Saving The Best Of The Past Includes Our Body, So Here Is How We Salvage It And Build New

Saving the best of the past includes our body, so here is how we salvage it and build new

I hope you like the little video of what three years has wrought in me. This is a compilation of the different moves I have used to reach a state of physical fitness I have never known in my younger decades. I hope to be doing this into my 70's, 80' and more if the world around me allows. I hope to see you there with me. Here is the link to the Body, Mind, and Spirit Salvaging workout.
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How I Came To Believe The Grave To Cradle Cycles Of Houses Could Be The Future Of Organic Housing

How I came to believe the Grave to Cradle cycles of houses could be the future of Organic Housing

My “Grave to Cradle philosophy” fuels a transformation of our society using our human energy, literally our hands and minds, our soul's energy to creatively transform trash to new treasures we will call homes, that will be loved and lived in for generations yet to be born. No other method of building organic houses is as sustainable or low cost on the front end for energy as well as energy efficient for living in for a century.
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Darby, SalvageGuru Is Gifting The Materials For 50 Organic Cottages And Tiny Houses To Be Built In Salvage, Texas…

Darby, SalvageGuru is gifting the materials for 50 Organic Cottages and Tiny Houses to be built in Salvage, Texas…

Materials and a place to put the 50 houses and 50 Vendor spaces in the market. Those who are selected to receive this gift from Darby, SalvageGuru. Yes there are strings attached a they like to say on Earth. Spiritual and Human Energy go into creating the Tiny Texas Houses and Organic Cottages so it is important that the right people are brought into the imaginary town of Salvage, Texas as it continues to form out of the mists of imagination.
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Temple Tantra Gets Some Interior Make-ever Work.

Temple Tantra Gets some interior make-ever work.

I hope you are working on creating your own Temple Tantra with your imagination and the many possible architectural antiques and lumber just waiting for your to come and save it, integrate it into your dream, and materialize an incredible Organic cottage of your own to spend the rest of your life in. Her are a few Ideas to consider.
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10 Years Of Experience With Luling, Texas On The Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. In A Nutshell

10 years of Experience with Luling, Texas on the Tiny Texas Houses Vision.. in a nutshell

So why is it so hard to get the support of a small town, big city, corporations, and homeowners associations to agree to help make this transition sensible, to get these things to happen? After 35 years in the salvage mining and building business with tiny houses, I can not tell you, but when one of the readers figures it out and get the results, as show by action, not words and promises, please share for the rest of the world and me.
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Wednesday Thru Sunday  For Salvage Building Design And Construct Seminar

Wednesday thru Sunday for Salvage Building design and Construct seminar

We can adapt from midweek on through the weekend focusing on what ever the group wants to learn the most and getting hands on installation experience at a variety of building aspects. While we have a large crowd for the Salvage Bootcamp, we still have space for more to attend the Building with Salvage weekend portion which goes through the 3rd of January. Between the two, one will know what to expect if you decide to take this path to organic sustainable housing.
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