Temple Tantra Gets Some Interior Make-ever Work.

Temple Tantra Gets some interior make-ever work.

I hope you are working on creating your own Temple Tantra with your imagination and the many possible architectural antiques and lumber just waiting for your to come and save it, integrate it into your dream, and materialize an incredible Organic cottage of your own to spend the rest of your life in. Her are a few Ideas to consider.
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10 Years Of Experience With Luling, Texas On The Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. In A Nutshell

10 years of Experience with Luling, Texas on the Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. in a nutshell

So why is it so hard to get the support of a small town, big city, corporations, and homeowners associations to agree to help make this transition sensible, to get these things to happen? After 35 years in the salvage mining and building business with tiny houses, I can not tell you, but when one of the readers figures it out and get the results, as show by action, not words and promises, please share for the rest of the world and me.
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Finally Set Up W/ Air B&B: 6 Tiny Texas Houses For A Getaway Organic Cottage Experience

Finally set up w/ Air B&B: 6 Tiny Texas Houses for a Getaway Organic Cottage experience

Yes, it is true, we finally have the houses all ready and listed on the Air B&B platform where you can now stay in some of our classic early prototypes, and even in some of the newer houses with the Space Magic designs that open the mind to tiny spaces in ways that feel big. 6 Houses to pick from on site with various levels of adventure and on grid performance.
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Imagine Your Retirement Fund, Penalty Free, Invested To Assure You Have A Tiny Texas House

Imagine your retirement fund, penalty free, invested to assure you have a Tiny Texas House

That means that since the sales tax was paid over a century ago when the house was built, and property taxes paid for over a hundred years while it was shaped like a house, the materials that would have gone to a dump get saved, and have officially been taxed to death. In the land fill, they do not have to pay any more taxes ever on the contents of the dump.
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From Salvage Bootcamp In Harwood We Complete “the Retreat” In Manifestation Bay.

From Salvage Bootcamp in Harwood we complete “the Retreat” in Manifestation Bay.

While it may be possible to create portable sustainable and healthy houses using other methods, I contend that this methodology is the best example of Reuse without major reprocessing or energy costs up front, in fact banking energy savings more than any other building method on the planet at the moment due to the nearly 0 cost to create the many parts and pieces it takes to create a Tiny Texas House.
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Only 2 Tiny House Building Packages For Our Year End Special

Only 2 Tiny House Building Packages for our Year End Special

The package will run $12,500 and can be financed with 25% down and 12 monthly payments if needed at 6% interest. This is a Thanksgiving week sale and will be limited to two packages of materials being available so if this interests you, please act quickly so as to reserve one for you. You will be able to upgrade windows, doors, or other aspects at additional costs when you make your final selections.
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Never Offered Before, You Can Get Big $$$ In Materials & Learn Salvage Mining

Never offered before, you can get big $$$ in materials & learn Salvage Mining

This is a chance to get enough wood to practically build a tiny house in just two weeks of working hard for a couple of people. Never before has this offer been made to the public by any tiny house company, let alone a salvage company. Will it happen again? Maybe not, but this will be the chance to help get it going to see if we can make this concept work for both teaching people, and for giving them more than they paid to learn by many times over. $200 per week with some exceptions if you are an incredible worker and by the second week, it may be for free for you instead. Fast learners who don't need more training, no longer have to pay to come after that as well.
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A New Salvage Bootcamp To Teach People How To Get Materials For FREE

A New Salvage Bootcamp to teach people how to get materials for FREE

From the salvage Mining to the salvage building, this is one of the few businesses that can be done with the whole family, create sustainable toxin free housing that will last a lifetime, and do it with a carreer in mind that will make you millions if you decide to go at it with a passion and gusto, as well as littel competition. Let us know if you wish to learn more by emailing me at brad@tinytexashouses.com.
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