The “Loopholer Seminar” Is Filling Up Nicely, “Loopholeology” For Organic Cottage Creation

The “Loopholer Seminar” is filling up nicely, “Loopholeology” for Organic Cottage creation

So if you are one of the people who is looking to thrive in hard times, or to get around the rules and put yourself a house in the midst of your paradise without tripping off the rulers of the land, come to the Loopholer Seminar and learn how to get around them, if possible even how to build them with the intention of building for others, teaching others to build them too,
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Tiny Texas Houses Building Packages:  Inventory Reduction Sale

Tiny Texas Houses Building Packages: Inventory Reduction Sale

Days for sale will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week of August and special appointments on Saturday, based on larger orders like packages for a Tiny House. If you want consulting on design, using the parts in Tiny Houses, and building with Salvage, some of that is included in the Tiny Texas House materials packages, but otherwise, it is $140 per hour for design and consultations. Prices will be cut by 1/3 to 1/2 of normal for this sale and will give people a chance to really kick up the quality of a package if they want to compared to normal.
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