Music And Film Venue Promoters Needing Space?  Salvage, Texas Is Open For Business…

Music and Film Venue Promoters needing Space? Salvage, Texas is Open for Business…

The permanent "Amazing Door Maze" that will incorporate some of the thousands of doors that I stock, with many of them actually being for sale too.  This will have many amazing things in it, from antique door hardware, hinges, windows, locks, and much more to dazzle, frazzle, and mix up those who come to see if they can get from one end to the other when the doors do not all lead to Rome.
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Tents Are Up, Vendors Call Out, Salvage Materials Booths Already Getting Set Up

Tents are up, Vendors Call out, Salvage Materials booths already getting set up

Opportunities to put on your event at Salvage, Texas too... wanting to see Motorcycle rallies in costume, antique car rallies in costume! I will provide the rally point here at Salvage, Texas (nxt to Luling, Texas) FREE! I will provide the tents to meet under out of the sunshine where you can park the motorcycles, and antique cars, Sports cars, and even a gatherings based on other themes like Steampunk, for example.
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