Barn in El Campo

From: John or Susan Halamicek <>

Name: John or Susan Halamicek
Phone: 979-541-3034 979-541-9870
Mailing Address:
6167 County Road 360
El Campo, TX 77447

Looking For: To get an old house, barn or outbuilding on my property torn down/removed

Building(s) to be Deconstructed: Early 1920’s barn and house to be torn down. There would be no gov’t. permits since this is in army real area. We are asking $3,500.00 for both buildings. The floors are tongue and groove long leaf pine. We will provide burn pile for any materials not needed. There is a lot of nice wood in these structures.

Size of Building(s): Barn 42×54′ house 45×36′

Location of Building(s): County Road 366
El Campo, TX 77437

I want from the Deconstruction: I just want building removed cleanly and the materials to be reused by others so they don’t go in a landfill

Time Frame: I’d like to have it removed in the next 1-3 months

Put in Classifieds: Yes

Referral: Google

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