How Do I Spread The Renaissance To Help More People?

How do I spread the Renaissance to help more people?

You have done amazing things. I thought of my son, Kevin. Kevin is not retarded ... just out of step. Kevin has no social skills and has a hard time keeping a job because he says/does odd things. I feel odd social skills is not something you care much about. Kevin does have good spacial skills. You can't tell him things, or have him read how to do things ... but if he can 'see', he can do anything. Seeing your work I just wish Kevin could have a chance to work at such a place. Kevin is in Baytown, TX. You wouldn't consider expanding to other areas?
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Key Commercial Acreage For Salvage, Texas  FOR SALE

Key Commercial Acreage for Salvage, Texas FOR SALE

I have high hopes that others will come up with a plan, the financial support, and the gumption to get out and make a difference in the world by climbing out of the box, investing in something that might actually make a difference in the world, and make a good bit of money as well. Perhaps this is what it will take to let them feel they can do what ever they want. Price dropped dramatically to get it into the next stewards hands. Priced at $450,000 asking with the option to go down to 10 acres or less with pricing depending on the location.
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The Paths One Can Take To Get A House We Can Not Afford.

The paths one can take to get a house we can not afford.

Heaven is the most recent example of what we can do with space to make a tiny space seem big. It shows both the depth of space that an 11' x 21' house can give and proves it is enough for a couple, even with a child, to live a very happy and fulfilling life without thousands of square feet of living space to support in order to be happy at home.
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Imagine The Building Packages That Could Come From This House.

Imagine the Building Packages that could come from this house.

If you want to help on this one, get in touch, and be sure to become a site member, as all of our seminars and bootcamps require you are. Then let us know and we will contact you with more details as we get plan for those who want to join in the salvage. For those who want a package of materials from this to build a house with... now is the time to get your deposit in and you will get some of the first picture sets for people to choose from for their packages before we even take it down. That is the plan for those who want the best stuff at least. Schedule for summer/fall season of 2015.
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A Handbook On Manifesting Tiny Houses From 95% Pure Salvage

A Handbook on Manifesting Tiny Houses from 95% Pure Salvage

Having proven that Building with 95% Pure Salvage materials is possible, the next step is to get people around the country and world to consider this alternative form of building, and progressively salvaging the trillions in treasures still left standing disguised as buildings, barns, and houses all over the country. They appear to be eyesores and trash, but they are actually treasure in our hands and homes for our future.
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Heavenly Walnut Oils Saturate The Colors

Heavenly Walnut Oils saturate the colors

This is an 11' x 21' house with a large loft that holds up to two beds above for people to sleep in the lofts of Heaven. It is 95% Pure Salvage materials assembled from the remains of as many as 20 other houses to create a home that will last for a century or more if cared for and loved through the generations that will steward it through its lifetime.
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