Never Offered Before, You Can Get Big $$$ In Materials & Learn Salvage Mining

Never offered before, you can get big $$$ in materials & learn Salvage Mining

This is a chance to get enough wood to practically build a tiny house in just two weeks of working hard for a couple of people. Never before has this offer been made to the public by any tiny house company, let alone a salvage company. Will it happen again? Maybe not, but this will be the chance to help get it going to see if we can make this concept work for both teaching people, and for giving them more than they paid to learn by many times over. $200 per week with some exceptions if you are an incredible worker and by the second week, it may be for free for you instead. Fast learners who don't need more training, no longer have to pay to come after that as well.
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Tiny Houses On Wheels And The Air Quality Inside.. Simple Math=Yuck

Tiny Houses on Wheels and the Air Quality inside.. simple math=Yuck

The point of this article is simply to educate people and builders to think about the air inside the house and how you are going to keep fresh air coming in as it does not move in and out, exhausting the air you breath unless there is a difference in pressue on one side of the walls to the other. Please consider this and look at air exchangers if you can not live where the windows can stay open most of the time,
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Calling On Creative Minds… Build Tiny, With Salvage, And Toxin Free

Calling on Creative Minds… Build Tiny, with Salvage, and Toxin Free

We have a chance still, to become what we need to be in order to make a difference in this world at a time that is most critical. To wait is to give up for the time is near when nothing will be enough to turn the tide back. Join me in looking at the creative solutions and how we can share our spiritual energy to change the world. Please join me in using our creative minds to change the world, starting with your life, and sharing it with others who also want to see a better place for the children that follow and inherit this world.
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Finally, A Series Of Tiny Texas House Building Seminars In Oct., Nov., And December 2015

Finally, a series of Tiny Texas House Building seminars in Oct., Nov., and December 2015

So the last two weeks of October, November, and December are when we will have it. Monday through Saturday of the weeks of 19th-24th and 26th - 31st of October, 16th- 21st and 23rd- 28th of November, and 14th-19th and 21st-26th which takes in Christmas so we may make an exception and run it for a couple days the next week if the demand to go home for Christmas is overwhelming for most. Contact for more details or questions.
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So What Is The Next Path To Publishing Building Plans For Tiny Texas Houses & Space Magic Book?

So what is the next path to publishing Building Plans for Tiny Texas Houses & Space Magic book?

Join me in creating solutions we can pass along to our children, at a place where many can gather, and when they leave energized with hope, ignite the spirits of others to act, not just talk about manifesting the new world we want to create that will respect the planet, and the 7 generations who will inherit it once we are gone.
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