Candy and Jewels


So you want to play some games until you fall asleep in bed,
Or pull the other mattress out and play all night instead
Of sleeping for you’re dreaming as you look into the view
of a place that would work perfectly for just someone like you.

Sometimes it looks good enough to eat!
Here is the upstairs office back window, or at least the lower one. There is another in the removable barrel top above.

This gives you an idea of what 28′ of house can look like but it feels better than it looks, if that is possible, and cozy as can be.

Antique Teak on the trim around the window and the valance above the shower that will hide the LED lighting that will make the romantic feeling in this room bloom.

When you put so much beautiful stained glass in one house it commands the baby roofs to protect them from the Texas Hailstorms that may come again one day. You should see what size Hail is in Texas.