Snaking Our Way Barefoot Thru The Night With My Newly Invented “Snake Catching Staff”

Snaking our way Barefoot thru the night with my newly invented “Snake Catching Staff”

Yes, I decided I needed to move the snakes out of the chicken house and had been able to grab the last one with one hand and staff, but this one guy, up in the top of the chicken coop, well he seemed a bit more intent upon staying up there and calling it home. Barefoot in the coop, with our prize up high above, the night went well, I'm here to tell, and the serpent was set free.... (of life that is)... RIP.
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Spring Flowers & Chicks In Salvage, Texas

Spring Flowers & Chicks in Salvage, Texas

Its Berry time for the next month... we have ten thousand pounds of incredible sweet berries. Come stay at the B&B and pick a few gallons for the fridge, jelly, wine, and pies. Stay in the B&B to hear the frogs singing the night away and the morning song birds that will watch the sun rise on your front porch with you.
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Nearly At The April 15th Deadline To Win The Next Prize Package.

Nearly at the April 15th deadline to win the next prize package.

"the solutions to our next generation of sustainable housing is just a universal property tax credit for the portion of housing built from our past" . If Trump will give me that one concession for the first five years it will take to crank up this industry... then a slightly lower tax break for the next five years of houses produced from this pipeline that will emerge
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