A house from the 1930’s that has been remuddled, sheetrocked, carpeted, windows swapped to aluminum, and other things that add work, but that is another blog and seminar.

  This is the loft in the Barn… another blog and seminar to salvage that will follow in

October or November.  Fun for sure.

These houses will be used for a weekend takedown seminar that will show the attendees how to drop it to the ground, pull all the lumber, and pack it off in a weekend.  Ultra junker looking but a treasure trove of great materials that will enable two Tiny Texas Style houses to be created with amazing character.  This is a hands-on and optional hands-off audit option for a few only.

Come to join us for a series of seminars that will enable you to learn the entire process.  We will share the learning experience if you have not come to know that these gifts some call trash or how they can be homes of greatness for many who want to do the work to create special houses like no other.  I have been doing it for decades and have decided to offer one more series of seminars to see if we can spread a string of Salvage Pearls called Pure Salvage Co-ops where others can take these lessons and be able to expand to areas where you can make a difference and prosper too.

  Classic Barn for Texas, not big but made to take the winds.

Estimating the seminars will begin in 6-8 weeks with limited participation, camping on site possible, certification so as to get to keep part of the booty you take out of the houses and be called for future Salvage Treasures if you meet our standard.  Want to learn how to be a Salvage Miner so as to get the parts and then follow along on the seminar series that will follow using these same materials to create a couple of houses to teach the Speed Salvage/Build methods no one else is offering anywhere in the world.

Here are some incredible materials in the oldest of the houses.  Wait until you see the others and the big barn… really big compared to this.

Sections of wall can become the wainscot on a Tiny house wall.

Great 1×12 siding and most importantly, battens that I may have a buyer for before we take them off. Hard to find in good condition.

The walls on the outside are virgin wood, trees that were hundreds of years old when cut down, Long Leaf Pine that grew to 135 ft tall and 48″ in diameter, abundant in the 1830’s, commercially extinct by the 1940’s.

I plan on taking this down in wall sections we will use to create an organic cottage from without taking too many of the walls and floor apart entirely but using big chunks instead. I call this speed salvaging with intentions on speed building soon after.

Much of this can be saved and is amazing condition.

I love this old milk paint green.  Can you imagine that there is not a single knot in all the beaded wood you see on the walls and the ceilings?  All clear lumber, some pieces 16′ long and flawless, some exposed to weather over at least 3 decades yet the house is still great for salvaging.

Lots of wood in this type of primitive door. Good for other projects too.

Beautiful beaded wood throughout this 1900 circa house hidden under a tree or three.

Some may think this is just a bunch of rotten wood, rusty metal, and nothing could be had but sores and blisters.

Here is an old cistern that we will take away to make a shower out of if we can.

Does this interest you?  Want to be a part of taking this one or another of this series.  They are in the Georgetown and Jarrel areas so that means Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth are all easy to reach towns so that the event could draw from all cities, have a campout weekend, work your butt off learning the sequence, identification, dismantling, de-nailing, packing the trailer, and much more if you want to listen.

Contact us for an application, the liability agreement saying you will be responsible for your health and accidents that may happen, as well as letting us know more about the level of involvement, such as not climbing on high ladders or roofs, or just audit to learn but not work on the house, but still got to pay to come.  We will have people to help but the goal is to knock it out and teach how quickly yet safely we can take a house down, both one in not so great shape, and the other in great structural shape.  The bigger barn, see the coming blog, is scariest of all, but fear not, I have done it before as seen on TV, the History Channel just a half a dozen years ago.

Yes, buildings could be moved, the best chance it the one in the middle which was for feed and seed so it is built solid enough to move if you wanted, roughly 18′ wide, 20′ long, and perfect for a tiny house nearby where it would not be hard to move to.  Interested… let me know… it is for sale as a whole structure for far less than building it would cost and the wood inside is amazing, knot free shiplap on much of it… Long Leaf Pine.

Off to the next blog and pictures now.  Interested for you, or perhaps a gift certificate for the persons you want to be salvaging and building organic cottages for you too.

Standing in a loft from a barn older than me, by a lot I can honestly say, but not to big for me to take down and take away. Want to join me and learn how to make a million dollars off from Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, or Salvage Hunting to find the jewels hidden in the trees.


August 2018