Public Surplus Sale happening at Salvage Texas June 2nd - 4th, 2017. Members are invited!
10 Years Of Experience With Luling, Texas On The Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. In A Nutshell

10 years of Experience with Luling, Texas on the Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. in a nutshell

So why is it so hard to get the support of a small town, big city, corporations, and homeowners associations to agree to help make this transition sensible, to get these things to happen? After 35 years in the salvage mining and building business with tiny houses, I can not tell you, but when one of the readers figures it out and get the results, as show by action, not words and promises, please share for the rest of the world and me.
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Create An Incredible Sustainable Shower Out Of 95% Salvage Materials

Create an incredible sustainable shower out of 95% Salvage Materials

We have offered seminars to teach how to do this before and not had a big response. We will have one more soon, and it will be the last I suspect as we reconsider having any more seminars for either building or salvaging in the future. Over the last decade I have been relatively unsuccessful at finding the people to join me in this adventure, to carry on the creation of these revolutionary Organic Cottages, the manifestation of the Pure Salvage Outposts as citizen Co-ops where people can gather the materials, store them, join together to build houses under shelter in common spaces, using common tools, and then a Co-op trailer that will ship them affordably to villages and places that will allow people to live in them for the rest of their lives.
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Organic Cottages Become The High Path As The Tiny House Movement Goes Toxic On Wheels… And I Quit Building For The Public.

Organic Cottages become the high path as the Tiny House Movement goes toxic on wheels… and I quit building for the public.

Official announcement of the last house to sell to the public: "the Retreat" and that we are not taking any more orders for new houses to leave Salvage, Texas. Thank you for thinking of us playing a part in your future tiny house, and perhaps through the books, videos, plans, and other future work, you will get to reap some of the benefits that the 10 years of research, construction, testing, and results that prove it is not only viable, but better than any alternative sustainable building method on the planet if you want a wooden house.
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Seminars And Internships Over June On Salvage Building…. Maybe Even A Stipend Position For A Couple Weeks.

Seminars and internships over June on Salvage Building…. maybe even a stipend position for a couple weeks.

Do you want to learn what it will take to manifest your dream of having an Organic Cottage like one of my Tiny Texas Houses? Well I have now stopped taking orders for anymore to sell to leave Salvage Texas so the only way you will get one is to learn how to tell someone to build it like I do, so coming out to learn will make you aware of what to look for if you are going to get someone to build it the way you want it, toxin free and designed to last your lifetime and longer.
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