As The Stock Market Crashes And Banks Shutter, It’s Time To Invest In A Tiny House.

As the stock market crashes and banks shutter, it’s time to invest in a tiny house.

Thank you for thinking about downsizing, and doing so with as much salvaged materials as you can fit into your future homes and lives. This is the path that our parents would have had us take had we listened to their lessons learned from the depression in the 1930's. Instead it appears, we are about to repeat their experience if it is not already to late for the changes to have an impact if we start NOW.
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Wednesday Thru Sunday  For Salvage Building Design And Construct Seminar

Wednesday thru Sunday for Salvage Building design and Construct seminar

We can adapt from midweek on through the weekend focusing on what ever the group wants to learn the most and getting hands on installation experience at a variety of building aspects. While we have a large crowd for the Salvage Bootcamp, we still have space for more to attend the Building with Salvage weekend portion which goes through the 3rd of January. Between the two, one will know what to expect if you decide to take this path to organic sustainable housing.
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