The Red Log Cabin Comes To Life

The Red Log Cabin comes to life

Since most are learning with no prior experience, it is slower than it will be for them the next time, but everyone seems to be having fun learning and no one is getting hurt... so we will continue to have these work/train days going for those approved to come.
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SalvageFaire Grows Closer To Becoming An Event Venue For Organic Living Event Center

SalvageFaire grows closer to becoming an event venue for Organic Living Event Center

I am looking for some great people to help manifest this Island of Free Thought in the middle of 3 of the biggest cities in Texas so we do have an opportunity for others to invest in some of the land or projects they would like to do and to also reap some of the rewards that lay ahead for creating this unique Market, event venue, and gathering point for the millions who live in the cities nearby.
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Tour/Lecture Schedule For October   Limited To Saturdays & Wed. Oct. 19th

Tour/Lecture Schedule for October Limited to Saturdays & Wed. Oct. 19th

So all Saturdays 11-1 and on Wednesday the 19th of October will be the tour days so please call to confirm that I will have room for you. We generally cap the tour at 20 so as to keep the crowd moving. Depending on the turnout for the month and finding someone else to do the bulk of the tours soon, we may not have more than two tours a month for the remainder of the year, if at all. (Tired of repeating myself)
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So I Finally Put Together A Darby Tours Salvage, Texas Music Video

So I finally put together a Darby Tours Salvage, Texas Music video

This gift is a video full of ideas, images, music, and inspirational thoughts about what you can do to start your journey on the path to simplifying, downsizing, and changing your life to an organic vision you can dream of, then manifest into your reality, future, and solutions. Please join me in using your wildest imagination in order to achieve what seems like some to be impossible and yet to others, inevitable.
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