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Mason Created A Little Video To Introduce The Warehouse Moving Sale For Members Only

Mason created a little video to introduce the Warehouse moving Sale for Members Only

This rare event that make take a couple of months to make a dent in the inventories is an opportunity for those working on project of all sorts. In order to initiate moving, setting up the new buildings to store stuff for sale at Salvagefaire Marketplace, and to generate some income for the people who will be helping salvage, build, and create Salvage, Texas in its future form,
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Never Before Offered:  Free B&B Tiny Texas Organic Cottage Booking With Membership

Never Before Offered: Free B&B Tiny Texas Organic Cottage booking with membership

Never before has any B&B made such an offer, let alone an Organic Tiny House Builder offering a museum of House Art that has been the research and development of now proven methods we can use to build sustainable houses from 95% Pure Salvage. Better still, they can be be toxin free and beautiful as well as energy efficient. Come join us and feel the difference yourself, then decide if you can downsize to an Organic Cottage.
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