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Too Poor to Buy a House?

Hello i wish i could afford buy a house from you, I do enjoy looking at all pictures on your facebook . Candy   (from a Facebook Fan) Thank you for your support and for inspiring me to remember the…

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Stasis, why my Houses feel Alive

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/bradkittel/Documents/Stasis,%20the%20answer%20to%20how%20they%20record..doc Stasis  & Resonance, Why my Tiny Texas Houses are Alive     Imagine if you will the lack of fluids not being a state of death but a stasis where by a cell still has the components in place,…

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Size is in the mind.

Size is a matter of the mind, a sense of space is distortable, based on the feeling, not on the actual enclosed area.  These houses are the same size on the ground, 12' x 28' but the roof height on…

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