House in California

Name: scott mcdonald Email: Phone: 4088386493 Mailing Address: 145 glen ridge los gatos ca 95030 Looking For: Other Building(s) to be Deconstructed: Entire house gutted Size of Building(s): 4850 Location of Building(s): 145 glen ridge los gatos ca 95030…

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Home in Oak Park

Name: Email: Phone: 847-644-5843 Mailing Address: 100 forest place #706 Oak park, il 60301 Looking For:  To get an old house, barn or outbuilding on my property torn down/removed Building(s) to be Deconstructed: Planning a complete tear down…

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Barn In El Campo

Barn in El Campo

From: John or Susan Halamicek <> Name: John or Susan Halamicek Email: Phone: 979-541-3034 979-541-9870 Mailing Address: 6167 County Road 360 El Campo, TX 77447 Looking For: To get an old house, barn or outbuilding on my property torn…

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Dorothy Has The Itch It Seems

Dorothy has the Itch it seems

So Jesse's putting on the oil for the island to be rich with color and longevity But Dorothy's got the itch. She wants to get to going for she's heard the pad it through, and soon she'll get to see…

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Dorothy With Your Shelves So High

Dorothy with your shelves so High

Dorothy  Dorothy, Dorothy, with your shelves so grand, will you have enough food for emergencies on hand? Rising up unto the ceiling over 9' tall,  Will your owners ever reach to where  you hold their goods on high? Will they…

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