Public Surplus Sale happening at Salvage Texas June 2nd - 4th, 2017. Members are invited!
Here Are The Doors, Windows, And More For An Organic Cottage Essay Contest To Help Manifest Your Own.

Here are the doors, windows, and more for an Organic Cottage Essay Contest to help manifest your own.

In order to encourage more people to consider this path of Pure Salvage Living, I am giving away packages of materials needed to build an Organic Cottage. To do this I am asking people to write an essay of 300-500 words that tells of what they have planned, using the parts of the month, to create and be able to tell why, for whom, and other details that will perhaps win them a package of materials as the Membership Essay Prize for the month.
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Here Are Photos Of The Essay Contest Organic Cottage Materials Prize Package For March 31, 2017

Here are photos of the Essay Contest Organic Cottage Materials Prize Package for March 31, 2017

Imagine only 300-500 words could get you all the windows, doors, siding, sinks, flooring, roofing, and more if you could string them together into the winning essay. That means that once you are a member you would have 12 months in a row that you could possibly win a package of house parts like few will ever get the chance to assemble. Truly the game will get harder as more find out, join, and enter each month, but for the first few months, your odds should be incredible. Hope you join us and share your dreams for an Organic Sustainable Cottage.
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Tour Schedule For January & February: 11+ Organic Tiny Texas Houses

Tour Schedule for January & February: 11+ Organic Tiny Texas Houses

So just in case you do not know, we are not open except for appointment during the week, and then it is generally from 10-5. The group tours are on Wednesday and Saturday and cost $20 per adult which will apply to the cost of a house if you do get one. Private tours are $70 for two people and call for larger groups not scheduling on a regular time such as schools and tour buses.
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