Into The Night Of Dreams I Went, 
I Came Out With A Plan,
And Gathered Up My Favorite Things, 
From All About The Land.
Thence From The Trash,
As Others Think
The Part I Used Must Be,
I Form The Visions Of My Mind
Into Reality.

Build A 95% Pure Salvage Organic Cottage that looks like a Ship that could Fly in the sky… Can Do!

Hybrid Housing as Art and Seed

Sometimes I like to imagine

extraordinary things.

Though at first,

they do not seem so grand,

it’s like a bell that rings.

It starts out small, an inkling,

then grows by leaps and bounds.

the more I dwell up it

the more complex that it becomes…

They say I wander here and there,

I am stuck in the world of Art.

I dabble in the angles,

play with arches and with arcs.

I mix and match from houses

that had stood the test of time

and offered up their treasures

I store deep within my mind.


Always synthesizing,

even happens while I sleep!

Just touching architecture

that soon finds

a place to Be!

Thusly resurrected,

put back into new form,

My dreams become reality

I put out to the world.

Solutions hidden in the Art,

Seem easier to plant,

as Seeds of inspiration

than considering “I Can’t”.

Be Artful in your housing.

Be Kind to Mother Earth.

Be conscious of your Footprint

From the moment of your Birth.

Be Awakened to the need

for all of Us to Join,

and make this world sustainable,

with Our Hearts first,

not our Coins.

Darby Lettick


7 truck loads of Vintage wood

have gone up Miracle Mountain,

2,000 pounds of concrete,

parts from 30 houses joined

as a demonstrative Feat.

Where does your ship go off to at night?

Imagine what you want to see and then bring it into sight.

Wake up to manifest the dreams

that feed you through the night,

and then you will find happiness,

upon your Maiden Flight.

Darby Lettick

July 2018

As I nearly dematerialize
in my excited state of mind,
I think about the things that
I still need to do and find.
So once again I form into
the Being that you know,
and off I run to manifest
my most creative hOMe design.

Darby Lettick

July 2018