A 4 Knobbed Door Makes One Think… Reach High Or Low?

A 4 knobbed door makes one think… reach high or low?

One of the great details of the Tiny Texas House I named Heaven was the 4 knobbed door that leads inside. It forces one to think before they enter, reach high, or reach low to enter Heaven. Needless to say, it is the high knob that lets you in the front door, that opens it up for you to enter, feel the energy of the soul of this house fill your body, and take you to a place few other houses will take you.
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Building Mountains Out Of Molehills With Desires To Save The World

Building Mountains out of Molehills with desires to Save the World

I look at those molehills and see the potential for mountains to be built where life can grow on the sides, breezes can cool those who stand or rest on top, and from that view, people can see for distances they could not without it being built. To build mountains out of molehills is no small task, no indeed, and most would think it foolish, for as much as they can see. But for me it is a little part of what I need to do to create a place where anyone can see miracles come true.
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