As the Amphitheater Forms from the Dirt and in my Mind

Looking down into the vision manifesting as I dream.

Places for thousands to sit and to watch,
to sing and to wonder at all that we’ve lost
To Learn there are answers that we can all share
that will free us to take paths that none have yet dared.

I look on and see it appear where I am and constantly wonder at what’s in the plan.

To believe in our Spirit, Our path to the Light.
To know there are others who’ll do what is Right.
To Give all we have toward the Salvage of Treasures
that give to our children in unequaled measures.

What the mind can conceive the will can achieve but the Passion is the Magic that makes life the best of Dreams.

It is what we have that they will need some day.
The Love and the guidance, the teaching I Say,
the village that raises the child should be
the path to the Future that they’ll want to See.

Imagine the future if we can’t unfold
the Promise of more than the Life of a Drone.
The children are restless and so unprepared,
For a future without their electric or phone.

A new house emerges from the death of another, not the Death of a Tree or a sacrificed soldier, but the house that no one thought should do more than smolder.

IF we teach them to think and to Be All they Can,
to Know of the Power that they have Within,
to Show them that even the Trash can be homes
with nothing but thought and their actions alone.

The gifts are abundant and there for the Good,
to take them and use them to build a new world.
I wonder and speak out in all ways I can
with images and all the proof you could plan.

From atop one of the seating mounds I hope to coat with clay in a mix that will preserve it for the ones who come to play.

So now I invite all the world to Sing too,
To come and make music that changes the tune.
The resonance from what our Love can create
can echo from what is above, tis Our Fate.

Netting in our future but canals along the way, with railings and with sidewalks that will keep the falls at bay.

Not just one but many, the voices, the minds,
The spirits uniting to share what we find.
Solutions abundant with all that we have.
No need to strip Earth now that we know a Salve.

There’s Salvation in Salvage
I swear this is True.
These Solutions I offer
I Share Freely with You.

Soon a bridge will lead to Island where the songs will manifest and the music that is played there will pass all the vital tests.

For Wiiiiiii are the One that I know to be True,
and thus is this Knowledge and Concept now Due.
I create now the Island of Freedom of Thought.
The Pulpit for Music, for Theatre and more,

Some seating for the shade and more, picnic spaces, Fun in store.

The base for a Union to form and then Grow.
A World wide Union that some come to know.
Believers that we can still save what we have
With the Love for our Planet, We Give it this Salve.

I hope you see the vision too, I’ve seen it all, It’s meant for You.

The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance

From “Wibblry and Wub”

This shot was taken with my Iphone. No photoshop or touch up to make the purple, just natural Sun light letting us know we are Loved and favored for the work we do.