This Is A Great Example Of A House That One Could Live In For A Century If They Were To Last As Long As The House.  Join Me In Learning How You Could Make This Sort Of House Possible For Millions One Day.

Are you ready to Downsize? or die homeless? Perhaps many will because they did not even try to take a tiny path. Don’t give up!

Just add inspiration and you’re on your way.

Oh yea. a little eye opener for some, a bit of the old Wake Up Call for the cold bound Tiny Housers who are suffering the cold right now.

Are you ready? or near your End?

All the windows, all the floors,

Siding, roofing, even doors.

Ceiling beadboard oh so fine,

Vintage colors look divine.

This and Love will form foundations.

Tis what is needed to build more.

The path to having all your wanting,

in a home to have and hold.


Once an eyesore,

transformed from blight,

into a home

with Loving Light,

to hold the lives of many more,

protect them through the coming storms

and thus to keep our families warm.

Twas trash to some,

Torn down one day,

to be destroyed and thrown away…

but better still it was reformed,

turned into dreams that have been stored,

within the walls they have the means,

to keep your family warm and free.


The salvage from another’s life,

who’s blood and sweat did form so dear,

a home where life was manifested,

where they have gone is not so clear.

No longer home, but devastated,

parts and pieces can be reformed

from what is dead and now divested,

a brand new home that can perform.


Please join me as I form the groundwork

it will take to free our youth,

to teach them how to create housing,

to free them from the rental booth.

So many need to join the movement,

to shrink the space we need to live,

to share the world with good intentions,

not just throw it all away.


So Baby Boomers hitting walls now,

want to downsize yet resist,

So many things we have kept with us,

but living spaces now must shrink.

So sell off all your great collections,

Beanie Babies out the door.

Gather up what is important,

and think small for what is now in store.


No one has the giant savings.

Few if any have a plan.

Too much debt to now quit working,

and few have kids prepared for them.


Alas, I call out to the masses,

offering a plan for them.

But in their fear of living homeless,

many are quite near their end.

Join me if you want solutions,

to form the paths that many need.

Please know this is a way for many,

to grow young and live again.



Now is your chance to help create and thus benefit by getting a house at a price you might be able to afford rather than have nothing when you do run out of savings from living high on the hog for far too long.  So many are ignoring the need to plan for the future as they age, without a great savings or a plan to work until they die, downsizing is a path many will face in the very near future.  Plan now.  Help build the path to the solutions we will need by helping create a Pure Salvage Living Co-operative where people can work together to create affordable housing that will last them the rest of their lives, and then to create villages where they can live out their lives peacefully together with others of like-minded persuasions.

I have gathered the means to create houses out of 95% Pure Salvaged Materials and Human Energy. I have spent 30 years developing these methods so that when the time came we could use them to free People from the chains of debt and free them to live life fully instead. Darby greets and invites you with the path that started in Texas some 33 years ago when Darby came to Texas. It is a great story of how to Salvage Mind, body, spirit, and home with little more than human energy, imagination, and ingenuity. Please join me for a chance to open your mind to the new world of possibilities based on the treasures of our past.

Please join me and consider being a part of the first Pure Salvage Living Co-op where we can build a house for you, and then you too help others to manifest their dreams too.

A bright new Sunset that tells of the days to come. A new Truth coming from the ash of all that has been churned. New lives that come from those now lost will yet turn out to be, the greatest of your gifts in life, besides just being Freed.